Wife Used By Older Men


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Section 1

This was a really difficult night for me.

Me and my wife Sam decided at the last minute to have a weekend away. We live in the UK and love the coast so we booked a pub with rooms online in Dorset and jumped in the car. It was Friday night and a 3h drive, so we got to the pub just in time for a beer before heading off to bed. We had no plans for the the next day, maybe a walk on the beach and some fish and chips.

We woke up a bit late and went down stairs for some breakfast. We got chatting to the owner of the pub who said he was getting ready for a really busy day as it was the local summer festival in the village and they were fully booked.

Sam loves a village festival and googled it to see what was on. She laughed and yelped with joy when she saw that there would be lots of morris dancers coming to the village.

If you don’t know, morris dancing is an old English tradition where people dress up in mainly white and have bells on their legs and hit sticks as they dance in a village square. Really strange, look it up to believe it. I find it all a bit boring but Sam loves watching them.

We got dressed, Sam who is 38 put on a lovely summer dress that fits her like a glove. It shows off her size 10 figure really well. She has an hour glass figure with a nice round arse. The dress material was thin and you could make out her panty line in the right light which i loved. She put on her best knickers, lacy g-string and a bra to match. We then headed out into the village.

It was getting busy and we grabed some lunch and a beer. We made our way round all the stalls. The morris dancing started and Sam grabbed me and ran to watch them. Morris dancing mainly consists of a lot of older men who love their beer, they are out of shape with big bellies. Looking round the age range was 55 to over 70 years. Most were in their 60’s. We spent too long looking at these old people dancing but Sam has always loved the tradition. After a few hours we left and went for a walk.

We came back to the pub at about 7pm and we walked into a packed bar. To Sam’s excitment it was full with morris dancers all dressed in their costumes. We ordered drinks and managed to find a couple of chairs at a table. The men were at the bar laughing and drinking after a hard day dancing. When we finished our drinks Sam jumped up and said, “lets have another one”. Before I could say anything she was pushing her way through the men to the bar. Sam is really out going and chats to people all the time. When the old timers saw a young women trying to get to the bar they made room for her. She started to chat to them as i knew she would. I could see her laughing and touching their bells. It took her ages to get the drinks. She came over to the table, put my beer in front of me and said, “just going to carry on talking to this lot, they are a laugh. Do you know they have come all the way from Cornwall for this festival and are all stsying in the pub. I love this shit”. With that she turned and went back in to the crowed. I thought ih fuck that is her gone for an hour or more. Bloody typical. I sat in the corner slowly drinking my beer. I had trouble seeing where she was and every now and then i got a glimpse of her with a drink in her hand. It looked like they were buying her drinks. After an hour or more she came back to me, “they are such a laugh, they keep buying me drinks, really interesting people. I feel a bit pissed hun”.

I said, “shall we head off to bed then?”.

She said, “noooo, they are loving me. Pete wants to show me some morris dancing moves”. She turned and went into the pack of old men again.

Section 2

Fucking hell, its been another hour. I see Sam heading to the toilet. About 5 mins later, I see one of the main old men she has been talking to head to the toilet as well. He is over 60, i guess probably 62 ish. I don’t think anything of it.

After another 30 mins i am really getting pissed off. I have been sat by myself all evening. When Sam comes back we are going to bed.

She eventually comes back to the bar and heads to me. She sits down. She is pissed and is slurring her words. She puts her hands on my knees and looks at me, “you know I like older men right. Well I like Pete”. She smiles at me and slouches back. “Really” I say, “there is older and then there is too old hun. Also they are dressed like idiots”.

“I fucking love that”, says Sam.

I look at the bar and I see the one she has been talking to, I assume he is Pete, pull something out of his pocket to show his mates. It takes me few seconds and then I realise, he has my wifes g-string in his hand. What the fuck.

“Sam, why the fuck has Pete got your knickers in his pocket”.

“Oh, yeah, he let me touch his bells, so I gave him my knickers”. She laughs, “he also gave me a creampie”.

“What did you say”, I must have miss heard.

“He shagged me in the garden, his bells were ringing, it was so funny”.

With that I put my hand up her dress. No knickers and her pussy was sticky.

“You let Pete fuck you, why?”. I was getting really pissed off.

“Think it is the bells and costume hun, I couldn’t help it”.

I got up, pulled Sam to her feet and started to drag her up to our room.

We had a massive argument and Sam ran off down the street. She was really drunk and I had had enough of her so I let her go and stormed off to our room.

I woke up at 2am turned over and thought Sam would be there but she wasn’t. Fuck, fuck ,fuck. Now I have to go and find her, probably passed out in a field somewhere.

I spent 30 mins walking round the village looking for her but couldn"t find her. I headed back to the pub thinking we must have missed each other. As I walked along the corridor to our room, I hear bloody bells coming from another room. I stop and listen. I moved closer to the door and put my ear to it. I hear Sam moaning and the rhythmic sound of bells ringing. I bang on the door but no one answers. I bang agian. The door opens and a old man, 60 ish, says “fuck off, we are practicing our morris dancing”.

I try to look in and get a brief glimps of a wowen on the bed completely naked. I cannot make her out as Sam. All I see is two morris dancers holding one leg each, spreading them wide, each leg has a set of bells on it and another old man has his trousers round his ankles. His white arse is thrusting in and out of the women which is making the bells ring. There is at least 6 men in the room. The door slames in my face. I bang and bang again but no one answers. I head back to our room where there is no sign of Sam.

I stay up until 4.30am. Then I hear bells again, they are get louder and louder until they stop outside our door. Then there is a knock at the door. I open the door and see Sam standing there. Her dress is on backwards with the zip down so one breast, which is flushed red, is hanging out. It looks like her breast has been gropped hard all night. As I look down I see that the bells are still round her ankles and as she sways from left to right in front of me, cum starts to drip from up her dress onto the floor. Not just a bit but drip after drip.

“Fucking hell Sam, get in here”. She doesn’t say a word, walks to the bed, lays down and passes out.

I stand over her, looking at the state she is in. She opens one eye and says, “I love morris dancing”. Then she is out again.

I lift off her dress and look her up and down, her pussy is so wet. Cum keeps coming out. Oh man, i start feeling horny at the site of her. I put a towel under her arse and leave her to sleep.

She wakes up late as you would expect and rolls over and looks into my eyes, “I fucked so many old men last night. I honestly couldn’t stop doing it”.

“How many?” I ask.

“I don’t know, more than 5 but less than 10. Some took ages to cum, that is why I was gone so long, sorry hun but they all wanted to finish in me”.

Sam got up and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I picked up the towel which was heavy with glistening sperm and chucked it in the shower with her.

We got home and a couple of days later Sam recounted the night, we got horny and fucked, she still had cum in her which made me slip in and out with ease.

No more watching morris dancers for a while for us.

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