Nickelodeon Pushing Interracial Cuckolding Fetish Onto Children?

It’s no question that the concept of cuckolding has become more mainstream in the past decade or so. It’s interesting to note that it’s momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. The word is being used more frequently, the idea is being talked about on the internet more, the porn industry is capitalizing on it, and the idea itself just keeps become more far-reaching. Now even with all that being undeniably true, I still did a double take when I come across the news that it’s even seeped into kids’ television. But I have to say, the article that exposes this story argues a pretty convincing case for it’s truth…especially since the show they’re talking about was created by the writer of the soft porn film The Cuckold… See for yourself: Nickelodeon Pushing Interracial Cuckolding Fetish Onto Children

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