Wife’s Last Encounter With Her First Bull 4.2/5 (26)

Ally, asks me to grab her and Bdog a beer from upstairs. As there is none in the big fridge, I have to track over to the beer fridge. I grab four or five to bring with me downstairs. When I get down stairs, I see that Ally is on her knees in front of BDog deepthroating him hard. When I watched the video, as soon as I left, she pushed him back, pulled his pants down, smiled at him fiercely and sucked his cock like a pro. When I walked up to then, BDog said “This is what she wanted, you know, so how could I say no?” with a sheepish grin on his face.

Ally is trying to take him all in her mouth, moaning, telling him what a slut she wants to be and is grabbing his balls. I figure i should take some pics and Ally is making it clear she wants to suck his cock for a bit. I took some pics and video while Ally looks him directly in the eye while he’s ball s deep in her and just goes to town on his cock. BDog, moans, love its forcing her head down on his cock. Ally goes nuts, licking his head, deepthroating him and paying lost attention to the balls. BDog says he needs a sec or hes going to finish and Ally licks the precum from the tip of his cock.

I have to hold back from cumming in my pants as I watch my wife give a long and serous blow job to my best friend while staring him in the eyes. I ask and I get a pic of Ally looking directly at me while BDog is balls deep in her mouth. She has such sultry eyes likes that. I dont say too much as Ally seems to be in control.

Ally tells BDog to take her over the the couch where he strips her nude before having Ally jump on his raw cock. Ally then proceeded to ride the shit out him. Ally guides his cock into her and started to rock back on forth on him as well as up and down. Ally fucks him hard for a bit and he grabs her hips hard, grinding her vag into his dick.

He says that he is going to cum and Ally keeps riding the fuck outa him resulting him in him grinding her hips hard while moaning and filling her with every drop of his cum. Ally, obviously really enjoys this, matches his moaning and begins grabbing him hard and pulling him into her as much as possible while fucking him hard from on top. They quickly jump to the floor and keep fucking with Ally on top still however I get some pics of the thick white cum leaking out of Ally.

Ally is riding him hard on the floor when she pulls me over to suck on my dick for a bit, telling me that she needs more cock. She sucks for a bit, gets me pretty hard. Bdog and I get some shots but then BDog starts to fuck her pretty vigorously, telling us that he is going to cum in a bit. I take some pics and where I hear that he is going to blow again i got some good shots of them. Ally keeps grinding him and he grabs her hips pulling her hard onto his cock as he moans over and over as he blows his second big load into her for a second time. Ally loves this and begins to shudder and shake on his cock while he fills her a second time. I took some shots because she was covered in his cum all over. Every inch of her vag and front was covered in cum. As well, her waist to the top of her ass crack was covered in his thick white cum. It was incredible. She was absolutely and screamed like a banshee while comming.

While BDog was pretty much spent for the night, my wife hadn’t yet sprayed. So she moved over to the couch and asked BDog to help her come. He gladly said yes, and got her some toys. Ally has a small clit vibrator and a g-spot movement dildo she loves.

We got the toys ready and we got our camera equipment ready. Ally got set up on the couch, spread her legs wide open and began to play with her clit while fucking her self with a g-spot vibrator. It has a bulge on the end that rubs just the right spot. There was no warm up necessary and the vibrator slipped into her fully without any resistance at all and we could both see the thick white cum instantly show up on the vibrator.

Ally quickly began to moan and squirm. We grabbed our cameras just in time to see Ally spray all over the floor, groan in a low pitch howel and cover the carpet and pillow in a torrent of cum. She came over and over, covering the floor and mat with cum. It was dripping down her leg and on the floor… She covered the gopro and the sofa. I have some great pics…

It was absolutely incredible to watch and I have an amazing video of it. Ally was absolutely spent after that. She said she loved it and had a great time but was completely worm out. It was funny though, she did have the energy to meet with another lover the next day for lunch, while I was working… but that’s another story for another time hopefully!

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  • Sissimone - crossdressing hubby

    Reply Reply February 3, 2019

    I loved this story and when I saw those hot pictures I had a lovely wank of my sissy dicklette.

  • Jody

    Reply Reply February 4, 2019

    Mmmmmm. Nice story! Loved all the cum play. I’ll bet the down stairs smelled sweet! Thanks for the mental pics! Jody

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