Wife & I With A Very Special Ex Of Hers

Section 1

My wife and I have been previously married and are in our 40s. We have 4 kids so our “us” time is quite limited. Amy is a short, cute, dark haired, pixie and very hot at 5 foot and 100 pounds. I am 5 foot 8 and in reasonable shape at 150 pounds. We have a ton of fun reading stories on SLS about others' adventures with voyeurism and adding a guy(s) to their sex-life occasionally for a little extra fun. Our discussions into more adventurous sex started a few years ago when we talked about taking a trip to the Desire Resort in Mexico. We hadn’t researched a “sexy” vacation ever and wanted a place for my wife to go topless (I like to show her off). The Desire Resort fit the bill for a topless beach and then some. As our interest grew we read through the Desire Resort forums and it started additional discussion about some of our wilder fantasies. The resort atmosphere encourages more than just topless beaches. It’s primarily a swingers resort, but they welcome those that just want to show off and or dabble in the Lifestyle. The more we read stories about couples that had been and how the resort has an open environment to explore new experiences the more exciting our personal sexual fantasies became. We are very comfortable with each other and since our first visit to the Desire Forum pages we have talked many times about picking up a guy(s) while we are out for a date night, but we never have followed through. In fact its been a turn on when she leans over when we are out and says ‘What about the bartender?’ or ‘The waiter is cute, should we take him back?’ She certainly grabs the attention of many of the guys so finding an additional partner wouldn’t be difficult. Occasionally she has expressed concerns about picking up a stranger since the guy would be an unknown. So we started to talk about other alternatives. I asked ‘would it be easier or more comfortable for you to sleep with an old boyfriend?’ She liked that idea better since she had already been with them and immediately mentioned several possibilities. She admitted that these were guys she couldn’t trust herself to not jump into bed with if she ran into them again. Of course that really got me excited. A few were local ex-lovers that could be a long term sharing arrangement. The benefits would be we could develop a relationship and really explore several fantasies over time, but we don’t want to get too emotionally involved with another guy. So we started talking about ex-lovers that we could travel to visit or them come to us. When we talked through more names there was one that really turned her crank for this type of experience - she really liked him a long time ago and continued to sleep with him after their breakup but at the time they couldn’t work it out. The following story details our encounter with Matt, my wife’s former lover……….. Amy and I had been drinking one evening and we went to bed early for a little fooling around. Amy got out her favorite vibrator and my egg for some personal stimulation. We started to read about a couple going to a college reunion and the wife hooking up with an old boyfriend for a very memorable evening. As I read the story I commented to Amy that this type of hookup would be so much fun. She obviously liked the idea and came on the spot. Oh yeah, Amy has recently discovered that she can squirt when she comes……this drives me crazy! As we continued our love-making session, she agreed it would be a fun and exciting thing to do, particularly with a former lover. With that thought I slid my hard cock between her silky thighs. I plunged deep as she let out a moan. As I moved slowly and pressed into her naked chest I whispered in her ear “which was your favorite lover and what was the best sex?” She moaned and whispered back that Matt was definitely the guy and they had really great sex on their first date. They were so hot for each other that they couldn’t wait to get back to his place to fuck, so he ripped her underwear and took her on the back of his RX-7 in a parking lot in Phoenix. I immediately got harder thinking about her being seduced and fucked in a public place for the first time by Matt. She said they finished and as he pulled out she had a glob of cum running down her leg. As I imagined her against his RX-7 and then her lying in bed with him later I was more turned on that ever and I could feel that building pressure between my legs. I didn’t want to come yet as I wanted to get her to confirm her desire. As I continued to thrust I asked if she would like to have him inside her again? She and I exchanged whispers of what she would do with Matt and she started moaning gently ‘yes, yes’. Can Matt undress you? - ‘yes, yes!’ Will strip and then put on you wear sexy lingerie and angel wings - ‘yes, yes!’ Will you let Matt rip your clothes off while I watch? - ‘yes, yes’ and with that she started to shutter and I felt her tense. The big question I was needing, wanting to hear answered was next……the ultimate turn on Would you let Matt cum inside you? - ‘yessss, yesss!’, and with that I felt her release and get immediately wet between her legs. I could only hold out a couple more thrusts as I pictured her completely naked and Matt slowly pulling out of her spilling his and her cum across her tummy. I groaned as I released my cum deep insider her and collapsed. A few minutes later and after we were out of the heat of the moment we started talking about our final exchange. Amy asked if I were serious about sharing her and I said it depends on who the guy was but absolutely with the right guy(s). She expressed her concern about feeling guilty about being with someone besides me and I told her as long as we were in agreement and she thought she would be ok that she shouldn’t feel guilty. For this to work out, Amy has to be ok. She is the love of my life and I don’t want her to have anything but wonderful memories of us whether the 2 of us or more. She grinned and said I love your dirty stories and love the fantasy but not sure what reality would be like. We chatted for a few more minutes and I told her the first time would always be the most apprehensive and that we need to keep comminicating before, during and after the experience to make sure we stayed ok and her feeling bad left in check. I asked if she felt bad about hooking up with Matt after they broke up and she smiled and said ‘No’. A few mintutes later her worry faded and with a gleam in her eye she said ‘I still have Matt’s number. I am sure you u guys would get along. In fact, I think he wwould love to meet you, especially if he gets a chance to be with me again.’ She gave me that fuck me look and continued ‘I am interested in giving it a go if you are supportive.’ My thoughts were racing and I got a big grin on my face and replied ‘I can’t think of a more sexy fantasy than you and me with Matt for this experience.’ With that answer she broke into a huge grin and laughed. I asked ‘What are you smiling about?’ She replied “Well, just so happens that this discussion brought back some old rather sexy memories.' (She never forgets anything!) ‘This one time I was little drunk and I stripped naked on Matt’s front porch.’ I had never heard this one before and I was totally getting into her sharing more about her adventures. “and….you look like you have another story' She said ‘One time Matt and I had been out at a club and returened to Matt’s apartment. We couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom and eneded up striping in the living room and throwing me on the couch. Matt spread me and entered me with passion and I got lost in the moment.

Section 2

The next thing I know I hear a noise and turn my head to the side and the is Matt’s roomate, totally naked and pleasuring himself. Matt didn’t let up and I didn’t want it to stop, so the roomate continued to work himself and I turned back to my good fucking. His roomate didn’t ask for a blow job or quickie, but it felt so good to be watched during wild sex.’ All this discussion got me ready to go again. But we were both tired and we drifted off to sleep with wet sheets, bodies and me with an extra hard cock, leaking with thoughs about my Amy and her wild past. The next day Amy asked again if I was ok with her contacting Matt. She said she had a hard time getting to sleep with wild and crazy thoughts of a threesome with two of her favorite guys. I said ‘Absolutely!’. She said ‘There is no going back after I get the courage and make my offer to Matt.’ I said ‘Lead the charge and I will be right behind you all the way.’ She smiled a mischevious smile, crinkled up her nose, gave me a big kiss and said ‘Yey, I will friend him on Facebook and get in touch with him soon!’ It took her a few days to get it all straight in her head and gather up the courage. It had been years. Later that week she nervously held her phone as she dialed Matt’s number. When he picked up she had a flood of memories from their many adventures. She hadn’t talked with him in over 15 years. She said ‘Hi this is Amy from 15 years ago’. He was very happy to hear from her and they exchanged greetings and news about each other’s work and family life. As they talked they recalled several trips and job ventures they shared and clearly he remembered with pleasure their time together. Amy couldn’t quite think how to bring sex up, so she decided direct was the best route. After chit chat and catch up about old friends and work history Amy shyly asked if Matt remembers traveling on the job and if he recalled the time they taped one of their rumbles in the bed. He laughed and said he had never thrown the home video away. Matt told her it was his only home video like it and she said her too. He told her how he had used it for his own pleasure many times since they filmed it but not recently. She explained that she and I had discussed it several times and wondered if we could have it or make a copy. He laughed said sure, he would try to locate it and would make a copy since he wasn’t willing to part with the original. She sensed he was smiling about the memory and fun they had. She teasingly said ‘Hey, it would be fun to make another video with you.’ Matt laughed and said ‘What about your husband. Is he ok with us making a sequel?’ She said ‘We are happily married but have talked for years about playing around with another guy and that your name is at the top of the list for a sharing fantasy.’ He said ‘I am flattered! Just what all have you guys discussed?’ Amy went on to describe our stories and even told him that she had figured out how to squirt when she came - that really got his attention. Matt said ‘I have to experience that!’ She laughed ‘Are you coming to Houston anytime soon? He replied ‘Not in the near future, but I will try to work that into my travel schedule. I would love to be with you again, especially if we can record it.’ With all the hot sex talk my wife started to feel the familiar heat between her legs at the thought of seeing him again. They finished the call with promises to be back in touch soon. She hung up and immediately called me. I asked ‘How was your call with Matt? She said ‘I need to fuck you right now! I am so turned on!’ I replied ‘Sounds like a very good call indeed’ and smiled. We talked more about it over the next several weeks and got more and more excited about having someone she knew, especially Matt, join us in bed. She was a little nervous about how the two guys would be in the same bed with her, but I told her I was comfortable with naked bodies but have no desire to mess with a guy at all. I also pointed out that based on our pillow talk you remember what Matt looks and feels like. She smiled and the worry faded away as we both agreed that we didn’t see any reason we couldn’t work out anything that popped up while we were playing. We went a little further and discussed boundaries and discovered that pretty much everything but pain would be a great experience. I was crazy turned on about even the thought of this happening. A month and half passed and one afternoon she received a call from Matt on her way home from work. He told her he had found the tape after searching through several attic boxes and had made an electronic copy on an SD card so we could keep it. He said he could send it or deliver it personally next month since he had business in Houston. My wife nearly ran off the road at the news but was definitely prepared for this type of choice. She replied ‘I expect you to deliver it personally. She teasingly added ' You will be well compensated for your effort.’ Matt laughed and said, ‘Can’t wait to see you and meet your husband among a host of other things!’ They talked for her entire commute. She came through the door positively glowing that night. I knew something big had happened but had to wait until the kids were in their beds to hear. I came in the bedroom and she ran from our bathroom, threw her arms around me and blurted ‘Matt found the tape, made a copy and is coming to Houston next month…..he wants to meet to give it to us!’ I replied with a huge smile, ‘Wow, that’s great!’ Amy and I talked more about her conversation and what her thoughts were. She was worried since the last time she was naked in front of Matt was in her twenties and pre-kids. (Have I mentioned she is still hot and only 100 pounds). I told her she was crazy and recounted how many guys heads she turns every time we go out. She never notices! She finally stopped worrying and I peeled her clothes off to reveal her beautiful body. When I got to her panties, they were soaked. I teasingly said “You are so wet - this idea has you so hot!’ She replied ‘I have never been with 2 guys at the same time before.’ ‘Reach down and feel my reaction….” I was hard as a rock with the recent news. I got the vibrator and she held it steady between her legs. Instead of reading a SLS story I started telling her one about how the meeting with Matt was going to play out. The day had finally come, Matt was in town. He called to tell Amy he had arrived and where he was staying. Earlier she and I talked about just her meeting up with him at first so she could get comfortable seeing him after fifteen years. I thought that this might go smoother, so she had already planned for her to meet him and go out that evening. She packed a short black dress and high heels. After a grueling day at work she debated about changing at work, but decided against it and called M and told him she was on her way and would change at his place. He said that sounded great and he couldn’t wait to see her. She felt a little warm spot in her panties and little light-headed. Amy arrived at the hotel and nervously approached Matt’s room and knocked. He opened the door and smiled as Amy gave him a full hug. He reached down and gave her a kiss that quickly turned passionate. Amy melted at his touch and smell. They disconnected and worked their way into Matt’s room. Amy put her bags on the bed and before they hit the bedspread Matt spun her around and she completely gave in to his embrace and kisses. The years vanished as Matt was totally consumed by desire and so was Amy.

Section 3

Amy still had her work dress on and Matt quickly turned her over face down, laid her across the bed and pulled her dress up. He smiled as he saw she was still wearing G-strings which offered little obstruction to their desire. He had been waiting to get inside her for more than and month and he quickly unzipped and dropped his pants. He asked ‘Are your sure’ and she said ‘Please, now!’ She felt her legs spread, the G-string move and a familiar cock slip easily into her soaking pussy. She moaned as she gave in and felt him bury himself completely insider her. He paused to enjoy her warmth and let her get used to his cock. She turned her head and kissed Matt as he started to slowly move in and out. She could feel his desperation to take her with every movement. Amy lifted her head and watched as Matt’s body became familiar all over again. She was taken with desire and moaned ‘Yes, yes, fuck me!’ with every thrust. As he continued to move with perfect rhythm she caught up with herself and realized she was in Matt’s room with him taking her from behind. This really is happening she realized…..its not us in a story or a fleeting through……..Suddenly it was overwhelmingly sexy and daring and flirty. A little guilt realizing it wasn’t her husband, and a thrill. She immediately reconciled that this was all ok with her husband and with that realization she let her thoughts fall away and felt warm feelings flooding her pussy. As Matt continued his perfectly predictable thrusts she felt his cock deep inside her. His balls hitting her clit every time he completed a thrust. Her brain was so shorted out that she quickly felt the pressure come on quick and strong - this was going to be a huge cum. As Matt bottomed out again in perfect time Amy couldn’t hold out any longer and cried out ‘Oh, Fuck, oh Fuck yeah. Please fuck me hard, now!’ She tensed and had the biggest cum she ever experienced. She continued to pulse more liquid as he continued to pound her with the same rhythm. Matt could smell her wetness, lost his concentration, rhythm and increased his speed. As he did, Amy flashed back to the many times Matt had lost himself inside her and suddenly knew his moans and could feel that familar swell inside her. She cried ‘Please cum inside me Matt, please!’. It totally turned Matt on to hear her beg to be fucked and for him to cum inside her. As the full realization he was fucking Amy again after all these years he felt the pressure build beyond the breaking point and totally lost his rhythm as he desperately rammed himself into her. Amy heard him first….an old familar sigh Matt cried “Oh fuck, oh fuck Amy, you feel so so good” then she felt him push deep, swell up incredibly large and hold. As Matt lay buried balls deep he pulsed cum inside her. She finally let herself relax for the first time of the day. Matt stayed hard for several minutes as he slowly lowered himself on top of her back. He took in her smell, touched her hair, the side of her face and whispered in her ear. He stayed a moment more and as he slowly removed his cock he drained sticky white cum between her legs and as he pulled himsef up cum dribbled on her ass. They laid in each other’s arms kissing and touching for a few more minutes enjoying the smells and sensations of a long overdue fuck. Amy reached down and felt his now soft, warm cock and gave his head a kiss and then pulled him into her mouth. She deep throated him twice just as a tease and noticed he was quickly getting hard. She let him fall off her lips, looked up and smiled. Matt got up. As he lifted up a long stream of cum flowed from his cock to the bed. She grabbed the stream, twirled it on her finger. She tongued her finger, put it in her mouth and with a grin swallowed. He moaned as he went to shower to get ready for the night. If Amy had her way she wouldn’t leave the room. While Matt was in the shower Amy wiped her inner thighs. It took 3 separate grabs of tissues to clean most of the moisture between her legs. It seemed every time she moved some of their cum would leak from her freshly fucked pussy. She smiled at the thought of having Matt again and checked herself out. She was a little red but not swollen so she knew she could take a lot more of Matt ….. and soon. She finished cleaning up and went to the bathroom. After Amy freshened up she texted me about her brief but intense introduction and I replied I couldn’t wait to hear all about it. She said I wouldn’t believe how much wetness she had. She dressed in her tight sexy black dress, heels with no underwear. Matt kissed her neck and lips and explored her slim body with his hands while she ground against his jeans-covered hardening cock. Amy could feel her wetness kick in again and they almost didn’t get out of the hotel but they were both hungry from their day and recent bedroom activities and decided they should eat dinner and have a few drinks. Talk was easy and they caught up the last 15 years. As the meal progressed they drank a few cocktails and Matt couldn’t keep his hands off of Amy under the table. I got a text around 8:30 saying she needed me to come get her since she had too much to drink and hadn’t brought night clothes. I jokingly replied that it sounded like she wouldn’t need any if the night went like her description of the afternoon. Hoping that we would be invited to stay the night at his hotel I had already had gotten a bag ready with her favorite sweats and a few of her new Victoria secret outfits and her set of white wings as well as the black ones. I wasn’t sure which Victoria Secret angel, black or white, this evening and I didn’t really care since it was clear she was having a ball. However, I think I was secretly hoping for the black wings since she was already behaving so naughty and sexy and we had talked about getting a little wild tonight if things worked out. Amy is so hot in skin, black lace and feathers! I threw in the video camera in anticipation of an Amy and Matt sequel and her favorite pink vibrator. It took me about 30 minutes to get to Matt’s hotel. While I was driving, Matt and Amy finished dinner and had one more round of drinks. Amy was really feeling good and Matt was too. I pulled in, parked, grabbed the overnight bag and tried to get the pressure relieved in my wet croch. As I walked into the lobby Amy and Matt walked arm in arm. Amy looked so incredibly fuckable and hot! I was so proud to have such a hot wife. There is something very basic about wanting to fuck your wife after you know she’s had a good fucking by another guy. I could smell the sweet smell of cocktails on both of them as I approached. I introduced myself to Matt and shook his hand. I made out the faint scent of sex from Amy when she gave me a hug and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. She said, ‘It’s about time, I’ve been busy while you were away’. I was instantly hard. I said, ‘Looks like you guys have had a great evening!’ Matt said, ‘I couldn’t be better. Thanks for such a wonderful evening! Amy is incredible and I can’t believe that this is really happening’ I said, ‘Amy and I are so glad that you were able to come to Houston. I can’t wait to see you two together. Amy has had nothing but wonderful memories of your times together and its such a turn on to us both when we are playing around in the bed.’ Matt smiled, ‘I am happy to oblige such an incredible evening with the two of you!’ Amy quiped, ‘I am so ready to get laid by my two favoritest guys in the whole world…..stop talking already and lets get to the room’ I asked, ‘Matt are you ok with us staying the night?’ Matt replied, ‘It would be my pleasure’ I smiled and Amy grabbed both our hands and lead us back to Matt’s room where I laid the bag on the bed. It was like we were old friends. We poured some port and passed the glasses around abd talked and laughed about the Cowboys and Texans.

Section 4

Amy was ready to get started again so she went digging in the bag. She found the wings and immediately laid out the black pair with a lacey black outfit. She said I’ll be right back and headed to the bathroom. I asked Matt if he cared if we taped another home video and he said that would be great as long as it was only between the 3 of us and he wanted a copy as well. With that he handed me a copy of their romp 15 years earlier. I couldn’t wait to see it so we opened my laptop, inserted the card and played the 10 minute video. Amy looked beautiful and Matt was quite the stud. It ended with him cumming in Amy. With the finale I was ready for the fun to begin. I thanked him for the movie and setup the video camera. A few minutes later Amy opened the door and stepped out. The boy’s jaws both dropped as we looked at my hot wife and her wings. Amy was stunning in heels as she slowly walked toward us with those fuck me eyes that she had bragged to the both of us about perfecting in college. We couldn’t move as she circled us and as she got close she gave me a crazy passionate kiss and asked if Matt and I liked her outfit. We both nodded and she planted a raging jealous kiss on Matt’s lips with tongue and a sexy grab of his crotch. She slowly unbuttoned Matt’s shirt and sucked both his tits making him moan. She came to me and repeated her moves. She left us both breathing heavily and walked over to the bag and took out the vibrator. She was so wet she didn’t need to lube up. She slowly walked back to Matt and me and started to undo his belt and pants. She let them fall to his ankles and he wiggled out of his shoes and stepped out of his pants leaving a small pile of clothes on the floor and standing in just his underwear. I was next and she quickly stepped to me and had my shorts at my ankles before I knew what was going on. With each hand she tugged my underwear down and turned to Matt and yanked his underwear off of him with a quick 2 hand pull. With both the boys naked she grabbed both our cocks and squeezed. I looked over at Matt and he was huge. I looked back and noticed that I was leaking precum with anticipation. She got down on her knees and obliged our guest first by licking Matt. She then took his cock head and wrapped her wonderful lips and tongued his tip. As she got more into it she started to take him in her mouth. As his cock disappeared further and futher in her mouth until she had all of him in her mouth. His cock head had to be more than 2 inches down her throat. I watched as Matt relaxed knowing he had bottomed out. Amy felt Matt’s cock head hit the back of her throat and swell every time she moved her tongue. She could smell his musk as her nose was buried against his skin. She pleasured Matt for another 30 seconds and as he removed his cock from her lips, Amy smacked them with obvious pleasure at tasting Matt’s cock and precum. She looked up and told both of us how much fun it was to have two guys all to herself. She started sucking on Matt again while rubbing her other hand between her legs and the other up and down my hard cock. I can’t describe how hot it is to see your wife with another mans dick in her hand and mouth while jerking with the other on your cock. I was doing everything I could not to cum right then and there. She continued a few more minutes with his cock and as it started to swell with release she stopped, smiled at Matt knowingly and started to suck me. Matt went to the camera to make sure it was still recording and centered the shot on the bed. Matt came back and we both said it was Amy’s turn. She kneeled on the bed and Matt kissed her passionately. As they kissed I took the vibrator and slowly pushed it against the lace between her legs. As Amy and Matt broke their kiss I moved my lips to her right breast. Matt went to her left breast and we both started sucking and gently biting her tiny pink tits. They are perfect and perk up when she is turned on. She took the vibrator and held it between her legs as Matt and I licked, sucked and bit her nipples and breasts. As she slowly moved the vibrator over her clit she begged to be fucked so I told Matt to put her on her knees so she could keep her wings on and I would film them together first. Matt asked me if it was ok for him to take her remaining clothes off. I told him sure, but to please leave the wings. Matt approached Amy, got on his knees between her legs and with his teeth grabbed the croch of her soaked lace bottoms and tugged them down to her ankles. She stepped out of her panties and stood there for her boys to lust after. The camera filled with her completely bottomless body and wings on top. She spun around and around and Matt and I both exclaimed at her beauty. She had just trimmed her pussy so we could see her lips glisten with her wetness as she spun and a small amount of her wetness started down the inside of her thigh. She had also powdered herself with glitter powder so she sparkled with every turn. She slowed, sighed that sexy sigh and slowly crawled on the bed with her cute ass in the air, black wings on her back and then wiggled as she welcomed our cocks a treat for the night…… and to rock her world. Her glistening pussy was so inviting and beautiful. I was spellbound as I watched Matt with his huge cock slowly get on the bed and get on his knees. His cock was hard as it approached my black-winged, naughty, angelic wife. As he slowly worked up toward the head of the bed Amy’s pussy got closer and closers to his hard cock. Soon he had worked his way all the way between her legs. As this happened time slowed. Amy reached between her legs and grabbed Matt’s cock and slowly worked it along the length of her pussy. Up and down his long, thick shaft went. Soon she had him between her pussy lips and started to moan in pleasure. Then Matt moaned as he felt her warmth and wetness and I swear he grew even bigger as she slowly moved his cock on her slit. Amy turned to me, smiled and said, ‘Are you sure Honey? I know we have already fucked once today, but want to make sure you are ok watching Matt take me again’ I whispered, ‘Absolutely Baby’ She said, ‘Here we go Baby’ and with that she slowly lined up Matt’s cock to her entrance. She watched me intently and smiled as she held Matt steady and slowly leaned back on her knees. I saw her make a little ‘O’ with her mouth and a sigh escape her lips as Matt’s head and the rest of his cock slowly slid into my wife sweet pussy. They both moaned as her warmth engulfed all his length. As Matt grabbed her hips I could see his balls crushed against her ass and I knew he was buried as deep as he could go. I heard Amy whimper a bit as he was bigger than me and in that position a cock has very deep access to her most private parts. Matt stayed there for a few a seconds to let Amy get comfortable before he continued. Matt started slowly with his hands on Amy’s hips. He increased speed as Amy moaned and signed in ecstasy. She lowered her head to the pillows and in a few minutes. Amy’s cried, ‘Yessss, yesss’. I knew that was her cum cry. She yelled ‘Please fuck me harder, please fuck, Matt please fuck me!’ Matt increased speed and started to really pound her. Amy went quiet and I could hear her wet pussy and smelled the familiar smell of her cum. Matt said, ‘I love that she has learned how to let herself go and cum. It’s so amazing to be with her again’

Section 5

I smiled, ‘I am glad that you were good with coming down and being apart of our fantasy’ With that Matt couldn’t hold another minute and let go with a final thrust and crys of release. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. Smelling my wife’s sex smells without me doing it, watching her face, the look of ecstasy, the cries of passion. My cock was so hard just standing there watching my own personal porn show already had me pulsing and I was worried I was going to cum before I even got to feel her well fucked pussy. As I worked on not cuming just standing there Matt stayed inside Amy another minute. As he started to shrink, his cock slid out of her bringing a large stream of cum. He flipped his cock up and his white goo landed on her exposed ass. As he got off the bed I took the camera and got a shot of my wife’s pussy as she slowly pushed a steady stream of Matt’s cum from her pussy. I told her to please leave some in there as I had never had sloppy seconds and was looking forward to feeling what she felt like with cum insider her. I put the camera down and slowly eased myself onto the bed in between my wife’s legs. Amy followed the same process with me as with Matt as she worked my cock up and down the length of her pussy for several seconds before turning to look at me with those fuck me eyes and black wings and said ‘Honey, please fuck your naughty little angel!’ With that she held my cock steady and slowly pushed herself backwards. I was enveloped by an extremely warm, swollen, soft, cum oozing pussy. It was the silkiest feeling I had ever felt. I went balls deep and stayed there as I held Amy’s hips ………I enjoyed the moment with my beautiful, cute, wife on all fours with black angel wings, freshly fucked with drops of Matt’s cum on her glistening ass. As I started move inside her, Matt came over and she took one of her hands and put it on Matt’s cock and he moved close enough so she could licked him back to full erection while I buried inside her. I felt my cock swell. I moved in and out with total abandon as I fucked her for the first time with another man’s cum leaking around my cock. I came within a minute and left every drop of cum inside her as I plunged as deep as I could. As the passion melted from my cock, I slowly pulled out. I watched in amazement as she pushed mine and the rest of Matt’s cum out of her pussy. I asked, ‘How do you feel honey? Are you up for a threesome tonight? She looked back at both Matt and me and flicked her hair to the side and said ‘Absolutely, I may never get you two at the same time ever again!’ Matt and I smiled. I placed my hand on her hips and used my fingers to collect the cum from her legs and pushed it to her cute, tiny pink hole. I slipped my finger gently into her while dragging all our juices for an easy entrance. Matt and I both helped undress Amy, and we laid the wings and outfit on the other bed. She was so beautiful and absolutely glowing with energy. Since none of the three of us had ever done a threesome before we had to work on a proper position. Amy stroked both our cocks as we talked about how to arrange this. Amy was so beautiful as she leaned over to arrange pillows and put them at the head of the bed. She asked Matt to be the one inside her pussy so she laid him in low a sitting position on the pillows with his legs extended on the bed. As Matt complied and got comfortable Amy sat beside him in all her beauty as she rubbed and sucked his cock back to full length. The site of her bent over him sucking him totally got me going again. Amy slowly crawled on top of Matt kneeling each knee outside his legs. I watched again as she slowly took his cock in her hands and moved it back and forth and up and down her dripping pussy. Then I watched as my wife slowly pushed Matt’s head into her wet hole and lowered herself down the rest of his cock. I heard them both sigh as their warmth met. Amy went as far as she could and then started to move up and down slowly. She leaned down and kissed Matt as she slowly moved like she riding a horse. Matt moaned with pleasure and let his head back against the headboard. Amy kissed him deeper as I watched them move. It was very passionate and it was like Amy and Matt were by themselves. My mind raced with the closeness and the familiar way they moved. I knew they had done this before and it was like I was intruding - not to mention this is my favorite position. I felt a brief worry as Matt buried himself fully inside her, her being totally lost in the moment, him kissing her passionately,making her moan, cry out, making her cum, her making him cum and perhaps the most personal for me…..in this position he could smell her - all of her, her hair, her skin, her breath and all her love scents as she leaned over his face, her hair capturing her total essence. I was truly spellbound as my wife slowly and passionately fucked Matt. They were both moaning and sighing and I started to worry that they were both going to finish before we did a threesome, which was ok with me. Matt opened his eyes and said, ‘If we keep this up I am going to cum, get soft and we won’t be able to finish the fantasy.’ With that Amy leaned over and grabbed my cock to make sure I was ready. They slowed to nearly a stop, but Amy couldn’t stay completely still since it felt so good. With a small adjustment she pushed her ass slightly into the air giving me access to her pink opening. I lowered myself behind her onto my knees and slowly started to rub my cock against her cute hole using some of Matt’s cum from earlier. I was a little distracted as now I was getting a close-up of Matt buried deep inside my wife. It was exhilarating to finally see this happening up close. What a site! It’s amazing to have a personal porno session starring your wife!! I took my fingers and captured fresh juices from thei recent love making and rubbed more on her pink little hole. I inserted my cock, very slowly. Amy let out a little cry into Matt’s ear as she had never felt this before. I waited to let her get used to my presence along with Matt’s and then slid in further. She gasped again, but then sighed as I finished inserting all of my length into her. Here we were in an all out threesome. I felt her tense and then I felt something else. It was a pulsing feeling and Matt said he was wondering if we could feel him moving inside her pussy. We both said yes and laughed. Amy wanted me to stay stationary, so Matt started to slowly move his cock in and out. She moaned in pleasure and leaned further into Matt so that soon they were embracing and my cock was moving in and out from their movement. Amy cried with pleasure and said, ‘Please fuck me, please fuck me boys…..Fuck me! Please fuck me gentle but don’t stop!’ Matt picked up his pace and said, ‘This is amazing, you feel fucking amazing Amy’ She smiled and with limited breath said, ‘Keep moving boys, keep moving’. I slowly plunged deeper and Amy got really quiet for several thrusts. I couldn’t see her face, but thought that she might be close. My wife came hard with a cry, ‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck!’. She stiffened, then squirted more than I had ever seen. Amy moaned, vibrated and begged, ‘Please cum in me now boys, please, oh please fill me up, now!’ She actually started to be the one fucking her boys. She moved more and more on each of our cocks and soon I felt him swelling inside her. She slowed her movement and as he pushed himself all the way inside her, Amy straightened further giving him deeper access.

Section 6

Matt came hard crying, ‘oh wow, oh wow, you are such a sexy MILF!’ I could feel each of his pulses as he release load after load of his white sticky goo into Amy’s pussy. Feeling and hearing him release and the smells of my wife’s cum I totally lost control and pushed as far as I could into Amy and exploded deep inside her. It was the most sexy and amazing experience that I had ever had. I started to shrink and I pulled out slowly to give Amy time to adjust to the change. I watched the two of them kiss as she lay spent on top of Matt. Talk about a sexy scene! They stayed there for a few minutes as I got up and stopped the video camera My sparkling, sexy, fully fucked, naked wife sprawled on top of another guy totally spent from the wildest sexual fantasy I ever had was a vision I would never forget. For good measure I took a picture. They heard the shudder and both looked at me and I got another picture of the both. Amy looked up at me and said ‘I love you!’ I said ‘I love you too!’ You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.’ Matt readily agreed with ‘You are truly an amazing girl!’ I have missed you so much. Love that you can totally let go be so sexy’ She kissed him again and said with a smile, ‘I love being back in touch and hope we can do this again soon’ and slowly got up. As she stood on wobbling legs she kissed me, grabbed my cock and gently cupped my balls. I kissed her back and we hugged. We all got cleaned up and went back to bed naked with Amy in the middle. We all went to sleep exhausted but with the biggest smile on each of our faces. I was excited to do this again soon, but wasn’t sure that my little wife could take any more this evening or the next. More to follow………..