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The morning of my birthday dawned brightly – while the temperature was cold, I breathed a sigh of relief that my birthday wouldn’t be a rainy one. The day was finally here. I was finally going to meet you for the very first time in person, as we had decided that my birthday would be the perfect day for me to realize my fantasy of having my pussy stuffed full of a beautiful black cock.

I arose very early, the first person in the house to stir. I didn’t even wait for my 5am alarm to wake me, I hadn’t slept much the night before, waffling between excitement and fear about this new adventure. I quietly made my way into the master bath, stepping over the two sleeping dogs in my path, careful not to wake the husband just yet. I was always the first to rise, then wake the rest of the household in order of their individual schedules.

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, willing the knot in my stomach to go away as I eyed my image reflected. I was glad you had wanted to take things slow when we first started communicating online, it gave me a chance to step up my workouts to finally shed most of the extra weight I’d been hanging onto for years after my daughter’s birth.

My determination had paid off, while I wasn’t back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I had finally shed the extra roundness to my belly, and liked my profile better. I admired my hourglass shape, lifting my heavy full breasts and brushing my fingers over the large nipples, sucking in my breath as I felt my pussy twinge in delight from the light touch.

I hoped you would be pleased with my body, I want you to devour my sexy curves, hungry pussy and tight ass. I ran my hands over my mound, making sure it was nice and smooth. I had finally gotten up the nerve to have a Brazilian wax done, when you and I first started communicating online, and you mentioned you were turned on by a nice smooth pussy.

The irony wasn’t lost to me – this being my birthday and I was planning to give the gift of my body to you. My pussy spasmed with the thought of your beautiful black cock parting my smooth pussy lips and easing your hard member deep into my tight depths. I briefly wondered if I would be able to take your entire length, it had been far too long since any cock had entered my silky pussy, let alone one so amazingly large.

I had taken my time the night before preparing my body for my first time with you, soaking in a hot bubble bath, shaving my legs and resisting the urge to make myself cum like I like to do while relaxing in the tub. You wanted me to save my orgasms for our first time together, so when I did cum it would be the most intense I’d ever had. I smiled at the thought, looking forward to you taking great pleasure in my willing body.

I had even subjected myself to an enema to make sure my ass was squeaky clean and ready for anything, since you had mentioned you would love to feel your cock buried deep in my tight hole. I shivered in anticipation, since only twice had my tiny hole been invaded by a cock – the first time fizzled out before it got started, my former boyfriend’s clumsy attempt failing greatly. I had only one other experience after that, with a different former boyfriend who forever after made me crave to feel a cock buried in my ass again to see if I could have the same intense orgasm I did that particular night.

Unfortunately the husband is not an ass man, he prefers jacking off on sexy feet, leaving my pussy wanting more. I was grateful the husband was enthusiastic about allowing me the indulgence of extra cocks to keep my pussy happy – this would be my first cock outside my marriage, and I would also be fulfilling my biggest fantasy to have my tight white pussy filled beyond my imagination with a gorgeous black cock.

I involuntarily licked my lips as I thought of your beautiful cock, in the pictures and videos you had sent me it looked enormous. My pussy spasmed yet again, I could feel my inner core on fire. The anticipation was already making my pussy wet – I could feel my juices starting to run down my inner thighs. I shook my head to stop daydreaming so I could get everyone up and out of the house on time.

After having my usual coffee with my husband and sending him off to work, I got the kids up and ready for school. The morning rush commenced, school lunches were made, lost shoes and homework found, and the mad dash to get through the car line before the tardy bell sounded after the kids dragged their feet out the door. When both kids finally exited my vehicle I exhaled and headed back home to get ready for you.

There was a chill in the air – that, coupled with the anticipation of what lay ahead for the day, my nipples were straining against the lacy fabric of my bra. Since we were meeting for the first time for coffee that morning, I opted for casual attire, slipping on my favorite pair of boot cut jeans topped with a black lacy sleeveless top, and to keep my arms from feeling the chill, a fashionable cardigan with a handkerchief hem that gave a boring old cardigan feminine flair. I pulled on my favorite pair of sexy ankle boots, then stood and double checked that my long blonde hair was smooth and silky, and began to apply lip-gloss to my mouth.

I noticed my hand was trembling as I applied the shiny gloss to my lips, and once again the knot in my stomach had returned. I wondered how amazing your giant black cock was going to look with my lips stretching around it, trying to take as much in as I could. My pussy spasmed again, the juices flowing at the thought. Taking a deep breath, I gave one last look in the mirror, went downstairs and donned my long leather coat, doled out treats to the dogs so they wouldn’t bark as much as I exited the front door and I was off.

As I pull into the parking lot, I see you standing near the entrance, scanning the lot for my vehicle. When I stepped out of my car, you break into a big grin, and the butterflies in my stomach seem to be fluttering overtime.

I walk up to you, my stomach doing flip-flops and my pussy keeps spasming like nobody’s business. You open your arms wide for a hug. I quicken my pace and willingly enter your embrace. Your strong arms envelope me and feel so good wrapped around my frame. You stand at least a foot taller than me, so I find my cheek is resting on your muscular chest within your embrace. I sigh with contentment as I realize my butterflies have all flown away.

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