Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

The next thing I know I hear a noise and turn my head to the side and the is Matt’s roomate, totally naked and pleasuring himself. Matt didn’t let up and I didn’t want it to stop, so the roomate continued to work himself and I turned back to my good fucking. His roomate didn’t ask for a blow job or quickie, but it felt so good to be watched during wild sex.’

All this discussion got me ready to go again. But we were both tired and we drifted off to sleep with wet sheets, bodies and me with an extra hard cock, leaking with thoughs about my Amy and her wild past.

The next day Amy asked again if I was ok with her contacting Matt. She said she had a hard time getting to sleep with wild and crazy thoughts of a threesome with two of her favorite guys.

I said ‘Absolutely!’.

She said ‘There is no going back after I get the courage and make my offer to Matt.’

I said ‘Lead the charge and I will be right behind you all the way.’

She smiled a mischevious smile, crinkled up her nose, gave me a big kiss and said ‘Yey, I will friend him on Facebook and get in touch with him soon!’

It took her a few days to get it all straight in her head and gather up the courage. It had been years. Later that week she nervously held her phone as she dialed Matt’s number. When he picked up she had a flood of memories from their many adventures.

She hadn’t talked with him in over 15 years. She said ‘Hi this is Amy from 15 years ago’. He was very happy to hear from her and they exchanged greetings and news about each other’s work and family life. As they talked they recalled several trips and job ventures they shared and clearly he remembered with pleasure their time together.

Amy couldn’t quite think how to bring sex up, so she decided direct was the best route. After chit chat and catch up about old friends and work history Amy shyly asked if Matt remembers traveling on the job and if he recalled the time they taped one of their rumbles in the bed.

He laughed and said he had never thrown the home video away. Matt told her it was his only home video like it and she said her too. He told her how he had used it for his own pleasure many times since they filmed it but not recently.

She explained that she and I had discussed it several times and wondered if we could have it or make a copy. He laughed said sure, he would try to locate it and would make a copy since he wasn’t willing to part with the original. She sensed he was smiling about the memory and fun they had.

She teasingly said ‘Hey, it would be fun to make another video with you.’

Matt laughed and said ‘What about your husband. Is he ok with us making a sequel?’

She said ‘We are happily married but have talked for years about playing around with another guy and that your name is at the top of the list for a sharing fantasy.’

He said ‘I am flattered! Just what all have you guys discussed?’ Amy went on to describe our stories and even told him that she had figured out how to squirt when she came – that really got his attention.

Matt said ‘I have to experience that!’

She laughed ‘Are you coming to Houston anytime soon?

He replied ‘Not in the near future, but I will try to work that into my travel schedule. I would love to be with you again, especially if we can record it.’

With all the hot sex talk my wife started to feel the familiar heat between her legs at the thought of seeing him again. They finished the call with promises to be back in touch soon. She hung up and immediately called me.

I asked ‘How was your call with Matt?

She said ‘I need to fuck you right now! I am so turned on!’

I replied ‘Sounds like a very good call indeed’ and smiled.

We talked more about it over the next several weeks and got more and more excited about having someone she knew, especially Matt, join us in bed. She was a little nervous about how the two guys would be in the same bed with her, but I told her I was comfortable with naked bodies but have no desire to mess with a guy at all.

I also pointed out that based on our pillow talk you remember what Matt looks and feels like. She smiled and the worry faded away as we both agreed that we didn’t see any reason we couldn’t work out anything that popped up while we were playing. We went a little further and discussed boundaries and discovered that pretty much everything but pain would be a great experience. I was crazy turned on about even the thought of this happening.

A month and half passed and one afternoon she received a call from Matt on her way home from work. He told her he had found the tape after searching through several attic boxes and had made an electronic copy on an SD card so we could keep it. He said he could send it or deliver it personally next month since he had business in Houston.

My wife nearly ran off the road at the news but was definitely prepared for this type of choice.

She replied ‘I expect you to deliver it personally.

She teasingly added ‘ You will be well compensated for your effort.’

Matt laughed and said, ‘Can’t wait to see you and meet your husband among a host of other things!’ They talked for her entire commute.

She came through the door positively glowing that night. I knew something big had happened but had to wait until the kids were in their beds to hear. I came in the bedroom and she ran from our bathroom, threw her arms around me and blurted ‘Matt found the tape, made a copy and is coming to Houston next month…..he wants to meet to give it to us!’

I replied with a huge smile, ‘Wow, that’s great!’

Amy and I talked more about her conversation and what her thoughts were. She was worried since the last time she was naked in front of Matt was in her twenties and pre-kids. (Have I mentioned she is still hot and only 100 pounds).

I told her she was crazy and recounted how many guys heads she turns every time we go out. She never notices! She finally stopped worrying and I peeled her clothes off to reveal her beautiful body.

When I got to her panties, they were soaked.

I teasingly said “You are so wet – this idea has you so hot!’

She replied ‘I have never been with 2 guys at the same time before.’

‘Reach down and feel my reaction….”

I was hard as a rock with the recent news. I got the vibrator and she held it steady between her legs. Instead of reading a SLS story I started telling her one about how the meeting with Matt was going to play out.

The day had finally come, Matt was in town. He called to tell Amy he had arrived and where he was staying. Earlier she and I talked about just her meeting up with him at first so she could get comfortable seeing him after fifteen years. I thought that this might go smoother, so she had already planned for her to meet him and go out that evening. She packed a short black dress and high heels. After a grueling day at work she debated about changing at work,

but decided against it and called M and told him she was on her way and would change at his place. He said that sounded great and he couldn’t wait to see her. She felt a little warm spot in her panties and little light-headed.

Amy arrived at the hotel and nervously approached Matt’s room and knocked. He opened the door and smiled as Amy gave him a full hug. He reached down and gave her a kiss that quickly turned passionate. Amy melted at his touch and smell.

They disconnected and worked their way into Matt’s room. Amy put her bags on the bed and before they hit the bedspread Matt spun her around and she completely gave in to his embrace and kisses. The years vanished as Matt was totally consumed by desire and so was Amy.

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