Wife Cheats And Husband Loves It!

Section 1

Hi Julie,

Oh Julie! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I have to gloat and tell you my news. First, I have to say you were right that it was risky for me to take a lover to satisfy my cravings due to my husband Robert’s inability to satisfy me. He found out! But you will never believe how it all worked out! My husband actually gets off on my lover David fucking me! Let me tell you how this all came about.

As you know, because Robert is so small and has a stamina problem, I took up with David, a real hunk who has been hitting on me for months. I had been getting away with my affair for a few months and rashly began to let David come to our home in the afternoon and we would have intense sex in my marital bed. I’m such a bitch Julie – I loved the kinkiness of that. Anyway, Robert walked in on David and I, when we were passionately making love.

It could not have been more graphic. David is a real animal in bed (a quality I just love about him) He had me on my front, ass in the air, pounding me mercilessly from behind. I was so wet and almost delirious with passion and certainly making all kinds of noise. I could tell David was close to coming and I yearned to have him explode deep inside me. My face was pressed to the mattress on one side. I moved it the other way and that is when I saw Robert in the doorway.

I freaked. Even as David continued to fuck me, I yelled “Oh my God! Robert!” I tried to wiggle away from David but he had my hips firmly in his powerful hands. But then I felt David’s strokes slow and I knew he had seen Robert too. Then he stopped altogether. His grip on me relaxed and I felt him pull his long cock out of my pussy. My instinct was to hide, and I grabbed a sheet to pull around me, which is completely dumb when you think about it. I mean after all, this was my husband looking at me!

We were all silent. I looked at David and Robert, wondering what would happen. They just stood and stared at one another. David made no attempt to hide his nakedness. Even in my shocked state I couldn’t help but compare the two men: Robert, well dressed, mild and kind looking; David a few inches taller, much heavier, rugged and muscular. I had no doubt David would easily prevail if a fight broke out, which I desperately did not want to happen. The silence continued for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I blurted out “Somebody say something!”

Robert looked at me, then at David. True to his nature, he said calmly “I think we have something to talk about.” He then sat down on our chair in the bedroom.

David sat on the bed. My stress level declined with both of them sitting. It seemed that an all out fight was less likely now.

One of Robert’s qualities that I love him for is his ability to handle stressful situations. I guess that is why he earns so much money as a lawyer. I knew David would never throw the first punch at Robert, if for no other reason than I had told him before getting involved with him that I would hate him if he ever did anything to hurt Robert (besides make love to me that is).

“Cathy, why don’t you start?” Robert said.

I took a deep breath. “Robert, you may not believe this at this moment, but I want to assure you that I love you dearly. I love you as much now as I ever have. Please don’t take this to mean I want out of our marriage. I don’t. But I will understand if you do. And we’ve talked about our problems in the bedroom…I was just craving it…we’ve talked to death about it…and then I met David…he fills the need.”

We looked at each other for a long time. Slowly he answered, “He seemed to be “filling” your need quite well when I arrived.” He paused. “I believe you. Don’t ask me why, but I do.” He finished meekly “I know I haven’t been satisfying you my love.”

Then he said quietly. “What about your lover? Does he have anything to say? By the way, I know your name is David. Don’t ask me how I know. Let’s just say I’ve known about the two of you for awhile now. My walking in wasn’t exactly by accident. I knew you were going to be together this afternoon.”

This was new information! But I didn’t pursue it right then. I later found out he hired a P.I. his law firm deals with and had lots of photos and film of David coming to the house and even audio recordings of us making love.

David looked at me questioningly. I gave him a nod, hoping he would understand that to mean to not to bullshit Robert about anything. I was wondering at the same time about Robert’s announcement of his knowledge of us. He certainly had given no sign of knowing. If anything he had been more amorous of late.

“Well, Cathy and I have been seeing each other for a couple of months I guess, though we have known each other for much longer. She has made it plain to me right from the start that she will never leave you. We have talked at length about our feelings for each other, and we both are quite comfortable in saying that we are quite fond of each other, but that we are not in love in the way that the two of you are.

I have no plan to try to take her from you Robert. In fact I am of the belief that women are free creatures and it is wrong to own them sexually. Obviously I find her a huge turn on sexually.” David stopped there. We were all silent for awhile. Robert appeared to be weighing David’s words.

Then Robert spoke. “I believe you too David.” He looked at me. “Honey, my biggest fear was that you were going to leave me. I thought David here was trying to steal you from me.” Then his face flushed. “I also have to admit that part of me was extremely turned on that you are so sexual and that you could attract a man like David.

He looks like the kind of guy that has lots of choice. I’ve never told you that I’ve often fantasized about watching you with another man. I’ve also always believed you have a sex drive I can’t satisfy. Perhaps no one man can.” He smiled nervously.

It was then that I knew he needed my reassurance. I left the bed, fully nude of course, and went to him. I hugged him, pressing his head into my breasts. I knew how much he liked that. I told him I loved him over and over and would never leave him. He replied in kind, hugging me back.

He pushed me away gently. “Baby, I think I interrupted something when I came in. Why don’t you two pick up where you left off? But can I watch? It turns me on.” He whispered hoarsely.

I kissed him deeply, and felt for his cock. It was rock hard in his pants.

I broke off the kiss. “Yes…oh yes…I’d love that. And so would David. Wouldn’t you David?”


“Thank you my love.” I kissed Robert again and went to David. On the way I told Robert “David has experience with being watched…he has done a bit of swinging in his time. So enjoy Robert.” I added wickedly “I know I am.”

David’s cock was limp now. I asked him to sit against the headboard and went down on him, sucking and tonguing his cock. As he relaxed, his immense cock grew hard. I knew he would be ok because he had told me of his past experiences with group sex.

I grew more confident as time went on. Quick glances at Robert told me he really was enjoying the scene.

Next I lay David down, the top of his head facing Robert. Only Robert and I could look at each other. My big breasts dangled in David’s face and I felt him pinch my nipples. I love that, and I love showing my breasts. I know men love them and I’m very proud of them. I lowered my wet throbbing pussy onto David’s shaft, groaning as I felt him go deeper and deeper. I rode him slowly. I caught Robert’s eyes. We stared at each other.

I blew him kisses as I rode David, groaning. Robert was lightly rubbing his cock through his pants, his eyes full of lust. I felt a wonderful sense of feminine power build as I began to really believe that these two men were mine.

Section 2

Suddenly I had an idea that would allow me to really test Robert’s veracity. I bent down and whispered my idea in David’s ear.

I got off of David and kneeled in front of Robert. I began to undo his pants. While I was doing so, I said “David, I want to suck my husband while you fuck me from behind.”

Robert moaned. He moaned even louder as my mouth engulfed his cock. After sucking David it was so easy to deep throat my husband’s much smaller cock.

I groaned on Robert’s cock as I felt David’s strong hands grip my hips and ram his huge member into my soaking wet pussy. He began to fuck me with slow powerful strokes. My plan worked better than I could have imagined, for I heard Robert say “Fuck her David…fuck her good. She deserves two lovers doesn’t she David?”

“Oh God yes!” David replied. His pounding increased in tempo.

I was in seventh heaven. With Robert’s cock muffling my screams (I am loud when I come) I experienced an intense orgasm.

“Oh fuck you’re making her come David. Oh fuck….” With that I felt my husband’s cock explode in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed.

Robert’s limp cock fell out of my mouth. He held my head in his lap as David pounded me more ferociously than ever. I moaned “Yes…Yes…“oh fuck yes…”

Robert said “fuck her…oh yes…she loves it…fuck her.”

David tensed and came deeply in my soaking wet pussy.

When he was done, Robert witnessed his semi-hard cock pull out, dripping juice and cum.

David lay down on the bed. I kept my head in Robert’s lap, feeling his hands lovingly stroke my head. My pussy tingled.

Then Robert said, “Anyone for a drink?”

We all laughed and David and I said yes.

David returned with three gin and tonics. Then he proposed a toast. “To a new world.”

We clinked glasses and had a sip. Then he settled into his chair and put his feet on the bed. “I guess we have some details to iron out about how this is all going to work.”

In the end it was pretty simple. Robert’s big concern was to not be embarrassed in public. To the neighbors, David was simply a very good friend. Apart from that, David could have me whenever the two of us wanted.

Eventually I found that some nights I wanted to be alone with one or the other of them. So I arranged it so that each Robert and David had a room of their own, and if I was with one of them in their room, it meant the other stayed out. If I was with one of them in the master bedroom (we came to jokingly call it the mistress bedroom) then both were welcome at anytime.

So if I was with Robert there and David came over, he knew it was fine for him to come to bed and fuck me. In time we mastered the art of the double penetration, and now I just love to ride David’s big cock and have Robert’s smaller one up my ass. They make a great team and it seems they truly both love to get me as hot as they can.

I usually spend most nights in the mistress bedroom because I love the idea of never knowing when a threesome might start, but also because I know I’ll create trouble if I exclude one of the men more than once in awhile. Plus, as it works out each of them have me totally to themselves as often as not because of their different schedules and because David has a place of his own.

I just love it when Robert and I have made love in the mistress bedroom and then have gone to sleep. Then David comes in late and crawls into bed, wanting me. I find it so hot to have Robert next to me, letting this other man have his way with me.

David will fuck me like he isn’t even there, talking dirty to me and being rough in a way Robert never is. Robert has told me he loves to come home from work and find out from me that David has fucked me all afternoon, or walks in and we are at it like two horny dogs.

It has been about three months now and I feel like Catherine the Great. I love it. But I am keenly aware at how lucky a woman I am to have a husband like Robert, and I make sure he knows it in all sorts of ways.

After a month or so had gone by, I officially found out what I had begun to suspect: that Robert has a strong submissive streak. We were alone, and he was slowly fucking me. He began to apologize for the fact his cock was so much smaller than David’s (understatement!) and that he was less “manly” over all (true). That started a big discussion of course.

I convinced him it was safe for him to tell me anything at all (actually I ended up sensing he would open up if I ordered him to. I was right.). He told me he had always felt inferior to men like David because they were so masculine, and that he felt men like David have the superior sexual rights. I guess it is the alpha male thing.

I sensed it would be a turn on for him for me to agree, so I took a chance and did. He groaned. I pushed his head to my pussy and was rewarded by his excellent tongue. He loves being dominated. I told David all this, and told him it would be totally cool for him to be as aggressive as he chooses to be. The results have been fantastic.

I often sit on Robert’s face after David has fucked me, and we all get a real thrill out of Robert’s symbol of submission to me and David. As for David, he takes charge when the three of us are in bed and has even told Robert to get off me and make way for him! I find the assertion of hierarchy between them with me as the prize so erotic. David is getting bolder and I wonder how dominant he will become. It excites me and I’m sure Robert loves it too.

I have also found out how much I love just being with the two men, knowing they both desire me intensely. When we are sunning on the patio having a drink, or going out to eat or to a bar…it is so delicious knowing I have such a hot secret. To the public we are a couple with a friend. No one would suspect that I am often sandwiched between those two rutting men, devoted to me, driving me to heights of ecstasy.

  • Cathy.


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