Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

Amy was ready to get started again so she went digging in the bag. She found the wings and immediately laid out the black pair with a lacey black outfit. She said I’ll be right back and headed to the bathroom.

I asked Matt if he cared if we taped another home video and he said that would be great as long as it was only between the 3 of us and he wanted a copy as well. With that he handed me a copy of their romp 15 years earlier.

I couldn’t wait to see it so we opened my laptop, inserted the card and played the 10 minute video. Amy looked beautiful and Matt was quite the stud. It ended with him cumming in Amy. With the finale I was ready for the fun to begin. I thanked him for the movie and setup the video camera.

A few minutes later Amy opened the door and stepped out. The boy’s jaws both dropped as we looked at my hot wife and her wings. Amy was stunning in heels as she slowly walked toward us with those fuck me eyes that she had bragged to the both of us about perfecting in college.

We couldn’t move as she circled us and as she got close she gave me a crazy passionate kiss and asked if Matt and I liked her outfit. We both nodded and she planted a raging jealous kiss on Matt’s lips with tongue and a sexy grab of his crotch. She slowly unbuttoned Matt’s shirt and sucked both his tits making him moan. She came to me and repeated her moves.

She left us both breathing heavily and walked over to the bag and took out the vibrator. She was so wet she didn’t need to lube up. She slowly walked back to Matt and me and started to undo his belt and pants. She let them fall to his ankles and he wiggled out of his shoes and stepped out of his pants leaving a small pile of clothes on the floor and standing in just his underwear.

I was next and she quickly stepped to me and had my shorts at my ankles before I knew what was going on. With each hand she tugged my underwear down and turned to Matt and yanked his underwear off of him with a quick 2 hand pull. With both the boys naked she grabbed both our cocks and squeezed. I looked over at Matt and he was huge.

I looked back and noticed that I was leaking precum with anticipation. She got down on her knees and obliged our guest first by licking Matt. She then took his cock head and wrapped her wonderful lips and tongued his tip. As she got more into it she started to take him in her mouth. As his cock disappeared further and futher in her mouth until she had all of him in her mouth.

His cock head had to be more than 2 inches down her throat. I watched as Matt relaxed knowing he had bottomed out. Amy felt Matt’s cock head hit the back of her throat and swell every time she moved her tongue. She could smell his musk as her nose was buried against his skin. She pleasured Matt for another 30 seconds and as he removed his cock from her lips,

Amy smacked them with obvious pleasure at tasting Matt’s cock and precum. She looked up and told both of us how much fun it was to have two guys all to herself. She started sucking on Matt again while rubbing her other hand between her legs and the other up and down my hard cock.

I can’t describe how hot it is to see your wife with another mans dick in her hand and mouth while jerking with the other on your cock. I was doing everything I could not to cum right then and there.

She continued a few more minutes with his cock and as it started to swell with release she stopped, smiled at Matt knowingly and started to suck me. Matt went to the camera to make sure it was still recording and centered the shot on the bed.

Matt came back and we both said it was Amy’s turn. She kneeled on the bed and Matt kissed her passionately. As they kissed I took the vibrator and slowly pushed it against the lace between her legs. As Amy and Matt broke their kiss I moved my lips to her right breast.

Matt went to her left breast and we both started sucking and gently biting her tiny pink tits. They are perfect and perk up when she is turned on. She took the vibrator and held it between her legs as Matt and I licked, sucked and bit her nipples and breasts.

As she slowly moved the vibrator over her clit she begged to be fucked so I told Matt to put her on her knees so she could keep her wings on and I would film them together first.

Matt asked me if it was ok for him to take her remaining clothes off. I told him sure, but to please leave the wings. Matt approached Amy, got on his knees between her legs and with his teeth grabbed the croch of her soaked lace bottoms and tugged them down to her ankles.

She stepped out of her panties and stood there for her boys to lust after. The camera filled with her completely bottomless body and wings on top. She spun around and around and Matt and I both exclaimed at her beauty. She had just trimmed her pussy so we could see her lips glisten with her wetness as she spun and a small amount of her wetness started down the inside of her thigh.

She had also powdered herself with glitter powder so she sparkled with every turn. She slowed, sighed that sexy sigh and slowly crawled on the bed with her cute ass in the air, black wings on her back and then wiggled as she welcomed our cocks a treat for the night…… and to rock her world. Her glistening pussy was so inviting and beautiful.

I was spellbound as I watched Matt with his huge cock slowly get on the bed and get on his knees. His cock was hard as it approached my black-winged, naughty, angelic wife. As he slowly worked up toward the head of the bed Amy’s pussy got closer and closers to his hard cock.

Soon he had worked his way all the way between her legs. As this happened time slowed. Amy reached between her legs and grabbed Matt’s cock and slowly worked it along the length of her pussy. Up and down his long, thick shaft went.

Soon she had him between her pussy lips and started to moan in pleasure. Then Matt moaned as he felt her warmth and wetness and I swear he grew even bigger as she slowly moved his cock on her slit.

Amy turned to me, smiled and said, ‘Are you sure Honey? I know we have already fucked once today, but want to make sure you are ok watching Matt take me again’

I whispered, ‘Absolutely Baby’

She said, ‘Here we go Baby’ and with that she slowly lined up Matt’s cock to her entrance. She watched me intently and smiled as she held Matt steady and slowly leaned back on her knees. I saw her make a little ‘O’ with her mouth and a sigh escape her lips as Matt’s head and the rest of his cock slowly slid into my wife sweet pussy.

They both moaned as her warmth engulfed all his length. As Matt grabbed her hips I could see his balls crushed against her ass and I knew he was buried as deep as he could go. I heard Amy whimper a bit as he was bigger than me and in that position a cock has very deep access to her most private parts. Matt stayed there for a few a seconds to let Amy get comfortable before he continued.

Matt started slowly with his hands on Amy’s hips. He increased speed as Amy moaned and signed in ecstasy. She lowered her head to the pillows and in a few minutes.

Amy’s cried, ‘Yessss, yesss’. I knew that was her cum cry.

She yelled ‘Please fuck me harder, please fuck, Matt please fuck me!’ Matt increased speed and started to really pound her. Amy went quiet and I could hear her wet pussy and smelled the familiar smell of her cum.

Matt said, ‘I love that she has learned how to let herself go and cum. It’s so amazing to be with her again’

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