My Wife’s Unusual First Time 4.6/5 (87)

There are thousands of men who fantasize about their wives having sex with another man, but very few will experience it quite like this.

Anyone ever had a younger man just take a liking to your wife? Surely some have, but I mean quite literally a guy who developed a serious crush on her. One who would have bathed a cougar if she asked? Well, my wife had such a fellow in her very recent life. He adored her. This infatuation was well within reason too.

I had become accustomed over the years to men of all ages being overly nice to my wife, and not just because of her sweet disposition either. Basically, any man producing testosterone finds himself staring at her. She’s what most would consider the true definition of a MILF. Let’s face it, how often these days do you see a knockout 39-year old woman, who is 5′ 2″, 110lbs, brunette, with absolutely perfect legs, perfect ass, and an unbelievably beautiful smile?

Now when I say a younger fellow, I mean that my wife was 39 and this young man was 22 at the time. She’s not the type to take advantage of kindness and actually he’s not the type who even knows he’s going overboard for her, but it’s so very obvious when he’s always trying to please her in everything he does.

First of all he loves hanging out at our home because we never treated him any less because of his age. From the first time he met us, when he was nineteen, he just felt comfortable around us. His mother had been our neighbor for over seventeen years, but he had lived with his biological father until he was nineteen, moving in next door to be closer to the state university and to have more freedom.

From first sight, he was utterly in love with my wife, Kathy. Jack was a very intelligent fellow with a full-ride academic scholarship, but was a complete moron when it came to his love life.

The funny thing is, if he had treated women as he treated my wife, they would have fallen at his feet. He was actually a rather handsome guy with an athletic build, but had been sheltered by his father and stepmother all his life. He didn’t even go to his senior prom because his dad put so many restrictions on prom night; he felt it wasn’t even worth the effort.

Over the few years he lived next door, he became very comfortable around us, and we with him; it was not uncommon for him to be lying on the couch in our basement watching TV when my wife or I got home from work.

Late one evening, around 1:30 AM, my wife and I finished watching a series of DVDs we had rented. We were both barely awake as the final movie was ending, when suddenly we heard a knock on the sliding glass doors leading from our bedroom to the back yard. My wife instantly panicked and rolled off onto the floor in just her panties, dragging the bedspread with her to cover her breasts.

I rolled in the opposite direction and grabbed my pepper spray from the night stand on my side of the bed. As I crept towards the door, I saw a silhouette of whom I was pretty sure was Jack. I barely plucked the blinds back and sure enough he gave a silly wave and smiled.

Kathy and I knew he had a big date this very evening, but wondered why at 2 AM he would be knocking on our door. As I slid the door open, he immediately began to apologize saying, “I’m so sorry to bug you, Mike, but I saw your lights on and, well, I’m locked out next door.” I immediately told him to come in, and he glanced to his right seeing Kathy getting up off the floor with the bedspread tightly clutched to her chest. He again began to apologize for the intrusion.

Kathy began asking a flurry of questions, “Why would they lock you out? Don’t you have a key? I thought you had a big date tonight? How’d that go?”

Being very comfortable with us he explained, “They locked me out because they are assholes. As far as my date, it went just like all the other disaster dates I’ve had recently… I didn’t get laid.”

Kathy chuckled and said, “If you keep thinking you’re going to get laid on every first date, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, don’tcha think?”

He smiled and replied, “Well yes, but damn it, I’m 22 years old and have had sex four times in my life; and three of those were with the same chick, who insisted that I not only wear a condom, but that I take it very slow so as not to break the condom. Then when I finished, I was to be ultra careful not to even take the condom off unless I was five feet away from her because she said some of it might get on her… Now, does that sound like a wild and satisfying sex life to you?”

My wife and I looked at each other and grinned as if to say, “That was a little more information than we expected.” Kathy jokingly said “Scoot over here; at least I can give you a hug.” Keeping the blanket pulled close to her chest with one arm, she leaned over with her left arm and hugged him saying, “You have your whole life ahead of you stud-man, just stop trying so hard.”

He chuckled replying, “Easy for you to say, you and Mike can bang each other ten times a day if you like.”

She laughed and said, “Married people don’t have sex ten times a month silly,” as she jokingly rolled her eyes at me.


  • Derick

    Reply Reply November 25, 2017

    This was freeing amazing!!
    I with my wife was like that!! I wished she really fucked the neighbours without protection everyday behind my back!!!
    This story is so hot that i stayed up whole night with a raging bonner next to my wife.

    We are in out late 20s and I feel that it is so difficult to ask her to start this. She know that I liked to role play her cheating on me when we fuck but nothing more. This story give me some idea to introduce her into cuckolding me in the future. Thanks for the story!!!

  • Farida qusslaka

    Reply Reply December 19, 2017


  • Radrick

    Reply Reply December 23, 2017

    I’m very turned out by your story and I would like to fuck your wife. I’m a 28years old black male from the Caribbean but currently living in the UK. My email is [email protected]. Please email me

  • Treb LLahsram

    Reply Reply March 2, 2018

    This was very well written. The reluctant wife to me, is much more realistic than the wife who after a brief bit of resistance turns into a nymphomaniac. The 2nd theme is repeated far too often to make it realistic, at least to me. Keep writing.

  • JoshStud

    Reply Reply February 2, 2019

    Poor Jack 🙂 i bet, always he’s dreaming Kathy when he wanking 🙂
    Thanx for the share your story.. 5 star from me 😉 xx

  • astoria

    Reply Reply June 6, 2019

    THAT was maybe the most erotic story I have ever read!
    Would love more.

  • Joboo

    Reply Reply June 20, 2019

    Very similar to an event my wife disclosed to me after being married for years.
    She caught her bf cheating on her in the act and left, she took up with a guy that had been coming on to her for a long time, he ran in the same circle as her bf.
    She stayed at his house fucking this guy most of the summer. A neighborhood kid was always hanging out, he was only 16 or so. One evening while her new roommate was fucking her she saw the kid, he was in the house watching in the doorway. She said she was close to coming and didn’t stop and once she had cum she told her roommate he was watching them.
    One night soon after the kid was there and they had been drinking and the roommate started teasing the kid asking if he wanted to watch. He started feeling up my not yet wife and after a minute or two taking her top off and that’s when she said it was about to stop. But the kid had dropped his pants with his dick out stroking it. She said she had never seen a dick as big as his, long and thick. Well, long story short she fucked both of them that night and started fucking the kid every day when the roommate was at work without him knowing.
    She was 20 at the time and told me it was the best sex she had ever had and it was like she was addicted to him. She ended up pregnant and left when she found out. She never had the baby.
    She was pretty drunk the night she told me this and I was horny as hell, she was naked by the time she was halfway thru the story. I remember asking her if she was disappointed when we first hooked up since I’m a tall guy but have a smallish dick, 5 inches and skinny. She admitted she had hoped it was bigger but also said by 22 she had been with about 20 guys and none of the other had a eight and half inch cock like his.
    About a year after we were at a wedding and he was there, she pointed him out. Grown and married, he was shocked when she walked up and then introduced me. A bit later after small talk I told him she had told me about him. He could only get out a nervous “ really?” All I said was “ oh yeah, she told me.” He kept approaching us though the night at the reception. My wife finally said she wondered why he kept hanging out with us. I told her I told him I knew and I’m pretty sure he wants to fuck you again.
    I may submit this and tell the rest of the events.

  • Jimmy

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    I would love to to hear her version of the story. Itsunami the hottest story on here!!!

  • EddieMc

    Reply Reply August 5, 2019

    Hi Joboo. I agree the orginal story was excellent to read and really hit the spot. Your brief stoy has the the same potential as well and would love to read about your now wifes exploits in more detail…. please

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