An Exclusive Interview - A Followup With Brooke Blaze

It ain’t easy being in the lifestyle, but it is fun. Hotwife Brooke Blaze is back in this raw and informative follow-up interview discussing some of the trials and tribulations in her journey as a hotwife since the last time we spoke.

So pull up your chair, kick back, relax, and enjoy as we get into some quite interesting topics…


The Interview

Q: What’s it been like to have progressed in the lifestyle over this past year? For example, you’ve gone from doing videos with strangers to doing a video with DFW Knight! What was that like?

A: If I’m being perfectly honest the last year or so has been a whirlwind adventure. I’m having the time of my life. Since we started an Onlyfans and posting on several other platforms..our fan base and support has grown so fast and so much it’s mind blowing! I never started this with the intention of it eventually being like a career but its a 24 hour job trying to keep up with everything. We just brought along a camera my 1st time and wanted to have some fun. When we noticed how many people loved watching our content we started taking the filming part more serious. We want to put out the best possible videos of our adventures so We started investing in lighting, better cameras and taking our time editing and putting everything together so others can get a great experience as well from it. We film with at least three 4K cameras set up around the room so our fans can see the action from various angles and see three videos per date. Even now it’s sometimes hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. It’s a crazy good feeling when we have bigger name porn stars reach out and want to work with us. We’re very excited for the future!


Q: How much “work” does exploring the lifestyle feel like? Is it hard finding a new bull, planning, meeting, etc, or do you enjoy that part of the process too?

A: At first it wasn’t much work at all because we only did this for fun. So if we found someone to play with great and if not that was ok too. Believe it or not it has sometimes been difficult to find a bull and make plans. You have to work around everyone’s work/daily life. Since we’ve gained such a large following on Onlyfans it has become quite a load to keep up with but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way! My fans are the best! It’s a lot more promoting, more advertising, more photo/video editing these days but nevertheless we love what we do and always happy to put in the time to continue our growth in the industry and to our fans.

Q: How do you prevent yourself from becoming “burnt out” between balancing the roles of being a mom, a wife, a hotwife, etc?

A: I think for me personally it’s been pretty effortless to balance everything. When I’m home with my kids it just comes natural to me to be in “mom mode” or “wife mode”. We always make sure it never takes time away from being parents and our kids always come first. As a couple we still do normal things for each other so that flame never dies out like date nights, small random gifts, flowers, enjoying our hobbies together, things like that. Keeping our career private also helps a lot too!


Q: Do you ever worry about someone you and/or your husband know recognizing you in your content? How would you two handle it if that happened?

A: We have had a few friends and family members find out already and honestly the way we see it is “it is what it is”. We know not everyone is going to agree with this lifestyle and that’s ok. We’ve not had anyone treat us any different since finding out about what we do. I think folks have only one of two choices, either they can love and support us or not. At the end of the day we’re doing what we love and we’re having a great time so we’re going to continue doing what makes us happy.


Q: Many wives would worry their kids would find out when they’re older. Is this something you ever worry about? How would you handle it?

A: Worry? I wouldn’t necessarily say that we worry that our kids would find out. We know that it’s inevitable, they are going to find out eventually and we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Our family is pretty open and honest, very blunt, we don’t sugar coat anything. So when the time comes we’ll address it and move on but I don’t think we’ll have any issues with our kids over it.


Q: What are 2-4 of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the last year when it comes to exploring all this?

A: I don’t know that it’s taught us any lessons rather I believe it’s shown us some things. For example, people always say “you’ll never know until you try it” in regards to anything in life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this could ever be my lifestyle but I took a chance and here we are. Another thing I personally learned is that fear holds a lot of people back from a lot of things. Fear of what others might say or think of them…I almost let my fear keep me from experiencing one of the greatest adventures of our life! So do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think.

Q: One of the biggest and most frustrating problems great content creators such as yourself face on platforms like onlyfans is their content being illegally uploaded on other filesharing sites. Do you do anything to try and prevent that? How do you handle it when it happens?

A: We hate it. It hurts us as creators and all because the person that’s pirating your stuff and using it wants to feel like He’s the man on that platform that can get all the good shit. My husband handles that because it just gives me too much anxiety and pisses me off. He scours the Internet daily looking at every porn site there is typing in keywords that would pop us up and then reporting them to the platforms to be removed for copyright infringement. We started watermarking a lot more. If you notice our films from the past several months have a lot more watermarking on them so it’s easily reportable when found.


Q: Your old twitter was deleted. Do you want to get into any of why that happened?

A: We really never got a straight answer on why our original twitter was deleted even though we tried contacting twitter several times to resolve the issue or find out why it happened and they never even responded. Tens of thousands of followers lost.


Q: What are 1-3 of the biggest myths about living hotwife/cuckold lifestyle?

A: One major misconception that stands out to me is that people assume the husband is constantly treated lesser than or deprived of sex with his wife at home. We don’t necessarily label ourselves but we know we fit into various categories and that there are various forms of cuckolding. Every relationship is different. I don’t humiliate my husband, I don’t constantly deny him sex, in fact our sex life has only gotten better and better since starting this whole thing. What people don’t see is off-camera my husband and I fuck like rabbits and dirty talk to each other about our experiences!! It makes for some unbelievable sex. Another thing is folks assume that the husband is a beta but my husband is very much an alpha male; he just enjoys seeing his wife being pleasured! My husband has been in the lifestyle since the early 1990s and has over the years morphed into just having an interracial fetish. He sets up everything, does all the screening, if someone is disrespectful or steps out of line he shuts it down, He talks shit the entire time I’m with my date. And he loves to hear me dirty talking during sex with a bull; that’s one of his biggest turnons.


Q: This lifestyle seems like it has certainly enriched your life and relationship. If you were asked by other women what the appeal is and why they should consider it, what would you say?

A: This has done nothing but positive things for us. We already had an amazing relationship but this lifestyle has somehow made it even more amazing! Our entire relationship has thrived in every aspect. We’ve always been very close, very open and honest. But this has brought us closer and shown us a level of trust and comfort in one another that we’ve never experienced before with anyone. I definitely encourage women to try it if they have been thinking about it. The appeal to me is the skin contrast…it’s so damn sexy. And when I see a really nice thick bbc I immediately start throbbing. The way a black man fucks or at least the ones I have been with ..seem to have extraordinary stamina. It’s just so hot and sexy when your bull walks through that door and it’s only 1 thing on his mind and yours.. it’s an incredible lifestyle that I see us doing for the rest of our lives.


I want to thank Brooke Blaze for taking the time to do this interview with us. I have a lot of respect for her and her husband and I hope everyone appreciated both the detail and the honesty she gave in answering these questions. You can really tell through her answers and just how solid of a couple they really are and how aligned their attitudes are as well. I have no doubt they’ll continue to enjoy all kinds of success in their explorations.

Last but not least, be sure to check out their awesome content which you can find here: and and

And before I forget, here’s a sexy NSFW pic Brooke sent for us…

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