Wife Makes Husbands Fantasy Come True 4.6/5 (50)

I’ve always had a fantasy of seeing my wife get fucked by another man, I didn’t feel this way until we got married. After approx. 2 years my fantasy came true this is how it went. Laying in bed one night I asked her if it bothered her that I wanted to see her get fucked by another man, she replied yes and no.

It bothered her that it might break us up, but she knew how much it turned me on. After I assured her it would not break us up she agreed to do it if it was with someone she felt comfortable with. We made love that night and every night for about week, it was great.

Nothing else was said for about two months. We were watching an x-rated video and I made a comment about how big some of the male actors were. She said she dated a guy named Marty who was just as well hung. I challenged this and said that was the one I wanted to see her fuck if it was okay with her.

She did admit that he called form time to time to just to chat, and that she would try and set something up the next time he called, she would not promise anything for he was married now and that Marty was 10 years younger than her. My wife Jill is 46 and could pass for 10-15 years younger About a week later she called me a work and said we were on, and that she had set a date, but Marty did not know I would be there, this was great, this is the way I wanted it to watch secretly.

Marty was to arrive Thursday evening at 8 pm, Jill had told him I was out of town on business. Jill had taken a shower shaved her legs and her sweet pussy and put on some red silk panties, denim shorts and a T-shirt, she looked very hot. Jill ran around the house like a schoolgirl on her first date, although she told me she was doing it only because of me. I could tell she was almost as excited as I was.

When Marty arrived Jill went out to meet him. I hid in our walk-in closet, which was located about 10 feet away from the foot of the bed. With both bedside lamps on I had a great view of the bed through the crack in the door. Marty and Jill sat in the Den and talked over old times for about 15 minutes, it seemed a lot longer.

Finally they came in the bedroom and lay across the bed, I had a great view of them. They started kissing and hugging. Marty’s hands were all over my wife while they kissed. Pretty soon the kissing got more passionate. Marty unbuttoned her shorts and slowly moved his hand inside them. He started massaging her pussy as they continued to kiss.

He lifted up her T-shirt with his other hand and sucked on her large nipples. I could tell Jill was enjoying this because she started to moan softly and move her hips in rhythm with his hand.

After a few minutes of this her body tensed and she let out a passionate moan and I knew Marty had slid his finger into her pussy, Jill loves to be finger-fucked and soon her moans got louder and more frequent. When she seemed on the verge of coming, Marty stopped and removed his hand. His fingers were wet with my wife’s love juice.

Jill was breathing hard, and now she pulled off her T-shirt completely, while Marty took off his shirt and pants. They started kissing again and soon my wife was kissing her way down to his crotch. My wife pulled down his boxer shorts and I could see that she had not been exaggerating about the size of his cock.

It was truly impressive, though it was not yet fully hard. Jill took his big dick in her hand and lifted it to her mouth and started sucking and licking it. My own dick started to get hard seeing my wife giving another man head. Marty’s dick grew rapidly, his hips swaying as Jill gave his a super blowjob.

She would take his large cock head in her mouth and let it pop out and then take the shaft as far down her throat as she could and slowly pull her mouth back over it, repeating this again and again, while she massaged his balls with her hand. While this was happening my considerate wife made sure to keep her hair pulled out of the way so I would have a good view of her busy mouth. I loved her for that.

Marty was getting close to coming and was moaning loudly. Finally he stopped her. He pulled my wife up on the bed and kissed his way down between my wife’s legs. Then he started eating my wife’s sweet wet pussy. He teased her pussy lips with his tongue and sucked on her clit while he finger fucked her.

Jill was enjoying every minute of this, gasping and groaning and pulling his head into her dripping pussy as she thrust her hip up to meet his tongue. Her whole body arched and she started to shake as she burst into her first orgasm of the night. Marty continued to eat her sweet pussy and finger fuck my wife as she shivered through her powerful climax.

After my wife’s climax had subsided, Marty got on top of her with his legs between her wide-open legs. His hard cock looked at least 9 or 10 inches long with a very large cock head and thick shaft. He rose up on his knees as he positioned the head of his cock at Jill’s waiting pussy lips. He put her legs on his shoulders and slowly slid his dick inside her.

He gave her about seven inches at first, and fucked her slowly that way for a minute or two. Then he gradually worked the rest of his pole into her hot wet pussy, until he was buried in her to the hilt. Jill let out a loud moan of pleasure as he drove hid dick home. Now he started to fuck her faster and faster pushing his cock all the way in and bringing it almost all the way out.

My wife was going wild with lust, bucking her hips to meet his every thrust. Marty was now laying above her with his arms supporting his weight sucking her tits and kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear as he fucked her.

After a few minutes she started clutching at the bed sheets. Her legs curled around his body and tightened around him, trying to pull him deeper, she was moaning with every breath. I could tell she was approaching another climax and so was Marty. They both cried out as they came together.

After they came down to earth Marty withdrew his cock wet with their combined juices from my wife’s pussy. He and Jill talked for a few minutes about how long it had been since they had last fucked. Finally Marty got up and went down the hall to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Jill came over to the closet and asked in a low voice how I had liked it.

When I showed her my throbbing hard-on, she knew it had been great for me. We kissed and I fingered her hot wet pussy. Knowing it had just been fucked by another man’s big cock almost made me come. Jill asked me if I was ready for round two and I said I couldn’t wait. She kissed me and left the Room.

It was about 20 minutes before they came back, as they had stopped to have a drink in the den. They immediately fell on the bed and started kissing again. Marty wasted no time before going down on my wife, eating her pussy and using his fingers once again driving her wild with passion. He continued until he sensed that she was about to climax then he stopped.

He rolled over and Jill went down on him, sucking his dick until it got hard again. It seemed to get even longer than it had before. Jill could only get about three quarters of it in her mouth. She kept sucking on it, again keeping

her hair out of the way so I could get a good view. After a few minutes she got on top of him, raising one leg high to position his long dick at the entrance of her hot hole, once it was in she slid down on it, taking it all into her hot pussy. As she sat down on him she threw back her head and screamed out with pleasure.

“Yesss! Fuck!” she yelled and began bouncing up and down on Marty like there was no tomorrow, slinging her head from side to side. My wife leaned forward to kiss him and I had a perfect view of his massive cock sliding in and out of my wife’s wet pussy, Marty’s big cock had her pussy stretched to the max. She was fucking him for all she was worth.

Soon she started moaning and shaking and I knew she was having yet another orgasm. Even before she had completely recovered for her climax Marty rolled her over and mounted her and started pumping her pussy like crazy with her legs pushed against her chest. Jill clawed at the sheets moaning shaking.

Marty started massaging her clit with his hand while continued to use his dick like a pile driver. This was too much for the both of them and they both climaxed again for what seemed like several minutes. Finally Marty rolled off of my wife his come oozing out of her open pussy. They lay there a few minutes resting and talking before Marty got up showered and left.

When he was gone I practically leaped for the closet to the bed where Jill and I had the most passionate sex we have had in years. The following day at work, I sent Jill a dozen red roses. Since this time I have seen my wife get fucked several time with different partners while I secretly watched.

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