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A couple of weeks ago I had decided to take my two boys to their grandparents and give my wife Samantha an opportunity to have a little time on her own. She is a stay at home mom and I tend to be a little of a workaholic.

Having time to her self is always appreciated and so I headed out with the kids on Friday after work. I had encouraged her to get out of the house and maybe see a movie with some friends. Samantha however enjoys the time to get at things around the house that she cannot do with two young boys around the house.

The next Saturday morning was warmer than usual so after showering Samantha got dressed in a pair for Dixie shorts and a light pullover backless top that tied around the back of her neck. Donning a pair of sandals she went out to work in the front garden.

Our house is located in a new development that has a college located with in walking distance so a few of the homes are rented out to college students. Samantha had almost finished in the garden and was thinking about heading into the house when she noticed a couple of college aged boys walking up the street.

She was turning back to the garden when she caught one of them say, “Wow, now those are great tits!” She turned back towards them and took another look at them. The two boy’s steps faltered as they were unsure what she would say.

Samantha’s breasts where fantastic and she knew it, earlier in the summer she had discovered that many for the construction workers still working on the new homes in the area had voted her as having the best breasts in the neighbourhood.

Samantha looked at the two and noticed that they were both quite attractive. Around 6 feet tall and well muscled. One had shoulder length blond hair with deep blue eyes and the other was black with a shaved head and dark brown eyes.

Samantha quickly decided that she may be able to use the two to help her move a couple pieces of furniture around the house that she had been waiting for me to do. She smiled at them and then asked them to stop for a moment.

They complied hesitantly still expecting to be scolded for the comment. Samantha asked them if they would be able to give her a hand with something and in exchange she would bare her breasts and let them have a good long look. The pair looked at each other not sure if she was being serious and then they both looked at her chest before looking up at her.

They hesitantly agreed still unsure what was going on. Samantha directed them to the tools and bag of topsoil that she had been using and asked them to take them into the garage. She removed her gardening gloves and knee pads that she had been using.

As Samantha lead them into the house she introduced herself and learned that their names were Mark, with the shaved head that had actually made the comment and John was the blond. In the house she showed them the furniture and where she wanted them moved to.

The moral of the two increased dramatically when they realized that there was a real possibility of her taking her top off. The house was warmer than normal but the two worked quickly and it was not long before a thin sheen of clean sweat appeared no their bodies making them look even sexier.

With the work complete Mark and John turned to her to see if there was anything else. Samantha inspected the work and with a nod and a thank you she indicated that the work had been completed to her satisfaction. The two let out a sigh of relief that almost made Samantha laugh, a look of anticipation was etched on both their faces.

Samantha smiled and said, “Well a deal is a deal.” With that she reached up and undid the knot at the back of her neck. She let the strings fall and the top relaxed but did not fall away. She giggled at the two boys who were completely fixated. She slowly pulled the top down enjoying the sensation of the fresh air on her nipples and the arousal she got from exposing her self.

The bottom for her shirt encircled her midsection and would have to be pulled up over her head if it was to be removed. This was not necessary to bear her breasts. A look of delight was written on their faces; Samantha placed her hands behind her and pulled her shoulders back which pushed her tits forward. The two leaned in for a better look and she told them that they could touch them.

With out hesitation both Mark and John placed a hand on the breast closest to them. The moment their hands touched her Samantha’s smile vanished and was replaced by a look of surprised. Samantha was hit by monstrously intense wave of desire. Her eyes widened and her heart began to pound like it was going to jump right out of her chest.

Warmth flowed in her pussy as she began to get wet. She had not put on panties that morning. She was shocked by the intense emotion and knew that these two young men would not be leaving the house before completing one more task.

It took her a while to gain a little control over herself and when she did she noticed that her hands were no longer behind her back but were now caressing the front of both their shorts. She could feel their half erect cocks through the material. The two did not move away but squeezed her breasts more firmly. Suddenly she felt Mark’s mouth cover her nipple as his tough began to tease it.

Eyes that she did not even realize she had closed shot open as she took in a sharp breath. Another wave of undeniable desire and lust hit her; more juices flowed from her pussy her shorts were getting soaked. She could feel her pussy opening waiting to be filled. Samantha ran her hand over Mark’s bald head pulling it tighter against her breast encouraging him to continue.

John, seeing her reaction took her other nipple in his mouth, Samantha closed her eyes awash in the sensuality of the moment as these two men suckled her breasts and their hands now free of her breasts squeezed her ass.

Samantha was so thankful that she had gone back on the pill several months ago. It had been for medical reasons, never had she thought that she would be having sex with two very fertile men. The added bonus of being able to have sex with them and not getting pregnant really excited her. She had also shaved her legs and pussy in the shower that morning.

Once again this was not something that she normally did. She had felt frisky that morning with no kids and no husband the shaved pussy and no panties had made her feel sexy and desirable. Perhaps that was why she a reacted to the boy’s comment the way she had.

She didn’t care; she was now on a path that could only end with complete exhaustion and sexual satisfaction.

Samantha reached for the button of her shorts undoing it and unzipping the fly. Both men grabbed the waist band of her shorts pulling them roughly down to her ankles. There hands now on her bare ass, Samantha grabbed at their shirts pulling them up exposing the smooth flesh of there backs.

Both men broke the lock they had on her breasts and before she couple blink their shirts were off exposing very muscular chests and abdomens.

Mark dropped to his knees, Samantha lifted one leg and wrapped it over his shoulder allowing him to lick and kiss her pussy. Mark wrapped his arm around her legs keeping it in position on his shoulder. John remained standing and moved in placing a hand back on her breast and pressing his lips against hers. Samantha opened her mouth kissing him back deeply.

She gasped as Mark’s tongue slid between the lips of her pussy. Mark ran his tongue back and forth across her clitoris arousing her more and more. John was a fantastic kisser and Samantha began to feel dizzy as he messaged her breasts and licked her lips. Samantha ran one hand over John’s back and with the other caressed Mark’s head.

The men continued until Samantha could barely stand and just when she thought things could not get better she felt Mark run his fingers up the inside of her leg and then taking the index finger and the middle finger pushed them firmly and deeply into her pussy and then began thrusting them in and out of her. Samantha cried out with delight and pulling John by the hair and forcing him down to her breast.

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