Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

Matt came hard crying, ‘oh wow, oh wow, you are such a sexy MILF!’ I could feel each of his pulses as he release load after load of his white sticky goo into Amy’s pussy. Feeling and hearing him release and the smells of my wife’s cum I totally lost control and pushed as far as I could into Amy and exploded deep inside her. It was the most sexy and amazing experience that I had ever had.

I started to shrink and I pulled out slowly to give Amy time to adjust to the change. I watched the two of them kiss as she lay spent on top of Matt. Talk about a sexy scene! They stayed there for a few minutes as I got up and stopped the video camera

My sparkling, sexy, fully fucked, naked wife sprawled on top of another guy totally spent from the wildest sexual fantasy I ever had was a vision I would never forget. For good measure I took a picture. They heard the shudder and both looked at me and I got another picture of the both.

Amy looked up at me and said ‘I love you!’

I said ‘I love you too!’ You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.’

Matt readily agreed with ‘You are truly an amazing girl!’ I have missed you so much. Love that you can totally let go be so sexy’

She kissed him again and said with a smile, ‘I love being back in touch and hope we can do this again soon’ and slowly got up. As she stood on wobbling legs she kissed me, grabbed my cock and gently cupped my balls. I kissed her back and we hugged.

We all got cleaned up and went back to bed naked with Amy in the middle. We all went to sleep exhausted but with the biggest smile on each of our faces. I was excited to do this again soon, but wasn’t sure that my little wife could take any more this evening or the next.

More to follow………..

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