For Those Already Living The Cuckold Or Hotwife Lifestyle

If your wife is already sleeping with other men, congratulations! It is truly one of the most exciting and intimate arrangements a couple can choose. I'm sure you also know however that it doesn't come without it's challenges. And the way you handle these challenges--which will come up along the way--can make or break your relationship. But now, you don't need to worry about navigating these challenges on your own, because that's where The Cuckold Consultant can help.

Now there's no need to solicit help on internet forums filled with strangers, wannabes, and pretenders who dole out advice they've never tested. Nor is there any need to hunt for marriage counselors who have experience in dealing with cuckolding and hotwifing arrangements (because believe me, they're about as rare as unicorns).   You can get the professional guidance you need with the discretion you want, all without ever leaving your home.

As a caring and experienced professional, I offer expert cuckolding/hotwifing help that’s judgement-free, and that is tailored to fit your personal situation, and the challenges you're currently facing. Don’t let yourself go another night worrying about the state or fate of your relationship...get the help you need to deal with your challenges so you can use them as a way to bring you closer together with your wife and not have your arrangement and relationship implode.

"Dr. 36's cuckold-counseling services have been unbelievably helpful. I was beginning to struggle a bit with worrying my wife was starting to fall for her full-time lover. I really liked that he was able to help me understand the situation from a more objective standpoint and he gave me some great techniques to use to make sure our foundation stayed solid.  His approach clearly combines aspects of many well known counseling and psychology techniques which made me feel comfortable trusting his advice. I also like that he's willing to work with you as your situation changes as it shows he realizes that relationships are always evolving. Now my wife and I are closer than ever before, AND i'm able to handle my anxiety about all this better.”

- Matthew, Pennsylvania

““I really want to thank The Cuckold Consultant for being an amazing resource of help, and providing solutions to the problems I ran into. I have shared the site with many of my online cuckold contacts who are living the lifestyle just in case they ever run into problems of their own. The more you talk about it, the more you realize just how natural it is for problems to come up when living a lifestyle like this. I really wanted to share my personal story with you because I know a lot of guys struggle with not wanting to risk ruining their relationship by choosing to live out their fantasy. I for one am not worried about navigating any future issues that can come up because I know exactly where to turn.”

- Arlan, Iowa

fade-leftfade-rightHow To Get Started

Services for those who are already involved in the lifestyle cost anywhere from $49 - $249 dollars. Contact me today/leave a message if I'm not around using the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to find out what which arrangement would best suit your current situation.