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My 36 year old wife had been messaging a local guy she met on a social media page for a few weeks when he texted her one evening while she was working asking her what she was doing. She told him that she was at work and he said that he was with a couple of friends at the local bar having a drink and watching a game.

She told him that her break was coming up and he told her that she should drop in for a little bit so they could meet for the first time. She was all for it and called me real quick to see if it was okay.

I told her to go for it and let me know how it went.

She drove the few minutes to the bar and met him and his friends at a table watching a game. She had a quick beer with them and talked and watched the game. After about a half hour, she had to go back to work so he walked her out to her car and gave her a quick hug and she left.

She called to tell me that he was cuter then she thought he would be, about 8 or so years younger and very tall! She said the top of her head only came to his shoulder.

About a half hour before she was to get off work she called to say that her new friend messaged her if she wanted to have another beer with him after work. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said that she liked him and thought maybe even have sex with him if he wanted to.

I told her to message me when she can and that I will be waiting for her sloppy seconds when she gets home.

She told me later that she thought that they were going to drink at the bar but he said he already left and was at his house so he gave her directions and she drove over. When she got there he was sitting on the front porch having a beer and offered her one.

After about 10 minutes he asked her if she wanted to go for a ride (he had roommates and didn’t wanted to go in the house). He drove them to a secluded spot a few minutes from his house and they got out of his car and leaned against the car fender listening to music and looking at the town lights below.

Looking down at her in her thin, somewhat low cut top he asked what size her breasts are. She told him 38DDD. He said, “Damn, I’ve never seen ones that big”. She quickly asked if he wanted to see them. Of course, he said he would like to very much.

She reached back and unhooked her bra and lifted both her shirt and bra up until her big tits came out in the open. He then started fondling them then leaned down to kiss my wife. They turned towards each other while kissing with her boobs pressed against his body and she reached down between them and rubbed his cock through his pants.

He took this a go ahead to fuck and he quickly unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down and off along with her panties.

He opened the back door of his car and my wife climbed in removing her top and bra to be completely naked she laid on the seat as he took off his clothes in record time. He got on top of her and slipped it in her already wet pussy. She said he was average girth but was about 7-ish inches long and rock hard.

He pumped her hard and fast for a bit this way before stopping and he sat down on the backseat pulling her on top of him having her ride him. He sucked on her tits while she bounced up and down on his cock. She said that he wanted to change positions again after a few minutes and had her get on her hands and knees on the seat with her ass almost sticking out the car. He stood outside the car and really starting pounding her married pussy while her huge knockers were swinging around.

He finally came after a little bit filling her up with his cum. She said that they rested for a couples of minutes catching their breath before dressing quickly and driving back to his house so she could get in her car and drive home.

On the way home she called me to say she was coming with a pussy full of cum for me.

After 15 long minutes she arrived home and came straight to our bedroom where I was waiting to hear all about time with him. She stripped naked and laid down and told me all they done while reenacting some of it. Like how he kissed her, how he leaned down and sucked her tits and how it felt with he cock in her.

I couldn’t wait anymore and went down on her to taste their juices. When I licked her I could see he left a good size load in her. I started to lick her lips and stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could tasting the warm load.

I moved to her clit where she started to rotate her hips and push her mound into my face. I made my tongue hard and flicked her clit getting her closer to climax. I was enjoying this as she tasted fantastic and after less then 10 minutes she was cumming on my face. Her juices were pushing his cum out into my lips and tongue and I drank it down until she had me stop.

Now it was my turn and I sat up and stuck my dick in her juiced up pussy. I pushed in and out 2 or 3 times before getting up and moving to the edge the bed and pulling her head to the edge and stuck my cock in her mouth telling her, “How does his cum taste”? She moaned while I pumped her mouth. She was really getting into the blowjob before I had to pull out before I came to soon.

I got back on the bed between her legs and plunged my dick back in with one push and started fucking.

I fucked her with our pelvices bumping each other then I sat up with her legs on my shoulders going faster. I finally grabbed an ankle in each hand, spread her legs wide and fucked her as fast as I could. I only lasted 5 minutes as I had been worked up knowing she was fucking I guy she just met that night and her telling me all about it before eating her dripping pussy.

When I came it was like one of the biggest loads I ever shot. I pulled out and watched 2 loads worth of cum drip out of her before she got up to clean herself.

Can’t wait until the next time.

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