Wife and the Lawyer


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Section 1

After we go to bed, you snuggle up to me and start touching me in the ways that you know turns me on – you rub my bottom, touch my nipples, and reach down and stroke my cock. I turn around and kiss you. You gently push me down towards your pussy. I take the hint and bury my face in your pussy.

While I am running my tongue up and down your slit, you ask, “You know that I love you, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I say between licks.

“Did you mean it when you told me that I could fuck other men?”

“Absolutely”, I continue to gently nibble on your pussy as my cock gets rock hard.

“And that you can’t fuck other women unless I say you can?”

“Of course, but I don’t want to fuck anyone but you”

You lie there quiet for a while and run your fingers through my hair while I lick you. I can tell you are unsure what to do. After a couple minutes, you tell me “There is a guy who works in my building who flirts with me sometimes.”

“Is he good looking?” I suck on your clit. I am very horny hearing about this.

“Yes, he is younger than us, tall and very fit.”

“Do you flirt back?” I ask.

“At first, I ignored him. Today, I talked with him for a while. He is very nice and funny.”

“What do you want to happen next?”

“I found myself wishing that he would ask me out.”

“I hope he does and that you accept. You deserve to be courted by a young stud.” I am surprised and very aroused by the direction that this conversation is taking.

“Actually, he already asked me out. I told him I would have to think about it.”

“If you like him, you should go out with him.” I say trying not to show how excited I was by the idea.

“You would really be OK with that?”

“Yes, as long as you promise that you’ll tell me some of the naughty things you guys do.” I want you so much that my cock aches (in a good way!), but I force myself to just continue gently licking and sucking on your cunt.

You are quiet for a couple of minutes. “I do really want to be seduced by him, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

I slide up next to you. My rock hard cock is pressing against your leg. I gently caress your pussy with my fingers. “See how hard my cock is? This excites me. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the idea of you being with another man turns me on. I can’t explain it, but it is true.”

“But it isn’t fair for me to do something like this and expect you to be faithful to me.”

“I know it isn’t fair. Part of the turn-on for me is that this shows that you are the one in charge when it comes to sex.”

“He wants to take me out to dinner this Saturday.”

“I hope you say yes. If you do, I’ll take you shopping for some new clothes for your date. It would turn me on to buy you some sexy clothes and underwear thinking about how some other man is going to take them off of you.”

“Oh, that would be naughty. OK, I will tell him tomorrow that it is on. I want my toy now.”

I grab your toy for you. You bring yourself off in record time. “The thought of him really turns you on, I see.”

“Yes…. Is it OK if we don’t do it tonight? I want to save myself for him.”

“Of course, you know I like it when you call the shots in bed.” We spoon. My dick is rock hard. I try to lay still but I can’t help gently rubbing against you. You fall asleep quickly. I have a hard time falling asleep since I am so excited and also scared. Finally, I fall asleep with you in my arms.


We wake up early. I start to play with your tits. You ask, “Did you really mean what you said last night?:

“Yes, I hope you are not having second thoughts”

“Only about the idea of shopping with you. I want to go shopping tonight by myself. Can you watch Brady?”

“Sure. I want to help with your preparations somehow. Can I give you some money for your shopping trip?”

“OK. Also, I am going to want you to paint my finger and toes on Saturday. You always do such a good job of that.”

“I would love that.”

“Great, you better stop touching his breasts now so I can get ready for work. Oh, I don’t want you playing with yourself, either.”

When I get home from work, you are finishing getting dinner ready. I slip an envelope with a couple hundred dollars in your pocket and kiss you on the neck. “If you need more, just ask.”

You turn and give me a hug. “After dinner, can you do some of the housework? I’m not going to have time since I am going shopping tonight. Our bathroom needs to be cleaned, the kitchen and entryway need mopping and the basement needs to be vacuumed.”

“Of course, anything to help you get ready.”

After dinner, you leave for your shopping trip; I make sure that Bray is started on his homework and start in on the chores. While I am doing the housework, my cock keeps getting hard thinking about what might happen on Saturday night. I want to jerk off, but I manage to honor your order.


When I wake up in the morning, I roll over and spoon you. You wiggle your butt against my hard cock. “I spent more than you expected. I will need another hundred dollars.”

“I’m glad you’re getting into this. Is it OK if I get it to you when you get home.”

“I need it earlier. Bring it to me at my office by lunchtime. Oh, I have a hair appointment with Cissy after work. You don’t mind if I tell her about this, do you?”

“I’ll leave it up to you who you tell.”

“OK. That’s all the fun your cock gets. Time to get up.”

Except for a trip to the ATM and your office, the rest of the day is pretty ordinary. You do have a glow about you that I have not seen in a long time.


After breakfast, you take Brady over to his Dad’s for the weekend. When you get back, you tell me to get the finger nail polish and have me put French tips on your fingers and toes. I always feel subservient to you when I give you a manicure and that is especially true this time.

You tell me a little about your date, Carl: successful lawyer, drives a BMW, works out regularly, great looks, … I have lots of conflicting feelings about what is happening. I am turned on by the way that you are taking charge in bed. I am scared that I will loose you to Carl. I am turned on by the thought of him fucking you. I am jealous of him knowing what a great lay you are.

The thought of his cock sliding into your pussy while you open yourself up for him and pull him into you with your legs drives me wild with desire for you. The bottom line is that I am just incredibly turned on by all this and there is no way I am going to stop this.

When you are satisfied with you nails, you give me a list of chores to do in the yard. You tell me that you are going to have lunch with some of your girl friends and that I have until 4 to do the chores and get cleaned up.

When you get back from your lunch, you call me into bathroom. “OK, time for you to help me get dressed. First, my pussy hairs need to be trimmed. I want to look good for Carl.”

I get the scissors and razor and I trim your pussy hairs and shave the area around it the way you like. I feel jealous that you want your pussy groomed from him the way you used to take care to groom it for me.

“Remember that sexy black dress we saw at the mall that I thought was too expensive? I had to have it for tonight. Get it and my new underwear out of the closet.”

Section 2

I get the clothes. You bought a very sexy black lace push-up bra with matching black lacy panties, some thigh-highs and the dress. You sit on the edge of the bed and tell me to dress you. I want to play with you and kiss your pussy as I am pulling on the nylons and panties, but I know that would not be allowed.

“I want you to tie the handcuffs to the headboard and then strip while I do my make-up and hair. Put a spare key to the handcufs in an envelope where you can reach them in an emergency.”

When I have done as you asked, you take a break from getting ready. I lay on the bed and put my hands above my head. You click the cuffs on my hands and then sign your name across the seal of the envelope with the spare key. “If you ever want to have my pussy again, you better not break this seal unless it is a real emergency.” You then go back into the bathroom and take your time getting your hair and makeup perfect for Carl. “How do I look?” you asked when you are done.

“You look great!”

“Do you think that Carl will want me?”

“He would be crazy if he didn’t. I know that I want you!”

“Are you sure you want me to go through with this?”

My mind is racing. Part of me is terrified about loosing you and where our relationship will go after tonight. I feel incredibly jealous of Carl and what he will do with you tonight. My dick is rock hard. I feel that being submissive to you is where I belong. I want to jerk off.

“Have a great time and show him what a hot lover my wife is.”

“Think about me” you say as you turn out the lights and walk out the door.

I lay in the dark. I spend the next few hours wondering what you will be doing tonight. I imagine the two of you in every position possible. I think about how wonderful your pussy feels when it surrounds my cock. I think about the feel of my dick buried in your ass and wonder if you are going to give him your ass.

I realize how much it has meant to me that I am (was?) the only man to have taken you there. I cry at the thought of him taking you there, but in a strange way the thought of him filling your ass with his cum makes my dick throb more. Eventually, I fall asleep.

Early Sunday morning: I wake up when you come into the room. You turn on a light. You hair and make-up are mussed. “Did you miss me?” “Yes” “Good. I had a great time with Carl.” “Tell me about it.” “Maybe later, for now I will show you.”

You take off your dress. Your panties and bra are gone. You face me and rub your breasts and point to the bite marks on them. You reach down and show me how puffy your pussy lips are. You get on the bed and stick your ass in my face.

I taste you and you taste different. I have no doubts that you gave him your ass and I feel sad and grateful at the same time that you put me in my place that way. You then move your pussy to my mouth. You reach down and open yourself up as I lick your gently. I feel something drip out of your pussy.

“I hope you like the way he tastes.” I lick continue to lick you gently. After a few minutes you get off and lie next to me. “I see that you dick likes what is happening.” You lightly stroke my dick. I moan in response. “Carl has a bigger dick than you.” When you tell me that, I can’t hold back and I blow my wad. I catch my breath and then tell you, “I Love You.” “I know. I love you too, but I am going to fuck Carl again.” “I know you will.” You then unlock my hands; we spoon and fall fast asleep.

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