Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

I smiled, ‘I am glad that you were good with coming down and being apart of our fantasy’ With that Matt couldn’t hold another minute and let go with a final thrust and crys of release. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. Smelling my wife’s sex smells without me doing it, watching her face, the look of ecstasy, the cries of passion.

My cock was so hard just standing there watching my own personal porn show already had me pulsing and I was worried I was going to cum before I even got to feel her well fucked pussy. As I worked on not cuming just standing there Matt stayed inside Amy another minute.

As he started to shrink, his cock slid out of her bringing a large stream of cum. He flipped his cock up and his white goo landed on her exposed ass. As he got off the bed I took the camera and got a shot of my wife’s pussy as she slowly pushed a steady stream of Matt’s cum from her pussy.

I told her to please leave some in there as I had never had sloppy seconds and was looking forward to feeling what she felt like with cum insider her. I put the camera down and slowly eased myself onto the bed in between my wife’s legs.

Amy followed the same process with me as with Matt as she worked my cock up and down the length of her pussy for several seconds before turning to look at me with those fuck me eyes and black wings and said ‘Honey, please fuck your naughty little angel!’ With that she held my cock steady and slowly pushed herself backwards. I was enveloped by an extremely warm, swollen, soft, cum oozing pussy.

It was the silkiest feeling I had ever felt. I went balls deep and stayed there as I held Amy’s hips ………I enjoyed the moment with my beautiful, cute, wife on all fours with black angel wings, freshly fucked with drops of Matt’s cum on her glistening ass.

As I started move inside her, Matt came over and she took one of her hands and put it on Matt’s cock and he moved close enough so she could licked him back to full erection while I buried inside her. I felt my cock swell. I moved in and out with total abandon as I fucked her for the first time with another man’s cum leaking around my cock.

I came within a minute and left every drop of cum inside her as I plunged as deep as I could. As the passion melted from my cock, I slowly pulled out. I watched in amazement as she pushed mine and the rest of Matt’s cum out of her pussy.

I asked, ‘How do you feel honey? Are you up for a threesome tonight?

She looked back at both Matt and me and flicked her hair to the side and said ‘Absolutely, I may never get you two at the same time ever again!’ Matt and I smiled. I placed my hand on her hips and used my fingers to collect the cum from her legs and pushed it to her cute, tiny pink hole. I slipped my finger gently into her while dragging all our juices for an easy entrance.

Matt and I both helped undress Amy, and we laid the wings and outfit on the other bed. She was so beautiful and absolutely glowing with energy. Since none of the three of us had ever done a threesome before we had to work on a proper position. Amy stroked both our cocks as we talked about how to arrange this.

Amy was so beautiful as she leaned over to arrange pillows and put them at the head of the bed. She asked Matt to be the one inside her pussy so she laid him in low a sitting position on the pillows with his legs extended on the bed. As Matt complied and got comfortable Amy sat beside him in all her beauty as she rubbed and sucked his cock back to full length. The site of her bent over him sucking him totally got me going again.

Amy slowly crawled on top of Matt kneeling each knee outside his legs. I watched again as she slowly took his cock in her hands and moved it back and forth and up and down her dripping pussy. Then I watched as my wife slowly pushed Matt’s head into her wet hole and lowered herself down the rest of his cock. I heard them both sigh as their warmth met.

Amy went as far as she could and then started to move up and down slowly. She leaned down and kissed Matt as she slowly moved like she riding a horse. Matt moaned with pleasure and let his head back against the headboard. Amy kissed him deeper as I watched them move.

It was very passionate and it was like Amy and Matt were by themselves. My mind raced with the closeness and the familiar way they moved. I knew they had done this before and it was like I was intruding – not to mention this is my favorite position.

I felt a brief worry as Matt buried himself fully inside her, her being totally lost in the moment, him kissing her passionately,making her moan, cry out, making her cum, her making him cum and perhaps the most personal for me…..in this position he could smell her – all of her, her hair, her skin, her breath and all her love scents as she leaned over his face, her hair capturing her total essence.

I was truly spellbound as my wife slowly and passionately fucked Matt. They were both moaning and sighing and I started to worry that they were both going to finish before we did a threesome, which was ok with me.

Matt opened his eyes and said, ‘If we keep this up I am going to cum, get soft and we won’t be able to finish the fantasy.’ With that Amy leaned over and grabbed my cock to make sure I was ready. They slowed to nearly a stop, but Amy couldn’t stay completely still since it felt so good.

With a small adjustment she pushed her ass slightly into the air giving me access to her pink opening. I lowered myself behind her onto my knees and slowly started to rub my cock against her cute hole using some of Matt’s cum from earlier.

I was a little distracted as now I was getting a close-up of Matt buried deep inside my wife. It was exhilarating to finally see this happening up close. What a site! It’s amazing to have a personal porno session starring your wife!! I took my fingers and captured fresh juices from thei recent love making and rubbed more on her pink little hole.

I inserted my cock, very slowly. Amy let out a little cry into Matt’s ear as she had never felt this before. I waited to let her get used to my presence along with Matt’s and then slid in further. She gasped again, but then sighed as I finished inserting all of my length into her.

Here we were in an all out threesome. I felt her tense and then I felt something else. It was a pulsing feeling and Matt said he was wondering if we could feel him moving inside her pussy. We both said yes and laughed.

Amy wanted me to stay stationary, so Matt started to slowly move his cock in and out. She moaned in pleasure and leaned further into Matt so that soon they were embracing and my cock was moving in and out from their movement.

Amy cried with pleasure and said, ‘Please fuck me, please fuck me boys…..Fuck me! Please fuck me gentle but don’t stop!’

Matt picked up his pace and said, ‘This is amazing, you feel fucking amazing Amy’

She smiled and with limited breath said, ‘Keep moving boys, keep moving’. I slowly plunged deeper and Amy got really quiet for several thrusts. I couldn’t see her face, but thought that she might be close.

My wife came hard with a cry, ‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!’. She stiffened, then squirted more than I had ever seen.

Amy moaned, vibrated and begged, ‘Please cum in me now boys, please, oh please fill me up, now!’ She actually started to be the one fucking her boys. She moved more and more on each of our cocks and soon I felt him swelling inside her. She slowed her movement and as he pushed himself all the way inside her, Amy straightened further giving him deeper access.

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