Wife’s Last Encounter With Her First Bull  4.3/5 (28)

This is a true story from last week. I will change names and some identifying features to protect privacy.

My wife have been in the lifestyle now for some time now, and have enjoyed most aspects immensely. One of the reasons this worked so well was that we found a great bull / boyfriend right off the bat. In our case it was my best friend from high school. See our profile for details of that encounter. But we have continued this relationship with him for about a decade since that time.

Regardless, BDog has continued to meet my wife, Ally, pretty regularly since that time, however as time goes by, less and less often. Ally likes him as he has a rock hard cock, feels safe and secure with him and he fucks her hard and long resulting in her spraying on him numerous times in the past. She has a fun fun time with him. Always has.

BDog and my wife and I are pretty open and comfortable now. We have engaged in many MFMs over the years and the wife has met him for solo encounters but doesn’t see him as often as she would like but she takes almost every opportunity to see him she can.

Their journey hasn’t been perfect though. And there have been some ups and downs. The first time we played, we jumped a fair few steps, namely communication, boundaries, expectations, limitations and a hole host of other issues. It was ruff. On another occasion, wife got caught in the middle by friends who were not swingers, next there have been two very bad mistexts and some VERY hurt feelings along the way. This lead to some very mixed feelings, on all parties and some changes were made to how we communicate and sext. However, we worked through issues together over a significant period of time, had some important discussions and now have a pretty strong and fun loving relationship.

So the plan was to set a date for the three of us for Friday night. Hosting is always a bit difficult. Have to arrange sitters and meals and get a lot or prep work done, often for someone to bail at the last instant. Luckily, BDog is super consistent all the time we have known him, he hasn’t bailed once. Also he never has a problem getting hard and staying hard.

He truly has a super power of some sort. I once watched him cum twice in a row without ever getting even a bit soft. He said he has a trick he can teach me but I don’t know if I could be entrusted with that kind of power… I would very likely die of dehydration. It is truly phenomenal and since Ally likes cum play, he has some wicked talents.

So we make plan for late Friday night. He has a hokey game first and couldn’t show up till about 10 which worked well. We get kids all sorted away, stock the fridge, get the cameras ready and clean up our play area. Right on time BDog strolls thought the front door. Ally, runs over, give him a kiss and a hug. They exchanged some knowing smiles and Ally rubbed her chest up against his. I bring the important things, beers and help him get settled in. We have dogs so we shoo those away and quickly head down stairs where we won’t be interrupted.

Ally, my wife is 6 feet tall, 37, athletic but after three kids, she has a few extra pounds she is steadily losing, however we have not had any complaints yet. I think she’s gorgeous. She has 36 C bust and long long legs. She has piercing green eyes, a sharp chin and high cheek bones. She has had prominently grey hair since the age of 25.

BDog is about 6 1, plays hockey, is pretty fit. Ally loves his cock and while it isn’t the biggest she’s had, he is always rock hard, he has multiple orgasms every night and fucks her hard, fast and intensely. He was her second cock ever and her first circumcised unit. Im slightly larger than BDog but uncircumcised and less vigerous.

Im 6 3, thicker and about 230 lbs and am athletic. Im endowed well enough but have some medical conditions limiting performance. I run 15 km a week but its a heart thing and the med make some blood flow problematic…

Regardless, down stairs is where the magic happens at our place. I have a guitar studio down there but with couches, chairs and a fireplace. We head down make some small talk. Ally is always a little nervous at the start. She’s just a bit anxious so she has a drink or two.

Ally is predictably a bit shy, so with a little encouragement from me, I start to set up the equipment. She makes some small talk and some flirting. I encourage Ally and start to take a few pics. This helps Ally and she smiles broadly and quickly moves to the couch and start to pose while BDog and I get out our camera and start to take some pics.

Ill throw in some of those pics. BDog indicates he likes how eager she is to please and show off. Ally smiles and started to get into it, touching her self over her clothes.

Ally plays with her long light hair, teases us a little, and shows us her dress and skirt with mesh stocking pulled up, looking quite professional. She quickly starts to pull back her blouse revealing a dark red one piece body suit underneath that is definitely not professional. Well, not THAT type of professional.

Ally smiles seductively and with some encouragement from us, continues to pull off her work suit, revealing her garters and eventually her ass with only a g-string on. BDog whistles and lightly slaps her on the butt making her giggle and blush again. She then flips up, opening her legs, giving us a glimpse inside her legs covered only by light mesh panties, which did little to hide what was under them. Ally, lets use get a few good shots but quickly closes her legs, teasing us a little more and blushing at what she had just done.

BDog encouraged her to keep going and when she wasn’t sure, he suggested that she play with her self lightly under to panties. She was a little nervous and slowly moved her had over her panties, however BDog gentle guided her had under her panties, then eventually to her clit, guiding her to take them down. Soon, she is arching her back, moaning and sliding her finger into her self while my best friend took pics of her most holy of holy’ies. Ally was clearly getting quite turned on by this and she was getting visibly wet.

We got a bunch of pics from close ups of her pussy, to over all shot of her arching her back and pics of her face with moans of pure bliss. Ally eventually took her panties off and unclasped her bra, letting her perky breasts spill out. Ally asked BDog what she would have to do to get a little attention so BDog stands up, walks over firmly grabs her by both breasts and starts sucking on her two tits. I get some great shots of him nibbling and sucking on her nipples, stretching them out and making her moan for quite some time. Really great shots…


  • Sissimone - crossdressing hubby

    Reply Reply February 3, 2019

    I loved this story and when I saw those hot pictures I had a lovely wank of my sissy dicklette.

  • Jody

    Reply Reply February 4, 2019

    Mmmmmm. Nice story! Loved all the cum play. I’ll bet the down stairs smelled sweet! Thanks for the mental pics! Jody

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