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Let me start by pointing out that we’re a happily married couple in our early 50’s who have enjoyed the lifestyle for almost 20 years now. We’ve had an active and open sexual connection from the very beginning and role playing eventually led to us taking it to the next level.

There have been many people share in our fun over the years, both singles and couples although adding a single male has been the predominant theme. I love watching her being fucked and she loves showing off for me, this has led to many many rewarding encounters for the both of us.

After many years of exploring 3some fun with an extra man joining in to tag team my wife we’d become quite comfortable with this dynamic. Many of our sessions continue to be enjoyed with an old high school friend of mine who my wife chose as our first mfm partner. The fact he is married, and a really nice guy helps provide a safe and comfortable fit for this kind of play.

The occasional rub, touch or mild contact between us guys that goes along with 3 people romping sexually grew with each play date as we developed our own comfort level. There was never anything said nor any uncomfortable issues as we were just grateful for the opportunity to share my wife so thoroughly.

The focus of play was always on giving her total pleasure and whenever she asked for anything we eagerly fulfilled her requests. So when she wanted me to eat her pussy while he fucked her I thought nothing of it as the added stimulation was sure to enhance her pleasure considerably. Over the next few dates we tried many different positions and I made every effort to suck her clit and nibble her lips while he fucked her pussy.

Of course I would end up licking his shaft every once in a while but as it pleased her so much I simply put it off as part of the cost of satisfying my wife in this manner. She had many intense orgasms which of course led us to making this a regular part of our fun, little did I know that the reason she came so much was only partly due to my sucking on her clit.

The more we made her cum like this the more she seemed to want it, and the more intensely she would cum. Many a time she’d be thrashing about so much that his cock would end up slipping out of her pussy and briefly into my mouth or rubbing against my face. I’d place it back inside of her and carry on eating her pussy but damned if it didn’t keep happening, sometimes his cock would end up in my mouth a dozen times or more before she came repeatedly and intensely.

This fun soon became a staple of our sessions and regardless of who was fucking her and who was sucking on her pussy it didn’t matter, somehow the cock kept slipping out of her pussy and into a warm mouth (usually mine).

When she began asking me if his cock actually went into my mouth or not and if I minded, it became clear that she’d been doing it on purpose and this was what had her so excited. When I admitted to having sucked him briefly on many of these occasions her eyes lit up and she pressed for more details. I explained that it was no big deal as we have shared in many different types of pleasure over the years, and if his cock slipped into my mouth once in a while I wasn’t going to make a big deal over it.

Well apparently she took this as a green light to create more of these “accidents” and now when it happened she would position herself to force his cock into my mouth and hold it there for as long as possible. At first I resisted and pulled my head away but her response was to quickly slip it right back into my mouth seconds later.

Rather than trying to avoid the inevitable I just held it in my mouth, then after a while I’d hold it in my mouth and lick the head a few times. Then I began to actually suck on it while licking the head, this led to me keeping it in longer and longer before I’d replace it inside of her.

Soon I began sucking on it with tentative strokes and licking it all over without hesitation, it felt nice and firm and smooth in my mouth as I explored all the ridges and curves. Then something happened that changed the way I approached these convenient accidents, something that struck a chord deep inside of me.

She was laying on top of me in a 69 position while he fucked her doggy-style, I’m sucking on her clit and watching his cock sliding in and out of her up close and personal. I’m licking his shaft and then his balls every time he buries himself deep inside of her, they’re both enjoying the feel of my tongue on their parts judging by the sound and sight of the action.

Suddenly she shifts and slips his cock out of her pussy and right into my mouth, he doesn’t break stride and keeps on fucking away as if nothing happened!! Truth is that his cock felt so wonderful that I didn’t mind it all that much.

Problem is I’m pinned beneath her and unable to move an inch as he stuffs his cock in and out of my mouth, the head keeps teasing my throat and gagging me slightly as he fucks my mouth over and over. She can tell from his hold on her hips and her empty pussy that he’s definitely fucking my mouth, her answer is a loud moan as this knowledge sets her off and she starts cumming all over my chest and neck. This starts a chain reaction as my buddy dumps a load of hot cum in my mouth, the feeling of being helpless to resist as his cum floods my mouth before oozing out and running down my neck is too much for me to handle.

I blow a load all over my stomach thighs and balls without even being touched, the knowledge that I’ve had my mouth fucked and used like this is shocking and yet so enjoyable that I lose my mind and load at the same time.

This is a watershed moment and I am very aware from that moment on things are going to be very very different, I know that I’d do anything to be used like this again if possible but am unsure how to express this to my wife much less my buddy. For the first time ever there’s a bit of an awkward silence afterwards as we all relax and recover, nobody says anything and we are all alone with our thoughts.

My mind races with conflicting thoughts of how wrong that was and yet how much I enjoyed it. One thing I know for sure is being used like this is something that I need to experience again, and there’s a definite need to explore my submissive side while doing so. The feeling of being helpless to resist as I sucked his cock was intoxicating and something I could easily become addicted to.

If this is an indication of the direction our lifestyle play is going in I can’t wait for our next play date, I just need to figure out how to let my wife know how badly I need more of this kind of fun.

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    You lucky man, wish i were in your shoes

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