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Sweat once again dripped from their bodies and the air was filled with the smell of sex. All this stimulated them even more, they were all breathing hard forcing the orgasms back to make the moment last longer. Samantha pussy quivered as the men’s cocks throbbed; there was no denying the inevitable. Samantha slammed up and down on John’s cock as she masturbated Marks furiously.

“Would you like to cum inside me again or on me?” she asked giving them the choice this time. “I want to cum on you tits.” John said with out hesitation. “Alright, you when ever you are ready.” She put Mark’s cock back into her mouth.

John rubbed her clitoris as she moved up and down on him. This orgasm was deeper and more controlled. Her hold body seemed to vibrate. She had to stop everything and just focus on the orgasm. She hovered over John as he continued thrusting up into her.

Samantha let out a long and steady cry as wave after wave of orgasmic energy like electricity flowed through her body. Mark had to hold her in position so that she would not fall. After a brief rest the men switched again Samantha now slid Mark’s cock into her pussy once again as she used her hand to masturbate John.

The men were not much longer. Samantha stayed kneeling as Mark moved quickly to stand in front of her. Both men grabbed her by her hair pulling her head back causing her breasts to jut out. The men groaned as they held back the orgasm as long as then could.

Samantha felt the thick warm fluid striking her chest. Mark was first with a long stream of cum hitting her chest just above her breasts. John first load struck her directly on the left breast just above the nipple. Mark’s next ejaculation was on target striking her right breast.

Both men sprayed her with load after load, she could feel their cum running over her breasts, down the sides and between her cleavage. She was absolutely covered. When they had finished they moved to her and she took each cock in her mouth sucking the last of the cum out of them.

The men once again collapsed to the floor. Samantha still kneeling looked around for something to wipe her self off with. John sensing what she was going to do asked her to wait for a moment. He grabbed his short and pulled out his cell phone; turning back to her he took her picture.

Samantha made no attempt to cover herself. Today she was exploring a side of herself she had never before allowed herself to. She was being a complete slut and she was loving it. She had pulled two strange young men off the street and had had sex with both of them not once but twice.

They had serviced her incredibly well and so she allowed them the pictures of their success. She smiled as John took several pictures of her kneeling on the floor her legs still apart with her pussy open and loose. Mark also took the opportunity to grab his cell phone and take a few pictures.

Samantha knew that they would be showing them to their friends but she didn’t care it actually turned her on knowing that their friends would also be turned on by her pictures. She smiled seductively and playfully at the cameras.

When they had finished with the pictures Samantha directed John into the kitchen where he retrieved a clean dish towel so that she could wipe herself down. John asked if he could send a couple of the pictures to his friends.

Samantha was surprised that he had asked knowing that he could just leave and send them anyway. She agreed and he began dialling his phone. The phone beeped after every picture that he sent and Samantha had counted four or five of the beeps.

They once again lay on the floor caressing each other. Samantha wondered if they would have the energy to do it once again. She wondered if she would have the energy. It took longer this time but eventually John and Mark were after her yet again.

She lost count of how many times they had sex that day. After each round they would take time for a few pictures. They had sprayed their loads on her ass, then her pussy, her back, she completely removed her shirt so that they could cum on her stomach, her thighs, her breasts again on and on it went.

The only place she had denied them was her face. During one of the sessions John’s cell phone had rung. He was able to reach it with out his cock slipping out of her pussy. Samantha was on the couch, on her back with her legs wrapped around him as he stood thrust into her and she sucked on Mark’s balls.

John looked at the number and then answered the phone. With out missing a thrust he spoke to someone on the other end; “Right now,” he said “My dick is in her right now.” there was a pause “I know she is fucking hot and a really good lay.”

Another pause “I don’t think so man.” Samantha finally broke off what she was doing to Mark and interrupted John’s phone call. “Give me the phone.” John passed the phone to her. “Who is this?” she asked “Uh, its Brian” came the reply. “Well Brian,

John is a little busy right now he will have to call you back later.” She stated panting a little. “You sound a little out of breath.” “I am Brian. I am currently getting fucked, so John needs to concentrate you will have to talk to him later.” With that she hung up the phone and tossed it aside.

“Now get back to work!” she commanded with a smile. “Yes madam.” John replied with a hardy thump on his next thrust. Samantha gave him a devilish smile and then went back to work on Mark.

Much of the day had passed without any sign that the boys were going to leave. Finally she did have to beg for mercy, with a smile. She allowed them one final round but she wanted them to cum inside her once again. Mark and John performed flawlessly once again bring her to orgasm before leaving her pussy full of sperm once again.

She watched them get dressed and then they kneeled down kissing her and giving her breasts a final squeeze before leaving. She thanked them for helping with the furniture. They just smiled and laughed a little then left her lying naked on the floor. Samantha lay there for quite a while.

She had gotten nothing done that she wanted to that day but she didn’t care. Every muscle was relaxed and she felt a sense of true calm satisfaction. She ran her own hands over her naked body remembering the sensations that she had felt earlier.

Slowly she grabbed one of the towels that were next to her and pressed it against her pussy so that nothing would leak out as she headed for the shower.

She told me that later that she was sorry she never got any of it on tape. I told her that it was ok; I was just glad that she had let herself go and enjoyed her weekend. With a wink she said that she certainly had.

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