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My name is Craig and my wife is Maggie. This story takes place a few years ago when my wife was 23 and I was 25. She is a beautiful BBW with long black hair, large D cups tits and a nice big ass. My buddy Eric was over one evening helping me work on my truck and Maggie had gone to the store. We had a couple beers and had been at it for a while so we decided to call it a night.

He wanted to get home to his wife and try to have a romantic evening since they were having problems. Before he left he went in the house to use the restroom and I was getting things cleaned up in the garage. Maggie had come in and had been putting things away and didn’t know that Eric was still there. She thought I was in the restroom so she walked in to put something away. The way the bathroom was set up she had a front row seat view to his dick.

He came back in the garage and told me what happened. He said,”Dude, I was using the restroom and Maggie walked in. She stopped and was looking right at my dick, man. She just stood there for like 10 seconds before she apologized and walked out. I’m sorry bud.” I told him it was an accident and not to worry about it.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. She never did mention what happened so as we were getting ready to go to bed I asked her about it. She said she was embarrassed and that’s why she didn’t say anything. I posed the question of why she stared so long before leaving the room when she realized it wasn’t me. Her response was, “I was just frozen. I’ve never seen a dick that big. I’m sorry.” That was the end of it. She went to sleep and I just laid there thinking about it. It made me really aroused for some reason so I popped one off before I went to sleep.

The next day while I was at work I was texting Eric and we were talking about what happened. I asked him if he wanted to come over and hang out and if he was comfortable with the idea of letting Maggie go down on him. He wasn’t quite sure if I was serious and I assured him I was for real so he agreed. I told him that I’d have her ready around 9pm.

After I got home from work I told her that I had a surprise for her that evening and she had to be ready by 9pm. So she got her shower and straightened her naturally curly hair which made her so much hotter. She got her makeup all done and threw on some jeans and a very low cut tank top. You could see her lacy light blue thong sticking out above her waistline.

It was about 8:45pm so I took a couple pictures and we were talking and she finally asked me what was going on. I told her that Eric was coming over and that I had talked to him about what happened. I told her that I set it up that she was going to suck his dick because it aroused me thinking about her going down on him. She smiled the sexiest smile I had ever seen and I could see it in her eyes that she was excited.

A couple minutes later there was a knock at the door and it was Eric. I let him in and Maggie was still on her knees in the chair leaning over the edge just letting her tit stick out. She looked amazing. He asked if I told her and before I had a chance to answer she said,”Yes, he did. And I have been thinking about it since I walked in on you. Now, come here.” And we were off and running.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and reached in his boxers. She pulled it out and just looked for what seemed like a minute. She was slowly stroking him while she was taking it all in visually. She finally took him her mouth and went to town. It was only a couple minutes before her shirt and her bra were on the floor. Then, she got down out the chair and took her jeans off and got on her knees in front of him.

He was fucking her face and she was gagging and drooling all down her face and her tits. She was softly moaning as she was taking him in and out of her mouth. There was my beautifully sexy wife on her knees in my living room getting face fucked by another guy. It was so hot. After a few minutes he sat down on the couch and she laid down and had her head in his lap. He reached down and was rubbing and playing with her ass while she sucked him.

She sucked and stroked his dick for what seemed like forever before he told her that he was going to cum, but she didn’t stop. She picked up the pace and he blew his load right in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. She kept sucking him for a few minutes after he came. She sat up and wiped her eyes from where her makeup was running and got up and came over to me in the chair.

She took off my pants and began sucking me off. After a couple minutes I stood up and slid her soaked panties off and bent her over the arm of the couch. I fucked her doggy style right in front of Eric who was already hard again and jerking his dick watching me fuck my wife right in front of him. A couple more minutes went by and I came in her pussy. She laid there for a minute as I sat back down in the chair.

She turned to me and asked,” Do you mind if I fuck Eric too baby?” I wasn’t very keen on the idea but before I could tell her no she was already lowering herself onto him on the couch. I had never heard her make those sounds before. He was so deep inside my wife. She was lowering herself slowly as she was getting used to the size of this thing, which was absolutely huge I have to admit.

She rode him for like 15 minutes. She was a wild girl. I lost count of how many times she got off on him. Finally she got up and I thought she was done but she laid down on her back and lifted her legs up and he started pounding her on the couch that way. He was going balls deep and it sounded like she was getting spanked with how hard his balls were slapping her ass.

Every thrust she would moan and whimper until it just became a constant noise. Then when she would cum she would just scream. She creamed all over him. Her cum was running out of her pussy, all over him and down her asshole. After about 10 minutes he said he was going to cum and I figured that he would pull out since he didn’t have a condom but she told him to cum in her.

Finally he stopped with his dick in her as far as it would go and pumped her full. She made a noise that sounded like a cry but she was in absolute ecstasy. He stood up and went to the restroom to clean up and she just slid down off of the couch and laid down on the floor. She was still breathing hard and moaning slightly when Eric came out to leave.

After he left I asked her if she enjoyed herself and she just smiled. That same smile she showed me at the beginning of the night when I told her what was going to happen. We’ve never done anything like that again but I still get excited when I think about it. I bet she does too.

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  • Kelly Kute

    Reply Reply April 17, 2019

    Oh I Belive you Dr.36,I loved the Story..

  • Valerie Taylor-Carter

    Reply Reply April 20, 2019

    A really great read

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