Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers  4.9/5 (22)

My wife and I have been previously married and are in our 40s. We have 4 kids so our “us” time is quite limited. Amy is a short, cute, dark haired, pixie and very hot at 5 foot and 100 pounds. I am 5 foot 8 and in reasonable shape at 150 pounds. We have a ton of fun reading stories on SLS about others’ adventures with voyeurism and adding a guy(s) to their sex-life occasionally for a little extra fun.

Our discussions into more adventurous sex started a few years ago when we talked about taking a trip to the Desire Resort in Mexico. We hadn’t researched a “sexy” vacation ever and wanted a place for my wife to go topless (I like to show her off).

The Desire Resort fit the bill for a topless beach and then some. As our interest grew we read through the Desire Resort forums and it started additional discussion about some of our wilder fantasies. The resort atmosphere encourages more than just topless beaches.

It’s primarily a swingers resort, but they welcome those that just want to show off and or dabble in the Lifestyle. The more we read stories about couples that had been and how the resort has an open environment to explore new experiences the more exciting our personal sexual fantasies became.

We are very comfortable with each other and since our first visit to the Desire Forum pages we have talked many times about picking up a guy(s) while we are out for a date night, but we never have followed through.

In fact its been a turn on when she leans over when we are out and says ‘What about the bartender?’ or ‘The waiter is cute, should we take him back?’ She certainly grabs the attention of many of the guys so finding an additional partner wouldn’t be difficult.

Occasionally she has expressed concerns about picking up a stranger since the guy would be an unknown. So we started to talk about other alternatives. I asked ‘would it be easier or more comfortable for you to sleep with an old boyfriend?’ She liked that idea better since she had already been with them and immediately mentioned several possibilities.

She admitted that these were guys she couldn’t trust herself to not jump into bed with if she ran into them again. Of course that really got me excited. A few were local ex-lovers that could be a long term sharing arrangement. The benefits would be we could develop a relationship and really explore several fantasies over time, but we don’t want to get too emotionally involved with another guy.

So we started talking about ex-lovers that we could travel to visit or them come to us. When we talked through more names there was one that really turned her crank for this type of experience – she really liked him a long time ago and continued to sleep with him after their breakup but at the time they couldn’t work it out.

The following story details our encounter with Matt, my wife’s former lover………..

Amy and I had been drinking one evening and we went to bed early for a little fooling around. Amy got out her favorite vibrator and my egg for some personal stimulation. We started to read about a couple going to a college reunion and the wife hooking up with an old boyfriend for a very memorable evening. As I read the story I commented to Amy that this type of hookup would be so much fun.

She obviously liked the idea and came on the spot. Oh yeah, Amy has recently discovered that she can squirt when she comes……this drives me crazy! As we continued our love-making session, she agreed it would be a fun and exciting thing to do, particularly with a former lover.

With that thought I slid my hard cock between her silky thighs. I plunged deep as she let out a moan. As I moved slowly and pressed into her naked chest I whispered in her ear “which was your favorite lover and what was the best sex?”

She moaned and whispered back that Matt was definitely the guy and they had really great sex on their first date. They were so hot for each other that they couldn’t wait to get back to his place to fuck, so he ripped her underwear and took her on the back of his RX-7 in a parking lot in Phoenix. I immediately got harder thinking about her being seduced and fucked in a public place for the first time by Matt.

She said they finished and as he pulled out she had a glob of cum running down her leg. As I imagined her against his RX-7 and then her lying in bed with him later I was more turned on that ever and I could feel that building pressure between my legs. I didn’t want to come yet as I wanted to get her to confirm her desire.

As I continued to thrust I asked if she would like to have him inside her again? She and I exchanged whispers of what she would do with Matt and she started moaning gently ‘yes, yes’.

Can Matt undress you? – ‘yes, yes!’

Will strip and then put on you wear sexy lingerie and angel wings – ‘yes, yes!’

Will you let Matt rip your clothes off while I watch? – ‘yes, yes’ and with that she started to shutter and I felt her tense. The big question I was needing, wanting to hear answered was next……the ultimate turn on

Would you let Matt cum inside you? – ‘yessss, yesss!’, and with that I felt her release and get immediately wet between her legs. I could only hold out a couple more thrusts as I pictured her completely naked and Matt slowly pulling out of her spilling his and her cum across her tummy. I groaned as I released my cum deep insider her and collapsed.

A few minutes later and after we were out of the heat of the moment we started talking about our final exchange. Amy asked if I were serious about sharing her and I said it depends on who the guy was but absolutely with the right guy(s).

She expressed her concern about feeling guilty about being with someone besides me and I told her as long as we were in agreement and she thought she would be ok that she shouldn’t feel guilty. For this to work out, Amy has to be ok. She is the love of my life and I don’t want her to have anything but wonderful memories of us whether the 2 of us or more.

She grinned and said I love your dirty stories and love the fantasy but not sure what reality would be like. We chatted for a few more minutes and I told her the first time would always be the most apprehensive and that we need to keep comminicating before, during and after the experience to make sure we stayed ok and her feeling bad left in check.

I asked if she felt bad about hooking up with Matt after they broke up and she smiled and said ‘No’.

A few mintutes later her worry faded and with a gleam in her eye she said ‘I still have Matt’s number. I am sure you u guys would get along. In fact, I think he wwould love to meet you, especially if he gets a chance to be with me again.’ She gave me that fuck me look and continued ‘I am interested in giving it a go if you are supportive.’

My thoughts were racing and I got a big grin on my face and replied ‘I can’t think of a more sexy fantasy than you and me with Matt for this experience.’ With that answer she broke into a huge grin and laughed.

I asked ‘What are you smiling about?’

She replied “Well, just so happens that this discussion brought back some old rather sexy memories.’ (She never forgets anything!)

‘This one time I was little drunk and I stripped naked on Matt’s front porch.’

I had never heard this one before and I was totally getting into her sharing more about her adventures. “and….you look like you have another story’

She said ‘One time Matt and I had been out at a club and returened to Matt’s apartment. We couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom and eneded up striping in the living room and throwing me on the couch. Matt spread me and entered me with passion and I got lost in the moment.

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