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The other hand forced Mark hard against her now soaking pussy. Both men ate her hungrily, Samantha now unable to stand on her own was held up by the two men, Samantha began to black out as the blood in her body flowed to her lower organs. The orgasm hit her hard, Samantha screamed as her body shook and fireworks exploded in her mind.

Neither man stopped but slowed allowing her to glow as the orgasm faded away. Mark used his hand to keep pressure on her pussy and kissed the inside of her thighs. John moved to Samantha’s neck and began kissing her as he softly ran the tips of his along the sides of her breasts.

When Samantha’s strength returned, Mark slid her leg off her shoulder and stood up. Samantha gave a deep grateful kiss that he returned hungrily. Although the orgasm had been fantastic she still longed to feel them inside of her; she wanted to drowned in there sperm.

Trading kisses between them she undid the buttons on their shorts and slid her hands inside. Both there cocks were fully aroused and hard as rocks. She held on to their cocks tightly as they worked their shorts down and off. Now that everyone was completely naked John moved behind her kissing her back and running his hands down her sides allowing Samantha to focus her attention on Mark.

Samantha continued to kiss Mark deeply still clinging to the memory of the orgasm. Mark messaged her breasts kissing her back as she ran her hands over his cock and balls. Mark was completely shaved smooth and she loved the feel of him. She knew that John was not completely bare but trimmed nicely and she could feel his hard cock against her ass and back as he moved against her.

Pushing Mark back Samantha kissed down his chest and stomach and then licking the shaft of his cock. She didn’t get down on her knees but locked them bending at the waist to lower her mouth his think hard cock. Pre cum was flowing out of it as she licked it and took it into her mouth. She softly played with his balls as she worked back and forth using her saliva to lubricate him.

Through all of this she could feel John behind her running his hands over her pussy. She was no longer as sensitive as she had been after the orgasm. She knew that he would soon penetrate her and she longed for it. Even as the thought passed through her mind she felt the head of cock touch her pussy. She rose on her tiptoes so that he could enter her more easily.

With a firm push he parted her pussy and slid inside of her. Samantha let out a satisfied groan as John began to work his cock in and out of her. She didn’t see the two men smile at each other as they knocked there fists together in salute as they fucked her from both ends. Samantha would have appreciated the moment. She had loved the fantasy of sexually satisfying different men.

Never did she think she would actually do it. Right now the experience was so much more satisfying than the fantasy. Knowing that she was providing these two men with such pleasure filled her with delight and added energy.

Samantha could feel John becoming more and more aggressive with her as her renewed juices flowed once again lubricating his cock allowing him to thrust fast, harder, and deeper. His energy was transferred to her and she used to on Mark. Samantha firmly sucked on his cock and balls. She used her hands to masturbate him as she devoured his balls before moving back to suck on his cock again.

All three of them were dripping with sweat as they fucked hard and long. Samantha could feel the head of John’s cock expanding as her readied to explode and the anticipation was causing her to cum as well. Samantha briefly took Mark’s cock out of her mouth and looked back at John.

He had a look of determined concentration, “Don’t stop;” she said “I want you to cum inside of me; I want to feel both your loads inside of me.” With that she put Mark’s cock back in her mouth and began sucking feverishly. “Don’t you worry babe, we’re going to fuck you until you beg for mercy.”

Samantha loved it. She had two hot men doing exactly what she wanted. She was about to orgasm for the second time knowing that she would soon feel think fertile sperm running between her legs again. It had been three years since I had had a vasectomy.

Although the sex was still great she wanted to know that living sperm were swimming inside of her. It wasn’t that she wanted to get pregnant it was the endorphins that would be released as her body absorbed the sperm.

John exploded into her bringing her second orgasm to a peak. She tried to scream but her mouth was still full with Mark’s cock. John thrust faster pumping load after load of sperm into her. Samantha’s legs were shaking but she stood strong as John and Mark quickly switched positions.

John’s cock was still hard as she sucked the last drops of sperm out of it. Mark was considerably larger than John and she was thankful that John’s cum was there to add a little more lubricant. The increase size of Mark’s cock kept any of John’s load from leaking out of her now loose pussy.

She could feel her pussy stretch as Mark forced his way into her. Mark did not hesitate, he was in and pumping away. John’s cock began to soften and his body jerked from the extreme sensitivity as she sucked on the head and shaft. Samantha knew that she would not orgasm again but that did not stop her from enjoying the feeling of Mark working away behind her.

She knew that he would not be long he had been close to orgasm just from the blowjob. Mark thrust deeply into her and ejaculated with surprising force. Once again she was being pumped with load after load, she became dizzy with euphoria as the two loads mixed inside of her. She groaned with delight as she felt her insides filled with swimming life once again.

She new that the moment Mark removed his cock, the cum would flow out of her, so as Mark slowed she reached back grabbing his ass and pulling him into her. When he had finished she pulled her legs closed tightly and then pulled herself off of him and they all collapsed to the floor.

Samantha rolled over on her back squeezing her legs tightly pressed together keeping any of the loads from leaking out. She lay still enjoying the full feeling as the loads swam around inside of her trying to plant a new life. Mark and John lay next to her softly running their hands over her naked body. She shared soft sensual kisses with both of them feeling there chest and arms.

They all lay there sweating and enjoying the sensations for several minutes before Samantha realized that the movement of there hands had become more probing and eager. To her surprise both men were becoming aroused once again. “Already? I had forgotten how quickly you could recoup.” She said.

“We told you we were going to fuck you until you beg for mercy.” Mark returned. “Mmmm, give it your best shot, it could take a while.” Samantha responded. With that she released her legs and allowed a large amount of there original loads to flow out on to the floor.

Samantha rolled over on top of Mark and sat down hard on his reforming erection. “Is it ok if I drive this time?” she said with an eager smile. Mark reached up with both hands firmly grabbing her breasts. John had stood and running his hand through her hair before grabbing a handful firmly and directing her mouth to his waiting cock. Samantha took it willingly into her mouth once again.

Their cocks hardened rapidly as she fucked and sucked them. Mark ran a hand down her stomach to her pussy were he began to use his fingers to message and stimulate her clitoris. Samantha’s juices flowed once again unabated, she allowed both them men to switch positions time and again, always with her on top of one and sucking the cock of the other.

When she got tiered she would knee over them and allow them to thrust up into her. All her inhibitions had been laid aside and all that was left was the carnal desires of sex for nothing other than the enjoyment that it brings. The feeling of both these large warm cocks thrusting into her mouth and pussy was a delight.

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