An Exclusive Interview - Adreena Winters

Some women who explore the cuckolding / cuckoldress lifestyle don’t do so until later on in life. It worked a bit differently for today’s interviewee.

In this interview, we get to learn a little bit more about Urban X & XBiz nominated actress Adreena Winters. One of the coolest things about her, in my opinion, is that she isn’t just an adult film actress–she actually lives her real life as a real cuckoldress with her partner.

Instead of hearing about it from me though, allow me to proudly introduce…Adreena Winters!


The Interview

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to get into the adult film industry? What motivations/factors influenced you wanting to pursue it?

A: To be honest I had always been interested in the industry and wanted to get into it. I tried to pursue some regular jobs first, that are more social acceptable but they just didn’t work for me. I eventually made the dive into porn in my early 20s. I’m quite an introvert and love the sexual experience I have that would be hard to facilitate outside of porn.


Q: Have you had or do you have a primary relationship partner while exploring all this? If so, how supportive of you has he been with it all?

A: Yes my partner and I have been together for 5 years now, and is my real life cuckold. The dynamic works perfect for us, and just gets stronger and stronger year by year.

Q: Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not explore? What are some things you haven’t yet explored, and why haven’t you done so?

A: To be honest me and my partner both explored a lot when we were younger, independent of each other and we have pretty much tried everything we wanted to. We both just know what we like and we don’t feel the need to do anything extreme etc any more. If we did want to try something new we just talk about it first, we both supportive of each other and very secure in our relationship, there aren’t any hard rules of dos or donts etc.


Q: What would you say are three of the biggest myths regarding people who work in the adult film industry? Are there any stereotypes/myths that actually are true?

A: Oh yes, the main one is everyone assumes I’m fake. Even this interview is written in such a way that assumes I wouldn’t actually live as a cuckoldress in my off camera sex life. The second myth I would say is the people expect women in porn to be stupid and only do porn because they aren’t intelligent enough to “get a real job” and I guess that leads on to the third assumption that “sex work isn’t real work”. Which I just have to laugh at.

I think the industry is so diverse it would be impossible to stereotype really.


Q: Is this a full time job you have or do you have another job as well? What are some of your aspirations when you stop starring in films and such?

A: Yes this is my full time job. It keeps me insanely busy! Filming, editing, scheduling, marketing, networking etc it’s all very time consuming! I love every bit of it though. I don’t actually have an “exit plan” I truly love my work and while I love it and have a good fan base I have no reason to stop.


Q: What was your first ever DP like? Is there something that virgin DP couples should know before going for it that would help them prepare better?

A: Haha to be honest it’s not as sexy as it looks, it’s awkward as fuck, it’s like penis Tetris, I love the challenge of it. But it’s just one of those porn things that looks fun on camera but I don’t crave for my private sex life. If you want to do it I’d say do it with people you trust and are relaxed with and just have fun with it.

Q: What would you say was your “hottest” experience?

A: I’m really lucky, i shoot all my own videos, well my partner films, and I just get to travel the world picking out hot guys I want to film with. So I always have great chemistry with the guys, all my sex scenes are hot because I’m just having real sex with guys that I want to have sex with!


Q: What are the attitudes in the UK like towards people in the adult film industry? Have you found that the recent “UK porn ban” has negatively impacted what you do in any way?

A: The porn ban is just ridiculous and doesn’t appear to be enforced at all. It only seems to affect the distribution of dvds, and who watches DVDs these days? The attitude in the Uk still sucks though, people are very judgmental of sex workers. I much prefer the attitude in the USA.


Q: Do your friends and family know about your work in the adult film industry? How supportive or non-supportive have they been?

A: Yes my immediate family knows, we just don’t really discuss it. They can see I’m happy and doing well and that’s the main thing. yes my friends know and are fine, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be the type of people I’d want in my life anyway.


Q: What are some of the key differences regarding being with a man vs being with a woman? Do you have a preference?

A: I adore masculinity, I’m very heterosexual, women don’t really do it for me. I have a couple of female friends that it’s fun to make out with but I’d go for a man over a women any day!


I want to thank Adreena for taking the time to do this interview with us. If you’re interested in checking out her awesome content (and I do mean awesome), here’s where you can find all of her sites: Her main site is:

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