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If you were ever curious about whether or not cuckolding is a U.S. phenomenon as opposed to being a worldly phenomenon, I screenshotted some of my Google Analytics data for you.

The picture you’ll see below in a second is just showing you the top ten countries who visit my website. But if you take a look at the bottom right hand corner of the picture that is circled in red, you’ll notice it’s showing you that my site has gotten visitors from 215 different countries.

(Click the picture for a full size version of it)

The desire to see your wife sleep with another man isn’t a cultural desire; it’s a universal one, and it has its roots in our biology. (I go into this in more detail in The Inception Method.)

And just in case you were wondering whether or not cuckolding/hotwifing is a “mental disorder” like some closeminded muppets out there would have you think it is, read this article:

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  • Kamran

    Reply Reply April 13, 2018

    The spread of the cuckoldry is quite a lot more common then even this chart would indicate. I am from South Asia but live in the UK. There has been a huge increase in recent years among religious Muslims within the Indian and Pakistani communities of wives being more open with their sexual desires and husband wanting to see their wives with big black men.

    Many bulls enjoy the religious taboo part of it and fuck Muslim wives while they in their headscarf and little else. Husbands have more taboo fantasies of seeing their wives with uncut men, non Muslim men and particularly in more slutty positions than you would ever think a Muslim wife and mother would entertain.

    I myself am trying to get my wife to cuckold me (she has never been with another man), the fantasies are there but she’s nervous about dipping her toe in. There’s a lot of religious and cultural barriers to get through before she’s ready to sleep with another man, but I’m hoping it will happen.

  • MDawe

    Reply Reply April 18, 2019

    After we got married we kind of naturally drifted into vixen/stag type of sharing. A journey on our honeymoon in an overnight bus where we petted and they guy next to us noticed, first fingered my wife then f**** her and unloaded into her was our first. Followed by quite a few but infrequent other experiences. Some club visist, some guys we got to know while on nudist holidays,then living in Germany our first more permanent fixture, a relationship that lasted 2 years and involved her being enjoyed with me there and when I wasn’t there, then in another town in Germany where my boss became her lover, that went on for a year. Then we moved to England and my happiest and horny times started when our friendly more mature neighbour was her lover and regular neighbour with a lot of benefits for 5 years. After another move we had sporadic one offs with guys from website and then at the age of 55 she told me that she “was done with all of that” and now I am high and dry.

    What now?

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