Wife’s Surprise Is More Than She Was Expecting 4.6/5 (16)

Wife’s surprise is more than she was expecting? We started out slow, once in a while we would have a lady join us sometimes a couple from out of town. But her thirst for sex was growing big time. My wife Norma is 5ft 2 in red hair medium length, 36 24 36 green eyes, big nipples that love to sucked, a body build for fucking and sucking, wet pussy all the time with a very large clit. She is 34 she was a virgin when we first met not experienced in sex at all.

Ken is my name an I’m 36 6ft tall 195 played football in college wide receiver. Very fit and I might say above average in experience field, with a 8 in very wide cock. We started playing when she started reading penthouse which a girl friend gave her. Little did I know that while I’m at work? She was learning things having fun with her friends. I came home early one day in the middle of the week.

I started to pull in the driveway when I saw it full of cars well three cars, her friends that went to her sorority in college that lived in town or close by. I pulled down the street an walked to the side door so I would not interrupt whatever was happening, not knowing that I was in a for a surprise. I came in hearing nothing, no talking at all so I was quite. I walked thru kitchen on my way to living room. Huuum nobody was there went down the hallway towards bedrooms no one, and then I heard a scream of pleasure.

It came from the basement room which was an entertainment room. We had it fixed for entertaining clients of my work, as I am a salesman of an international company. Bar, pool table, dance floor, two big sofas that lay out into beds. I had also installed a security system with 6 digital cameras with sound recording for my work since I deal in very high money securities. The system is in my office attached to our pool cabana room just in back of the pool.

I walk out slowly so no one would hear me. I got to the cabana, I turned the system the monitor, lite up with all six cameras there they were all four of them Norma, Karen, Barbara, and Jackie! NAKKKED! Wow unbelievable the entire bunch yes all 4 naked licking either pussy or sucking on tits. HOT! HOT! I started recording all of it. All four of them are very hot to look at. Jackie is the lesbian of bunch, she has not had a cock in her since high school.

5 ft 7in brown hair long down to her ass, puppy dog brown eyes, pretty face an a body that won’t quit. 38 25 36 now I get to see it all, bald pussy that’s very wet, nipples standing hard. Barbara is a hot looking lady 5ft 5in nothing great but a butt that’s quite nice.. 34 28 36 black hair short very large nipples and big brown area around them. Didn’t know she was bi, but her pussy was bald too in fact all their pussies were bald with landing strip right above.

Karen 5 ft 8in has a good build very athletic an pretty tits that looked firm from what I could see 34 22 36 nipples are ok blonde medium length hair very pretty face with blue eyes and then there my wife Norma Now that I have told you who and what let me tell you what they were doing. Norma had her ass in the air with her face in Karen’s pussy sucking all the juice out of it.

Karen was pinching her own nipples hard, Norma sucked her clit into her mouth and rubbed her tongue over it while she stuck 3 fingers into her hole and Karen started to move her hips up and down fucking her fingers. Karen had Jackie’s pussy down on her face licking it hard, and she was nibbling on her clit with her teeth giving her a little pain, juice was flowing down Karen’s face Jackie was cumming so hard.

Barbara came up behind Norma with a strap on that look 9 inches long but not as wide as me.. She grabbed her hips and in one stroke put it deep Norma likes nice hard long strokes deep into her pussy, Norma was screaming as she was cumming, her cum was flowing out her pussy.

Barbara told her come on bitch cum for me an banged her hard, slapping her ass. They all switched around a couple of times it was hot specially when they all where licking an sucking on pussy, all four of them in a daisy chain WOW my cock got rock hard.

I then close down the monitor with camera’s still running looking forward to watching tonight. I slipped out of the house driving to my office, with them not knowing I was there. I came home around 5:30 with Norma fully dressed was reading a book in the living room looking sexy. Later when we went to bed she told me she wanted to suck my cock I said any time, it was hard as a rock thinking about her sucking pussy an licking holes, by the time her lips touch my head,

it didn’t take long an I loaded a big load, she swallowed all of it. I said ‘wow that’s different usually you don’t swallow”, she said I wanted to taste your cum, its been a while. I’ll have to start swallowing more; I was still hard, she climbed on riding me for what seemed like a long time. She was cumming hard with cum running down to my balls, she orgasmed, bucking down hard an deep it was wet city, she flooded me I unloaded a load,

I said wow what got into you, she said “You an grinned.” We feel asleep Next morning It was Saturday, I normally play golf at 9 am with some of the husbands of the girls she played with, so I left, I just thought something is up she was glad to see me go. I called them saying I wasn’t feeling well so I won’t be there. I waited around the corner an saw two of the girls car pull in driveway. I waited a few minutes. I knew a way in the back to my office.

I turned the monitor to my surprise there was four girls and a young man. I recognized him from the grocery store Ned was his name around 20 years old, tall 6 ft. maybe 200 lbs.’ an BLACK as coal They all stripped Ned and the girls each strip each other while they were taking turns sucking on him while licking each other’s pussy. He was good an hard with 10 inches long and all most thick as a coke can, his balls were very large.

The vein on the back of his cock was as thick as a crayon. I could only imagine the flood of cum those big balls would produce. He was sucking on tits and fucking their mouths moaning the whole time. Karen latched on to his cock an sucked him hard , she ran her tongue up and down his hard shaft. He was so hard that I just knew that she would get a load in her mouth any moment.

Ned said I’m cumming, he pumped rope after rope of cum loading her mouth with more than she could swallow, cum came out the sides of her mouth. Norma licked it all off an around his cock, but it was still coming out she licked more, then Ned pulled out an she deep throated his cock to his balls. She sure is cock sucking happy now…Wow it made me hard as nails watching them.

Jackie was eating Karen. While it had went on Karen had orgasmed, you could tell it from Jackie’s wet face. Ned’s cock was still hard he said “who wants fucked first Berbera looked at him and said I ‘m going to fuck that giant cock of yours hard” grinning ear to ear. She kissed him with her tongue deep in his mouth they were playing tongue games.

He laid her down on the sofa with her legs spread wide open. He pushed his head of his cock up an down her wet slit brushing her clit which set her on fire. She was dripping wet, he push it in slowly sliding in she was so wet but still so tight..

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