Scientific Proof That Women Inherently Desire To Cheat

If you ever wondered whether or not the claims that women are biologically driven to cheat are true or not, or if you get off on the idea, then you’re going to love this scientific study. Here’s a brief abstract of some of the findings:

Women filled out questionnaires about their sexual interests and their partners’ mate-retention tactics twice: once within 5 days before a lutenizing hormone surge and once during the luteal phase. Results showed that: (i) women reported greater sexual interest in, and fantasy about, non-primary partners near ovulation than during the luteal phase; (ii) women did not report significantly greater sexual interest in, and fantasy about, primary partners near ovulation; (iii) women reported that their primary partners were both more attentive and more proprietary near ovulation.

If you’d like to read the entire study, you can find it here:

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