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Here you’ll find exclusive interviews that you won’t find anywhere else on the web with REAL cuckold/hotwife couples. You’ll hear their stories, and learn some valuable tips and tricks that you’ll find useful no matter where you are in your own cuckold/hotwife journey.

An Exclusive Interview - Lacey Loxxx

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a girl who looks so young and innocent, yet can take and deepthroat big, long (like really long) black dick as the dreamy Lacey Loxxx. Read her interview here!


An Exclusive Interview - Meet Hottwife09

You know the interracial cuckolding fantasy so many men have? The one where they dream of their wife having sex with random black men, bareback…risking (hoping) they get knocked up? Hottwife09 is a wife who actually does this….


An Exclusive Interview - Meet FindomCiara (Literally God)

This interviewee is a freakin’ devilishly pretty girl with a gaze and a smile that arrests your attention on her as the periphery world around you goes dark. And as you stare back at only her, you get this feeling that she’d use your soul as a welcome mat to her house and not think a thing of it—aside from maybe that you would be lucky to give it to her…