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Wanted to share with you all the story of how my wife and I took our first step that resulted in us taking the plunge into the swinging pool…. My wife, Samantha (Sam) and I have been married for 14 years and are both in our mid forty’s. We met nearly twenty years ago and dated off and on for years before getting married. Prior to getting married, both Sam and I had enjoyed the monogamous relationships with people we were dating with and eventually with each other and became exclusive to each other soon after we began to date.

Our sex life was filled with what I would assume is the normal cycle of a sexual relationship. At first, we made love everywhere and anywhere we could having sex numerous times a week often several times a day/night. As we got older, the frequency began to dwindle down to once or twice a week. Neither of us were complaining because when we did hit the sheets, it was great… or so we thought.

Over the years, we would tease and taunt the other with the fantasy of adding another to our sex life but it never went beyond that….until about six months ago. Sam is a ravishing red-head that stands 5ft 8 with long curly red-hair that goes to the middle of her back. She has these light brown eyes that are absolutely sexy and when she smiles she can make men melt like butter on a hot summer day.

I consider myself one of the luckiest guys around because between work, home and family life, Sam somehow manages to make her scheduled trips to the gym that allows her to maintain her very sexy and shapely figure. Sam carries a few extra pounds on her but believe you me, those pounds are ALL in the right place. My wife has these very nice luscious natural 34C’s that still have a decent amount of “perkiness” to them.

Her waist isn’t as flat as it once was, but those few extra pounds in her mid-section gives me more to grab when we’re making love. Sam’s hips and ass cheeks have this sultry shape to them that helps to silhouette her sexy hourglass figure. Between her legs is what has always been the object of my sexual lust for her. Her slightly puffy pussy mound is kept impeccably groomed either sporting the tiniest strip of pubes or is completely bald.

Her outer vulva lips are smooth and soft allowing her labia to slightly protrude out which gives me a great indicator that she’s horny and ready for action. Her labia lips swell and turn a shade or two darker and she flows beautifully when she gets erotically excited and her lips glisten with her pussy juices. As I wrote earlier, Sam and I have taunted and teased the other with the thought of inviting another person into our bedroom, but neither of us ever had the opportunity or courage to make it happen.

Like many men, I expressed how the thought of seeing my wife have sex with another man was a source of great sexual stimulation versus jealousy. My wife knew how I felt, but always had the concern that opening up our sex life to others could potentially ruin our marriage. There were a number of times when men have openly flirted with my wife but other than some innocent return flirtatious responses from her, it had never gone any further than that.

So, six months ago, a college buddy of mine arrived in town on business and he contacted me to schedule some time for us to hang-out and spend some time together. Sam knew my college friend and she was open to joining us one evening for dinner. Stewart arrived in town and he and I met one night and hit a couple of bars reminiscing about our days in college. The fourth night in town, Stew was to meet Sam and I for dinner at one of the local upscale steakhouses.

When Sam and I would go out to restaurants like that, she didn’t need much encouragement to dress to impress. She chose to wear one of her little black dresses that fits her hourglass shape wonderfully. It seductively shows off her breasts and her lower half without being over the top “hooker action” as she likes to call it. Sam had her hair up in a loose pony-tail allowing her curls to fall to the top of her bare shoulders making her look oh sooooo sexy.

Her ear rings and necklace accented her dress to the tee. Her entire look exuded sexiness and I looked forward to our love making that would follow once we got home. We met Stew at the restaurant and the past six or so years had done him EXTREMELY well. In college he was on the chubby side with “nerdy” style glasses and not much “game” when it came to the ladies.

Many of our female friends in college would comment that if Stew ever slimmed down and invested in contacts, he’d become the object of desire for lots of the women on campus. We found out that Stew got married and due to a nasty divorce, he took his frustrations out in the gym and chose to change his look to make his ex jealous for leaving him. Stew now looked like one of those guys you see on the cover of a GQ magazine, lean, rocking the latest trend in fashion and his personal grooming was absolutely perfect.

We met Stew and we exchanged greetings and he gave Sam a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We made our way to our table and along the way, I saw other women staring at my once dorky college friend… even Sam commented on how good-looking and sexy Stew had become. One of our waitresses during dinner was so taken back by Stew’s looks she accidently crashed into another waiter causing some chaos in the restaurant for a few moments… the three of us had a good laugh about it and enjoyed the rest of the night.

As dinner began to wind down, I saw that Sam had begun to innocently flirt with Stew and he returned the playful flirts back. Nothing that happened during dinner gave me any indication of what was to happen a few hours from that point. We had put away nearly three bottles of wine throughout dinner and were putting the final few sips of the third bottle as dessert had finished.

During dessert, our conversation began to have a undertone of sex to it but again still everything still seemed to be on the lighter and playful side. We finished dinner and began to head out of the restaurant when Stew confided that he would be heading back to his hotel room and calling it a night preparing to make his appointments for the next day. Much to my surprise, Sam invited Stew back to our house to relax and have a couple more drinks and hang out in our hot tub.

Her invitation caught me by surprise but I echoed her invite and Stew agreed to meet us at our house. Sam and I got to our car and we headed to our home. On the way to our house, Sam asked me if I was serious about wanting to see me with another man…. I said “of course….. Stew?” Sam replied that she wasn’t sure but she was curious to see if things could go that way. The rest of our drive home my cock was at full attention trying to burst out of its clothing restraints.

We arrived at our house, I changed onto a comfortable pair of shorts that if needed doubled as swimming shorts and a polo shirt. Sam changed into a two piece black bikini with a white mesh cover top that looked like an oversized t-shirt that went to the middle of her thighs.

Sam is relatively conservative and not much into showing too much skin other than to me. Her two piece bikini had a conservative halter top and the bottom was a full coverage bottom with ties on the sides, sexy because it was on her but not too revealing. Soon after we changed, Stew arrived at our home and I offered him a change of clothes. He went into our guest room to change and Sam and I took a couple bottles of wine and readied the area near the hot tub. Stew met us near the hot tub and Sam got the jets going and in a few seconds, the surface of the hot tub was brewing with bubbles.

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