Wife Got Blacked By An Older Man 4.6/5 (49)

This story is based on an going relationship with a black older man in his early 60s and my wife who is only 31 yrs old and Asian. She’s very pretty but on the chubby side but her assets are in the right places. She can even pass for a college student as you know Asians aged very well. I’m twelve years older than my wife.

Our sex life was decent the first few years but has waned the last few years. My wife loves sex and I’m always tired after coming home from work it could be due to work related stress. So, I just prefer to relax at home before heading to sleep. As a result my wife is suffering silently in her own way. My wife loves me without conditions. I’ve been talking to my wife if she wish to go outside of our marriage, perhaps finding a man but it has to be safe and that I must be present to ensure her safety, perhaps in another room.

To make a long story short I met Marvin at a supermarket and to supplement his income he works at the store part time to keep the entire store spotless including the outside keeping those carts in it’s place. We get to chat after a few times after I stopped for grocery. He was energetic for his age and very fit. Marvin is of medium size, wiry and has very dark black skins. His dark curly hairs framed with a few gray hairs here and there.

After a few months meeting him I invited him for coffee after work.

Marvin is a widower with two grown children with their own family and he lives alone after his wife passed. Marvin regular work is checking the electric meters to ensure they work properly and it’s light work compared to his part time work at the market. He was eighteen years old when he served during the Indo China war until the war ended in 1975. So, Marvin has quite a story in his life. He’s a charming older black man with great smile and greets you with his deep laughters.

My wife and I don’t have any children and we choose that lifestyle because we both love travelling. My wife knows that I have been keeping Marvin as coffee buddy at least once a week. We hit it off real well discussing politics, sports and even finance. He’s a very smart dude but he doesn’t enjoy spotlight and prefer a simpler life. His motto is if you can pay your bill you’re better off than the rest of the humanity.

We also talked about his dating life but he said that he doesn’t really have time for that but he goes to the adult websites once in awhile since he is still interested in women even at his age. Marvin hasn’t been with a woman ever since his wife passed away almost seven years to date. There’s escorts he can afford but he doesn’t want to take the risks of sexually transmitted disease.

One day, I invited Marvin on a Saturday to our place after his part time work is done and to come over for dinner and meet my wife. After giving him my address, I informed my wife that we have a guest. My wife already heard about Marvin so many times from our conversations but never actually met him. She said she’s ok with it.

That day came, Marvin gave his hearthy greeting as he enters our livinv room and gave her a kiss on both cheeks and a hug, proceeds to comment how pretty she is and that I’m a very lucky guy. My wife seems very pleased with the complements.

After putting the botle of red wine on the dining table Marvin brought over we proceed to have dinner. Marvin and my wife kept chatting during the course of the dinner smiling and complementing the food my wife made.

We finished the food and since I don’t take alcohol both my wife and Marvin polished that wine off quickly. My wife who rarely drinks soon get buzzed and I can sense it by her manners and movements. I also know from her past social drinking she can get a little horny. After dinner, I volunteered to clean the table and the dishes after looking at my wife condition she might drop those dishes.

My wife and Marvin both headed off to our living room to chat some more. I saw Marvin checking out my wife wide butts as she walk in front of him I mean he’s still a man after all. I can hear them chatting away and laughing and joking around. I’m glad my wife enjoyed his company.

After awhile I didn’t hear a thing when I walk up to our living room Marvin was fast asleep I guess the food we had and the part time work he did since the early morning finally got to him.

I stopped at my track as I saw my wife eyeing our guest up and down and she was licking her lips while looking down at Marvin. She Iightly brushed the outside of her chest with her left hand and touch the inside of her legs with her right hand. I didn’t realize Marvin is sporting a good size bump between his slim legs and my wife was enjoying the view.

I let her enjoying herself for a few minutes as she continued staring at the size of that bulge. I lightly tapped my wife on her shoulder she was startled as she removed her hands away from her chest and her groin area. I asked her softly if she wish to please our guest who is still napping on our couch. We haven’t been intimate close to over two months now and I understand her feelings sexually.

At first she said no but after whispering and finally convincing her, she said ok. I told her if Marvin asked about me that I’m fast asleep in the bedroom and if Marvin feels uncomfortable to tell him that I’m fine with whatever happens that moment and just pretend that I’m not there at all.

After telling my wife it’s fine by me for the final time and just to enjoy herself by telling her I can watch the action from my phone in the bedroom since we do have a hidden video camera hidden away inside the ceiling chandelier. We added the camera in case there’s a break in the house.

I advised my wife to give me three minutes to set up the camera application in my phone. After the camera in my phone was set, i can see clearly whats going on in our living room.

My wife started to take off her blouse showing her full milky breasts. I was enjoying the action as my wife approaches the sleeping Marvin, she slowly unzips him careful not to awaken him, she then fished out Marvin thick black cock from down under, slowly as she was looking at his peaceful face. My wife then begin to kiss that dark mushroom head.

She then put that big head into her mouth sucking it ever so slowly, it has now grown considerably to it’s full mast. It wasn’t very long maybe around 8.5″ but very thick with veins all around. As my wife start to work on that thick black cock one of her hands is manipulating her inside her legs. I was so excited seeing this right on my phone and in our living room to boot.

I then saw Marvin opening up his eyes wide as my wife was giving his old thick black dick the best blow job in its entire life. He just kept looking down as my wife work on that old black cock. It was shiny from her saliva running up and down its thickness. My wife pulled up and released that thick black cock off her mouth after a few minutes and then placed her right hand on her lips as to tell him it’s all ok everything is fine. Marvin closed his eyes with his mouth gaped open as his old black cock is sucked out of its life.

My wife then reach down removed her panties proceeds and got up on Marvin laps and place Marvin thick black cock into her wet hairy pussy. After a few tries, that old black snake slithered right in into my young wife snatch. I was able to see my wife face contorted and groaning as she started to ride Marvin old black cock.

My dick was twitching and I took a hold of it instantly as I started to jerk it up and down just the way my wife going at it with Marvin. I can see her mouth with soft moanings and groanings.

After about ten minutes, my wife increases her tempo I can tell she’s about to come and yells softly for about good 20 seconds.

She lay flat on Marvin chest after a few minutes Marvin then got up his thick old black dick was still shiny from my wife’s juices and proceed to place my wife on her knees on the couch, he then got on her back inserted his thick black cock back into my wife pussy and started pounding her hard.

Marvin was like a machine plunging his old black dick at my wife pussy back and forth as he smacks her butts a few times, he finally grunted hard and after he let go shot after shot of his jism into my wife, juices started to flow out of her gaping pussy as she continues bending over the couch with Marvin jerking the last semen out of his thick black dick.

My wife and Marvin sat on the couch naked as jaybirds as my wife said that I’m sleeping in the next room and that everything is ok with what they are doing.

Marvin has been coming to our place on a weekly basis usually on the weekends to service my wife’s needs while I’m either in the next room or just leave them be when I’m out of the house.

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    Exact result I dream of ,well executed , made me hotter than hell its self.

  • jack hayes

    Reply Reply December 5, 2018

    there was a time my wife didnt fuck nblack or for that matter anyone else she now wii have sex at a drop of a hat she has a bgirl friend they go to clubs on week ends and then syay at friends house she tells me about it when she comes home

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