Wife’s Hotel Adventure  4.5/5 (72)

My name is Susan and I am a happily married mother of two in her early forties. I have above average sized breasts that have retained most (but not all!) of their youthful firmness. I’ve put on a bit of weight over the years on my hips and thighs and I have a little bit of a tummy. My girlfriends often tell me how good my body still is, and I often see men, including younger men, ogling me.

I am a senior manager in a government agency and I was away on yet another conference. These conferences tend to be dominated by middle aged lecherous men, so I generally avoid most of the late night drinking sessions that go hand in hand with these events. On this occasion I went to the welcome drinks as there were a few people I wanted to catch up with, but I called it a night very early, as I was giving a presentation the next day.

After I’d showered, phoned my family, and settled comfortably into bed I got very horny. I’d been doing a fair bit of masturbating over the last 12 months in particular, as the marital couplings had really started to diminish. With wild thoughts of being ravished by a young man with a nice hard thick cock, I started to finger my pussy and rub my clit until I came with a relieving orgasm.

After that, I went to quickly sleep and the next day I woke up and gave my presentation that went really well. I always find presenting at a conference stressful so I was a both relieved and exhausted and I returned to my hotel room early in the evening. As I was flicking through the folder of information about the hotel, looking for the room service menu, a brochure fell out about in-room massages.

I picked it up and absently put it on the small table that is typical of most hotel rooms as I organised what I wanted for dinner. As room service came, I idly read the brochure and thought it would be really nice to have a massage to unwind. When I spoke to my husband that evening, I mentioned that if it was okay by him I’d like to get a massage that evening from a professional. I assured him from the brochure that it was all non-sexual.

He suggested that if that’s what I wanted then he was happy. I joked about whether he would still be happy if the masseuse was a male, and stereotypically he assured me that if he was, he would most probably be gay anyway.

I bit the bullet and made a phone call to the number on the brochure. A friendly female voice answered and I asked her if there was a masseuse available for an hour or so that evening. She said sure, she would send Paul over within the hour.

I hesitated for a second when I heard a man’s name, but I thought what the heck, he’ll probably be gay anyway, just like my husband said. I showered and made sure the underwear I had on wasn’t too revealing and covered up with the bath robe that was in the hotel room wardrobe.

An hour or so later, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and met Paul. He was a young stocky guy probably in his early to mid 20s was my guess. He was casually dressed in a polo top with fairly baggy pants. He was carrying a large bag which was obviously his portable massage table and accessories. I invited him in and he looked around for a suitable place in the room to set himself up.

We made small talk for a little bit, while he assembled the table and sorted his gear out. Once this was done he explained the massage rules so to speak. That I was always the one in control, and if anything hurt or felt uncomfortable in any way, or if he was touching anywhere where I thought he shouldn’t be touching, he would cease what he was doing immediately. He explained that he had seen hundreds of people naked or semi-naked in his line of work, so I didn’t have anything he hadn’t seen before.

I nodded at the appropriate time, acknowledging and agreeing to what he was saying. At the end of his spiel he wanted me to reconfirm that I was comfortable with everything and I did so. Following that he asked me to take my bath robe off and get myself comfortable on the massage bench. He also suggested I wear an eye mask which he said often helped his customers block out any distractions and heighten sensation.

Paul busied himself, lighting candles and heating oils as I stepped out my robe. I must admit that I did feel a little bit self conscious at this stage as I took my robe off, and laid on my stomach on the massage table. Paul looked quiet hot and I think the only man in the past 15 years to see me in my underwear had been my husband.

I put the eye mask on as Paul suggested. The room smelled deliciously fragrant as the aroma of essential oils burning filled my nostrils. I lay back calmly for what seemed like a fair bit of time as Paul continued to fuss about.

Paul said that he was ready if I was and I responded affirmatively. He asked if I could undo my bra and I did so, cautious not to flash my boobs at him. Once I was comfortable again, Paul placed his warm and smooth hands on my shoulder blades and commenced a sensuous gliding motion, spreading massage oil across my back and shoulders in broad circles. He continued to work his hands over my shoulders and then my back applying firm but extremely comfortable pressure. He moved his hands to the back of my neck and initially it felt like he was caressing me like a devoted lover before he applied more pressure.

After giving my neck a good going over, he slid his hands down my sides, in doing so he ever so slightly brushed the sides of breasts that had pushed out slightly as a result of me being flat on my stomach. I didn’t object and I felt the slightest tingle in my pussy from this briefest of touches. Paul spent some time working on my lower back, applying firm and even pressure.

After awhile, Paul let me know he would be starting on my legs. I heard him apply more warm massage oil to his hands and he bent my right leg at the knee and started to massage my calf and ankle. He then placed my leg back down on the massage bench and briefly massaged behind my knee before working up to my thigh.

If you’d asked me the previous day, I’d have been comfortable lying down in only my panties while a young man massaged my thighs I would have said no, but I had already melted at the hands of this magician. He continued for what seemed like quiet a period massaging my thighs, the focus of his hands had moved higher and more towards my inner thighs.

Just as I thought he might be getting too close to my pussy, he moved around the other side of the table and started the same routine on my left leg. I was only partly relieved at this as his tantalising touch on my bare thigh was exquisite. My mind started to drift to thinking about how, given his expert touch, he must be a great fuck.

Paul went on to massage my arms, my hands with lovely little circles around my palms and tugging ever so lightly on my fingers one by one. I must admit by this stage that I was languidly aroused and wished my husband was here to fuck me afterwards. The darkness of the blindfold helped my mind to wander.

Paul then asked something which came as a bit of a shock. He asked if I wanted to lay on my back so I he could finish the massage. He must have noticed my surprise and he stressed again that he was a professional and I was in control. I was so relaxed and carefree by this stage though I said yes, even though this meant exposing my boobs to this young man.

I momentarily lifted the blindfold and blinked maniacally as I was dazzled by the sudden burst of light, and then sat up on the bench allowing my boobs to sway freely. I laid flat on the bench and got myself comfortable, the naughtiness of it all was turning me on, as I adjusted myself on the bench and placed the blindfold back on.

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