An AMA With Tesla Taylor (Taylor Jackson)

Do you know who Tesla Taylor (aka Taylor Jackson) is? If not, let me clue you in: she’s the first ever female to have sex in a Tesla car while the car was driving on the highway on autopilot. I kid you not. Once the video was posted on Pornhub, it absolutely blew up, and at the time of this article, it has close to 10,000,000 views! It became so popular that major news outlets like Rolling Stone and Fox started reporting about it. Why Elon Musk himself even made a comment about it on Twitter:

My favorite has to be the fact that her awesome feat actually made Saturday Night Live:   One would guess Pornhub, the site where the video was originally uploaded, is also enjoying all the extra attention. Take a look at Tesla searches on Pornhub over the last few weeks:

Anyway, Tesla Taylor stopped by Cuckold Chat to do an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) where she fielded all kinds of questions from our chat users. If you missed this special one hour AMA, you can download the transcript of it below.

P.S. Here’s the full-size proof pic:

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