Do It Yourself

The guides below are meant to help you no matter what stage you're in with making your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen. They're perfect for guys who feel confident about being able to make this happen on their own with the right knowledge.

Which one should I choose? +

If you haven't brought your fantasy up yet to your wife, then The Cuckold's Compass Guide To Introducing Your Fantasy is for you.

If your wife knows about your fantasy but has given you objections about it happening, then The Cuckold's Compass Objection Guide is for you.

If you want a comprehensive manual that gives you easy to follow steps for making your fantasy happen from start to finish, The Inception Method is for you. (WARNING: This is powerful stuff and by far my most popular item)

If you lean more towards wanting to be a "cuckold" than a "stag/hotwife husband" and the idea of female led relationships appeal to you, The FLR Conversion System is a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow system that will tell you exactly what you need to do to transform your relationship into the FLR you want it to be.