You Never Forget Your First… 4.1/5 (19)

Tracy could taste the difference between the man in her mouth and James, her husband. It was strange to know the cock she was pleasing with her mouth, was not familiar at all. She was timid and reserved in her actions, sure they talked about this situation before. They even role played it with the dildo they bought together, pretending it was the real thing.

Pretending was one thing, it was hot and they both enjoyed it, but this was really happening. Her mind was moving much faster than her body, as she stroked the stranger. Was she being too passionate? Not passionate enough? What if James thought he was ok with this, but now that it is happening, and the men are no longer figments of their sexual imagination, but rather actual erect men, how does he feel now?

Her worry was interrupted momentarily, as her focus kicked in. There was another hard man next to the one she was currently occupied with, and it seemed only fair to spread herself around. Still wet from her saliva, she continued massaging the first one with her hand as her mouth found his neighbor.

A surge of butterflies and anxiety cascaded down her spine and collected in her midsection. She could feel the dampness building inside her. She was on her knees and trying to balance the thoughts in her mind, she was mostly worried that James was going to be jealous or upset.

He was the one that arranged this for her, but she still felt guilty and worried about how he was feeling seeing her on her knees. She was also a little worried that she wasn’t doing a good job, as well as extremely insecure that she wouldn’t be able to satisfy three men at once. Her hands kept busy on both men standing before her as her lips and tongue divided their efforts equally.

Every so often that surge of electricity and butterflies would take over for a few moments and she could feel herself getting more lost in her actions. Just as quickly as the exotic shocks swarmed over her, they were instantly replaced by worry and doubt. She attempted to look at James who had vanished out of her view,

her heart sank at thought of him being so upset that he just left her there alone. The fear of being naked and vulnerable, on her knees, giving two strange men blow jobs was enough to make her want to stop completely. Despite her internal freak out she did not stop completely; she did even not stop slightly.

She kept pleasuring them on her knees as if on auto pilot. Her whole body was betraying her. Her mind was screaming STOP! But her hands and mouth kept going as if they needed to complete the task.

She jumped when James reached under her backside and playfully investigated her throbbing and eager wetness. “I think the little slut likes it,” his deep voice and reassuring tone of playful arousal crashed over her like a seductive blanket. She pushed herself back further onto his hand and effortlessly consumed several of his fingers.

Letting out a muffled gasp she noticeably put more effort into the standing men as her mouth and hands began exerting a new level of dedication. Her sudden effort prompted an ease to her worry of not doing a good job, as she felt the man in her left-hand start pulsating from under her grip.

Instinctively she snapped her head towards the inevitable proof of her good work and hungrily waited with greedy expectancy. The first warm discharge flew onto her cheek and a rush of sexual energy flared up from her core. Acting on sheer sexual proclivity she tossed the convulsing shaft with more hedonic enjoyment.

She happily accepted each splash from the warm shower on her face and hair as a sign of triumph and reward. Every hot trickle of liquid evidence continued to amplify the sexual savage that was brewing inside her.

She was no longer thinking, she was no longer worried, all she was now, was a lust filled slut with a need to be filled. She didn’t have to wait long, wearing nothing but an unfamiliar mans cum on her face and hair, James made the physical suggestion of her lowering herself onto her hands. His entrance was deliberate and erotic.

His was pulling on her upper thighs as he plugged into her dripping love. She could feel her own essence flowing from her creases as he drove himself inside. The moisture tickled her thighs as gravity pulled it down the inside of her legs.

The erect manhood that appeared before her no longer felt foreign and strange. She reached for him with confident desire and a soon as she tasted his skin, her body started to shake. Not wanting to stop savoring his salty flesh,

she manually swept him across her tongue as a climactic frenzy detonated from her depths. Her moans were voluptuous and primal while she melted around James and onto the carpet.

The way she rubbed the hard member against her tongue and lips as she gasped and jerked back and forth was carnal and ravenous. Her legs got weak and were no longer providing stability. James noticed her quivering and maneuvered her onto her back. Her soft breasts jiggled as she rolled. Dropping to his knees, the man she was getting so acquainted with positioned himself by her shoulder as he started playing with her breasts.

Tracy had reached a completely one-track mind, or no mind at all rather, just a thirst for pleasure driven by instinct and desire. She leaned over just enough to take him as far back in her throat as she could manage. No matter how far past her teeth and down her throat she tried to get him, it didn’t seem far enough. She rigorously manipulated her self back and forth trying each time to gain another inch of him.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed James kneeling between her legs with a smile she had never seen before, he was beaming. She could see his erection jolting out, swaying slightly above her mound. She would beg him to fuck her right now if she could get any words at all out. Her eyes said everything he needed to know as they pleaded with him to fill the void between her saturated thighs.

He did not waste another second, they kept eye contact while she continued to devour the man on his knees as James folded her legs up against his chest and provided everything he had. Her second climax came over her like a tidal wave.

As the orgasm built, she swallowed the stiff flesh further than she managed before and held him there while giving out a series of shutters and trembles from head to toe. When the wave passed over, she laid her head back onto the carpet and took several deep breaths.

The spasm was clearly enough to bring the stranger to satisfaction. Her head no sooner hit the floor when she felt the first shot land on her nipple. She arched her back in excited anticipation of the storm that was raining down upon her chest. With ever drop that collided onto her breasts she let out a seductive purr.

James obviously didn’t mind seeing her being covered by yet again, another man’s seed. It only took a few more long thrusts into her box after watching her thriving, before he too was grunting in pleasure. James removed himself from her warmth as he released her legs and they rested on the floor, as he tugged on his glimmering cock a few times. Gripping her hip with his free hand he sprayed past her shaven mound and onto her stomach.

A few pieces made it up to her chest and one or two made it all the way up to her neck, she smiled at him as he hovered over her naked and shaking body holding his still hard and moistened cock. She had to taste him, she had to taste herself on him. She started licking the top and sides of his still sullied erection.

She glanced up at his face just in time to see him give an approving nod behind her. She felt herself being entered before fully comprehending what was happening. She didn’t know which of the other two men was inside her, she didn’t care. She propped herself back on her knees fully and allowed her flower to consume every inch the strange intruder had to offer.

James lightly and lovingly pushed her hair back over her ears, as he placed a soft kiss on her forehead while she was being ravished from behind. The gentle loving nature from her lover before her, accompanied with the lewd and rough demeanor of the stranger, was enough to make every nerve ending in her body flare up.

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