Wife Finds a New Boyfriend  4.5/5 (50)

As you may have read my wife and I have an arrangement about her dating. I realize that many people are shocked but why should she have to accept partial sex if I am willing to let her explore her passions.

If I became incapacitated I would want her to go out and have fun rather than sit around and get frustrated. I think this wife equals owned property idea which dates back to antiquity has outlived its usefulness. I mean the only reason for it was to keep the man’s property intact. As a famous author said, Love is Love, Sex is Sex.

My wife is a big believer in fidelity but she knew that I wanted her to have lovers with hard cocks. She had so much experience in her past that I could not believe she was totally willing to give that part of it up now. At my age I want intercourse, oral is OK and I can come and it is often very good but it is still not the same.

I know that the doctors say that something like seventy five percent of women need more than intercourse to climax but there is nothing else like it. When we first got married we would play and then I would get my wife off with my mouth then enter her for my climax. She would tell me she always enjoyed the feeling of me spurting inside of her.

She could come on my dick but only if she was riding me and she could get the angle right. She finally agreed that if I knew and agreed that she was not being unfaithful.

After checking with my doctor at my last physical I got a prescription for a couple of Levitra’s. Almost $40 each and we tried them. They worked and I got enough of an erection for her to put my cock into her but it failed within a minute. When I first put it in she was thrilled and she started moving up and down as she was on top.

After it failed we went back to our basic oral sex pattern, but I remembered the excitement I had seen in her eyes. While we don’t talk about it I know she played a bit with a janitor where she works but I’m sure the secrecy bothered her. Then there was Enrico. With Enrico we had kind of set the parameters for her dating and play.

I had sat down and had a serious talk with her about sex. She readily admitted that if I died she would look for another sex partner, so I asked her why wait. While approaching Medicare age she looked younger and the little extra weight made her very sexy and added to her already great chest. Her affair with Enrico lasted for a few months until his family immigrated here.

One Saturday after a day of shopping she came home and asked if we could talk. It turns out that she met a man at a coffee shop she frequents. She had seen him before and they would often exchange greetings. This time he was in line behind her which she thought might have been deliberate. They chatted while waiting and then he asked if he could join her. Feeling safe in the shop she agreed.

Two hours later they had a movie date set up. His name was David but preferred to be called Dave, he was about five foot eight and she thought maybe two hundred pounds, the bear type she liked. He was 58, single with black hair streaked with gray. She gave up wearing the ring I gave her some years ago due to size and skin irritation issues. She has a diamond ring she found in a parking lot once which she will wear to work sometimes but not that often.

From the conversation she found out that Dave had checked her ring finger in the past which was why he started talking to her. He was taken back when he found out she had been married for almost thirty years until she explained that even though married, she sometimes dated. This kind of shocked him so she had to explain a little further.

The more she talked the more Dave smiled. Obviously married woman are a great target for men, feeling that they can fuck them without having to get tied up in a long term relationship. It seems that Dave had been divorced for a couple of years and not been in any serious relationship because the single women he ran into just wanted a new husband.

She did caution him that she was not going to hop into bed with anyone as she had a nice sex life with me just not complete. She told him if he wanted to continue they could go out a few times and see what happened. Dave hopped on that right away and they made a movie date for the follow Saturday with Dave meeting her at the theater. She also gave him her e-mail address so they could continue to talk.

She was happy again. I knew she loved the chase and we shared the chase together. Just like we guys do women love knowing that men want them. This Dave was not looking to be a friend. He wanted to be her fuck buddy.

She let me read some of his e-mails which were sometimes very suggestive. She did not let me read her reply’s to him though, which was OK with me. I was not afraid of losing her and if I did I was sure that not letting her have her fun would not stop it.

The next date was for the following Saturday and was to be a dinner and perhaps some dancing. She loved dancing and it had gotten harder for me to keep up with her in the last few years. Once again they met at the restaurant. She was wearing her great looking black dress, the one with the scoop neck that allowed her great breasts to show.

She also had the silver anklet I gave her on her right ankle. She called me at ten and told me she was going with him to a place to dance and would be home about midnight. Her car was safely parked in a 24 hour garage so maybe he would drop her off at home.

About 12:30 I saw lights pull into the driveway. I have an IP camera that looks out over the cars, I saw them setting in his car, talking for a while then they leaned over and kissed and kissed again. Then I saw his head drop down to her chest and I assumed he was kissing her the tops of her breasts. Then they started necking like a couple of teenagers. I had a front row seat although I could not see that clearly.

She sat back in her seat as he turned toward her and started kissing her again, I could see his shoulder work and assumed he was feeling her. They kept this up for a few minutes then she grabbed his head and pulled it down to her chest at the same time she leaned hers back and I could just make out her mouth flying open. He had given her a climax.

It took a couple of minutes then he sat back and her head disappeared into his lap. Well I knew what was going on and my dick started getting a little hard. I’m sitting in my bed, watching this on my iPad while I am stroking myself. Suddenly Dave throws his head back and I know he is coming in her mouth. Her head reappears and they kiss and she gets out of the car and runs to the house.

There was a knock on my bedroom door and she asked if she could come in. She came over to the bed and gave me a big musky kiss.

“Dave wants to fuck me real bad.” She said and she started taking her clothes off. I could see a couple of hickeys on her breasts. “He finger fucked me and gave me a great climax.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock and said, “I guess you saw me give him a blow job, his cock is like seven inches long and very thick. He is going to give me a lot of climaxes when he fucks me next week.”

Then she says, “I am going to fuck him here, he likes the idea of you being in the house, I did not tell him about the camera in my bedroom. That will be a secret between me and you.” “Love you dear, going to bed but first could you come in an eat me.”

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