Welcome to the Cuckold Chat 2.0. This cuckold and hotwife chatroom is for cuckolds, hotwife husbands, stags, bulls, and cuckold wannabes who enjoy chatting about and/or showing off and exposing their wives or girlfriends. So whether you're looking to share nude pictures of your wife or girlfriend or enjoy others exposing their own wives or girlfriends, this place is for you!

HOW TO LOGIN: Before entering, make sure you read the below rules. After you do and click the continue button below the rules, you can login as a guest or a member. If you haven't created an account yet and would like to instead of logging in as a guest, you can do that too by clicking the register button.  If you have any problems, just login as a guest and let me know.


Although these rules cover most general situations, they cannot cover everything. Therefore, the moderators have permission to take any action that's necessary to ensure the chat room is not disrupted.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the chat on this website.

Any pictures and messages in the chat must be about people who are at least 18 years of age. It is unequivocally prohibited to talk about or post images of minors in any way.

No posting of webpics (pics found on the web that aren't yours) or general Tumblr/Twitter cuckolding memes in the main room—save that for the general Cuckold Hotwife Porn room. We like to keep the pictures in the main chat as genuine as we can.

No posting fake/photoshopped pics.

No posting of any outside links or posting about outside sites.

No posting of watermarked pictures (unless that watermark is your own).

No posting of kik/skype/whatsapp names in public chat. Please also refrain from asking in the public chat for others to contact you on kik/skype/whatsapp. Save those kinds of invites for PM.

No anydesk/teamviewer/joinme links in public chat. If you talk about those programs in private chat, you do so at your own risk.

English only in the public chat please.

Regarding dick pics and single male pics: dick pics and single male pics are prohibited unless you are Staff-Approved and Authorized. For more information about how to become staff approved and authorized to post dick pics and single male pics, please look at the FAQ after you enter into the chat.

No flooding, cloning, hacking, spoofing, or exploiting.

No trolling.

No typing in all caps. It’s aesthetically obnoxious.

No messages about other chats or sites.

Talking about interracial relationships is allowed. Racism is not.

Talking directly or indirectly about incest, rape, forced sex, and bestiality is not permitted.

There is no such thing as a family-bull in wife-sharing. No references to family bulls in usernames or chat.

Talking about anything that you can be arrested for is not permitted.

Usernames directly or indirectly that reference anything involving incest, rape, forced sex, underage persons, and bestiality are not permitted.

Don’t repeatedly messaging someone who clearly is not replying.

When posting pictures of people, only first names are allowed when it comes to sharing their personal information.

If you any doubts about whether or not another user is lying about the authenticity of the pictures they're posting (or in other words if they say the woman in the pictures is their wife or girlfriend and you don't believe them), please refrain from being overtly rude or obnoxious about "calling them out". Just like no one likes people lying about the authenticity of the pictures they post, no one likes being doubted when they're legitimately not lying. Any questions or issues, contact a mod.

Reposting others pics (otherwise known as candaulism-by-proxy) is allowed if the original owner of the pictures is in the room when you're posting and gives permission for you to do so.

If another user is re-posting your pictures and you are someone who does not like when anyone else re-posts your pictures, please private message the poster and kindly ask them to stop. If they do not stop after the first time you ask them, please contact a mod.

By uploading pictures here, you are confirming that you have permission to upload said pictures. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not violate the laws of your country of residence/citizenship. This site will cooperate with law enforcement and government agencies to pursue anyone who attempts to do anything illegal with the mal-intent of trying to harm or endanger another human being (including nonconsensual "revenge porn").

Although some of the above rules might not seem smaller than others, breaking any of the above rules can result in a ban, permanent or otherwise. These decisions will be at the sole discretion of the moderators (in consultation with the site owner if applicable).

The removal of a ban is at the sole discretion of the site owner.

By clicking the continue button below, you are agreeing to abide by all the above rules and the terms and conditions as set forth on the Terms Of Use Page.

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