Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

Amy still had her work dress on and Matt quickly turned her over face down, laid her across the bed and pulled her dress up. He smiled as he saw she was still wearing G-strings which offered little obstruction to their desire. He had been waiting to get inside her for more than and month and he quickly unzipped and dropped his pants. He asked ‘Are your sure’ and she said ‘Please, now!’

She felt her legs spread, the G-string move and a familiar cock slip easily into her soaking pussy. She moaned as she gave in and felt him bury himself completely insider her. He paused to enjoy her warmth and let her get used to his cock. She turned her head and kissed Matt as he started to slowly move in and out. She could feel his desperation to take her with every movement.

Amy lifted her head and watched as Matt’s body became familiar all over again. She was taken with desire and moaned ‘Yes, yes, fuck me!’ with every thrust. As he continued to move with perfect rhythm she caught up with herself and realized she was in Matt’s room with him taking her from behind.

This really is happening she realized…..its not us in a story or a fleeting through……..Suddenly it was overwhelmingly sexy and daring and flirty. A little guilt realizing it wasn’t her husband, and a thrill. She immediately reconciled that this was all ok with her husband and with that realization she let her thoughts fall away and felt warm feelings flooding her pussy.

As Matt continued his perfectly predictable thrusts she felt his cock deep inside her. His balls hitting her clit every time he completed a thrust. Her brain was so shorted out that she quickly felt the pressure come on quick and strong – this was going to be a huge cum.

As Matt bottomed out again in perfect time Amy couldn’t hold out any longer and cried out ‘Oh, Fuck, oh Fuck yeah. Please fuck me hard, now!’ She tensed and had the biggest cum she ever experienced. She continued to pulse more liquid as he continued to pound her with the same rhythm.

Matt could smell her wetness, lost his concentration, rhythm and increased his speed. As he did, Amy flashed back to the many times Matt had lost himself inside her and suddenly knew his moans and could feel that familar swell inside her.

She cried ‘Please cum inside me Matt, please!’. It totally turned Matt on to hear her beg to be fucked and for him to cum inside her. As the full realization he was fucking Amy again after all these years he felt the pressure build beyond the breaking point and totally lost his rhythm as he desperately rammed himself into her.

Amy heard him first….an old familar sigh Matt cried “Oh fuck, oh fuck Amy, you feel so so good” then she felt him push deep, swell up incredibly large and hold. As Matt lay buried balls deep he pulsed cum inside her. She finally let herself relax for the first time of the day. Matt stayed hard for several minutes as he slowly lowered himself on top of her back.

He took in her smell, touched her hair, the side of her face and whispered in her ear. He stayed a moment more and as he slowly removed his cock he drained sticky white cum between her legs and as he pulled himsef up cum dribbled on her ass. They laid in each other’s arms kissing and touching for a few more minutes enjoying the smells and sensations of a long overdue fuck.

Amy reached down and felt his now soft, warm cock and gave his head a kiss and then pulled him into her mouth. She deep throated him twice just as a tease and noticed he was quickly getting hard. She let him fall off her lips, looked up and smiled. Matt got up.

As he lifted up a long stream of cum flowed from his cock to the bed. She grabbed the stream, twirled it on her finger. She tongued her finger, put it in her mouth and with a grin swallowed. He moaned as he went to shower to get ready for the night. If Amy had her way she wouldn’t leave the room.

While Matt was in the shower Amy wiped her inner thighs. It took 3 separate grabs of tissues to clean most of the moisture between her legs. It seemed every time she moved some of their cum would leak from her freshly fucked pussy.

She smiled at the thought of having Matt again and checked herself out. She was a little red but not swollen so she knew she could take a lot more of Matt ….. and soon. She finished cleaning up and went to the bathroom.

After Amy freshened up she texted me about her brief but intense introduction and I replied I couldn’t wait to hear all about it. She said I wouldn’t believe how much wetness she had. She dressed in her tight sexy black dress, heels with no underwear.

Matt kissed her neck and lips and explored her slim body with his hands while she ground against his jeans-covered hardening cock. Amy could feel her wetness kick in again and they almost didn’t get out of the hotel but they were both hungry from their day and recent bedroom activities and decided they should eat dinner and have a few drinks.

Talk was easy and they caught up the last 15 years. As the meal progressed they drank a few cocktails and Matt couldn’t keep his hands off of Amy under the table. I got a text around 8:30 saying she needed me to come get her since she had too much to drink and hadn’t brought night clothes. I jokingly replied that it sounded like she wouldn’t need any if the night went like her description of the afternoon.

Hoping that we would be invited to stay the night at his hotel I had already had gotten a bag ready with her favorite sweats and a few of her new Victoria secret outfits and her set of white wings as well as the black ones. I wasn’t sure which Victoria Secret angel, black or white, this evening and I didn’t really care since it was clear she was having a ball.

However, I think I was secretly hoping for the black wings since she was already behaving so naughty and sexy and we had talked about getting a little wild tonight if things worked out. Amy is so hot in skin, black lace and feathers! I threw in the video camera in anticipation of an Amy and Matt sequel and her favorite pink vibrator.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Matt’s hotel. While I was driving, Matt and Amy finished dinner and had one more round of drinks. Amy was really feeling good and Matt was too. I pulled in, parked, grabbed the overnight bag and tried to get the pressure relieved in my wet croch. As I walked into the lobby Amy and Matt walked arm in arm. Amy looked so incredibly fuckable and hot! I was so proud to have such a hot wife.

There is something very basic about wanting to fuck your wife after you know she’s had a good fucking by another guy. I could smell the sweet smell of cocktails on both of them as I approached. I introduced myself to Matt and shook his hand. I made out the faint scent of sex from Amy when she gave me a hug and planted a passionate kiss on my lips.

She said, ‘It’s about time, I’ve been busy while you were away’. I was instantly hard.

I said, ‘Looks like you guys have had a great evening!’

Matt said, ‘I couldn’t be better. Thanks for such a wonderful evening! Amy is incredible and I can’t believe that this is really happening’

I said, ‘Amy and I are so glad that you were able to come to Houston. I can’t wait to see you two together. Amy has had nothing but wonderful memories of your times together and its such a turn on to us both when we are playing around in the bed.’

Matt smiled, ‘I am happy to oblige such an incredible evening with the two of you!’

Amy quiped, ‘I am so ready to get laid by my two favoritest guys in the whole world…..stop talking already and lets get to the room’

I asked, ‘Matt are you ok with us staying the night?’

Matt replied, ‘It would be my pleasure’ I smiled and Amy grabbed both our hands and lead us back to Matt’s room where I laid the bag on the bed. It was like we were old friends. We poured some port and passed the glasses around abd talked and laughed about the Cowboys and Texans.

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