Wife and Black Bartender

Section 1

We were vacationing in Jamaica, my wife hit it off with our black bartender, this is the story of their night together:

After I could no longer hear the sexy clicking of her high heels on the outside walkway I grabbed myself a cold Red Stripe beer from the fridge and went outside. I looked out over the ocean which still showed a deep turquoise color from the full moon overhead.

I was alone, and she was with him.

She wasn’t gone 10 minutes and I kicked myself for not insisting that she text me periodically thru out the evening.

Finally, after almost an hour I heard the little sound indicating a text came in and I quickly looked. There it was, her first communication of the evening to me. It was simple, but at least it was something. It read, “My feelings were right, he is very nice honey. We’re having fun.”

That was it. Ok, I was a already a little jealous but also starting to get turned on as well. I wondered, did they kiss briefly when they met? Did they dance yet? If so, how did they hold each other? What ‘kind’ of fun are they having? Had they discussed anything about going to his place? I wanted to know everything but just sent back a text saying that I love her keeping me up to date on everything and also that I, kinda needed her to.

A grueling 30 minutes went by and finally another text, it read, “Honey, it was so sweet what you put in my purse, and your note, thank you, I love you.”

I just sent back something stupid like “Glad you liked it.”

Then about 10 minutes later I got another and it said, “Babe, he saw everything you put in there. Kinda makes it hard to say I didn’t plan it.”

I didn’t know what to say to this and took a swig of my beer. I realized I was getting nervous but also excited. She was right, I hadn’t thought about the position I could put her in if he saw these items early in the evening. I hesitated and couldn’t think of how to respond.

Then, I guess she couldn’t wait and I got a short and to the point text. “Are you sure?”

Now I was absolutely going crazy. Why did I do that. By him seeing the items I put in her purse it put her in a position that actually would make it difficult for her ‘not’ to spend the night with him. Also what if he saw the note? Dammit! What if they both read it at the table together.

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. It was supposed to be more of just a tease, a fantasy, but I may have placed her in a position where if she didn’t go to his bungalow, have sex, and stay thru the evening it would have actually been awkward.

And now she was asking me if I was sure. That must mean they had gotten to the point of discussing it, or at least the idea of going back to his place. I wanted her to make the decision, not me, but the decision seemed now to be mine. I took the easiest road I could think of and text’d back. “Honey, if that’s what you want, then yes, I’m sure.”

A minute later the phone rang. I answered and it was Michelle.

“Honey, he’s in the mens room right now. Baby, he saw everything you put in my purse and he even had me show him your note. I need you to tell me what you want. He asked me to come back to his place.”

“He also saw the baby doll outfit and nylons so he thinks that’s what I was planning to wear for him if he does get me there. I’m sure he feels he’ll probably be able to have sex with me if we go there too. What should I do? It would be so hard to tell him no at this point. You have to tell me.”

I could hear the music in the background. I was confused, excited and by now, very hard. “Honey, it seems I put you in this position when I put those things in your purse, so, yes, I guess you should at least go back to his place with him.”

“Really?” She said trying to sound serious, but I thought I could also hear a little excitement in her voice when she asked that.

There was silence as I struggled to think of what to say next and then she just simply asked, “And I should let him, fuck me?”

Damn, why was she doing this. Making ‘me’ spell it out for her. She was making me be the one to ask her to go back to his place and let him fuck her.

“Yes, ………………….and fuck him.” I finally relented.

“Everything?”, She still wouldn’t stop and kept making me say to her that this is what I wanted.

“Well, yes, everything that you two want to do together.” I said.

“All night too? If he wants me to stay all night?”

“Yes, yes, that’s ok too, all night.” I answered.

“Ok baby, gotta run, he’s coming back, goodnight.” Then she just hung up.

That’s all? I asked myself. “Ok baby, goodnight? What would happen tonight now seemed inevitable and I had been the one to make it this way. I would have to accept and live by anything and everything that happened tonight.

My mind was in amazing and erotic turmoil and their night was just beginning. I wondered if there’d be anymore communication from her tonight but resigned myself to not getting any. I had another beer and tried to drift off to sleep with the phone on and right on the nearby night table in case she sent a text. Somehow I doubted she would be sending any from this point on.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well. Each time I would wake up I imagined either her on top of him fucking him or underneath him being fucked. I awoke and looked at the clock and it was now after 3am so I knew, deep down, that Michelle had let him fuck her. It had to have happened. How could it not have?

Finally, I drifted off to sleep and the next thing I knew it was after 8am. I showered and made some coffee and was standing in just a towel wrapped around me pouring my first cup when I heard her key in the door. The door opened and there she was. I knew immediately that she had sex. I also could somehow tell that it was more than once since she’d left me last night.

She stopped briefly at the open doorway and looked at me. I looked at her and it seemed neither of us knew what to say. She tried to put a soft smile on her face and whispered softly, “Good Morning.”

“Good morning.” I said. Then she started slowly walking towards me as she tossed her purse on the bed and came into my arms and held me tighter than I ever remember. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and just said, “I’m sorry, I feel so guilty today.”

I was mad, I was jealous, but I was also so damn excited. All these emotions rolled into one. I was holding my loving wife after she returned from being with another man. I was doing this yet I felt like I had to let her know that everything was ok.

Still, It was so good to have her back home and in my arms. I stroked her soft hair. She looked up at me with tear filled eyes and asked, “Do you still love me?”

“My God, of course I do baby, I said, I’m just glad to have you back.”

“Honey, I know you want to talk. Let me take a quick shower while you pour the coffee and I’ll meet you on the couch, ok?.” She said.

“Ok, sure, sounds good” I said. I wanted so much to hear about her evening but didn’t want to seem over anxious or excited either.

When she finally came out she looked like a sexy dream. She had actually put on the same sexy sheer baby doll that I had put into her purse just last night. The same one I was quite sure she had worn with him, but I needed to know.

“My God babe, you look fantastic.” I had to ask, “Did you wear that last night too?”

She hesitated answering as she searched my eyes for my reaction. Seeing that I was more curious than upset she answered sweetly, “Yes.” Then she continued and gave me some of the details she knew I must desperately need to hear.

She lowered her voice and said, “I wore it at his place, for him, but with him I wore the nylons too. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t wear them for you, their a little messy.”

Section 2

Then she did a little turn so I could look her over. Maybe it was so I could see that it was still her and her sexy little body and that physically nothing had changed. She was still my sexy little loving hot wife. She was now back and she was mine. Everything was fine.

I told her, “Babe, I was worried, that’s all. Are you, OK?”

“Yes, I’m ok, but more importantly, are you?” She asked looking up at me as she came slowly into my arms.

“Sure, I’m ok, it was a long night though.” I told her as I handed her a cup of coffee.

She let out just a little laugh probably imagining for the first time what I was doing as I waited thru the night and then whispered, “Yes, I imagine it was.”

I then took her hand and my coffee and walked her over to the couch and we sat down together. I couldn’t help looking her over. She sat up straight with her shoulders back. The outline of her full round breasts could clearly be seen under her sheer top and her nipples pushed out and showed thru the sheer fabric so beautifully. They also seemed hard and darker than normal as if she was turned on by all this. Maybe it was from the eroticism of what she was just about to disclose to her loving husband.

She noticed me looking at her breasts and her darkened hard nipples pushing outwards. When she saw where I was looking she slanted her head a little to the side and let a warm smile come to her face no doubt feeling more comfortable that I seemed still interested in her sexy body. She no doubt knew how excited I must be and seemed to like me that way. I was so anxious to hear of her night with him.

I desperately needed to get her talking about last night and to hear the details. I looked at her and gave her a warm smile as I asked, “I just want to make sure you had a good time, tell me, did you?”

Before answering she made me wait while she took a sip of coffee. Her eyes went up to mine and she slowly answered, “Yes, It…..was nice. He treated me good babe.”

She was being vague and it was driving me wild. I brushed her hair with my right hand a little as I whispered, “Good, I’m glad,” but I desperately needed to hear more.

I was so hard underneath the towel, it was difficult to hide it, but I tried.

“Then you,”……….I hesitated, for some reason finding it difficult as her husband to ask what I knew in my heart had happened. I gave her a soft kiss to reassure her that she could tell me things, damn, I had to hear. Then I completed my question, “Then you both had sex?”

She could immediately tell in my wavering voice that it was hard for me to ask. She looked into my eyes searching desperately for my feelings and then she ran her hand up my thigh. I knew what she was doing and searching for. She wanted to see if I was hard, that would tell her all she needed to know. She looked down to see if she could tell and softly ran her hand close enough to find out. There it was, she could feel it’s hardness. When she finally knew that I was hard she smiled and then ran her fingers so teasingly up along the shaft. She looked up at me again and then finally whispered, “Yes honey, we had sex.”

“Last night?” I asked.

“Well Yes, ……more than once last night.” Then she leaned into me and gave me a soft reassuring kiss and added,…………“But then, again this morning too.”

I almost came from her confession but softly stroked her hair. Finally she said, “Hon? Can I tell you everything later tonight? Right now I’m a little tired, but first, I need to know your ok with everything.” Then she took my hand and brought it so sensuously up along her sexy thigh. She slowly leaned back a little and slid her hips down as she opened her legs. Then she slid my hand up to her pussy and just over it.

I was almost shaking with excitement. “You’ll tell me everything that happened later on tonight?” I asked.

A soft smile came to her and she only slowly and seductively nodded her head. “Yes, everything, tonight, I promise. I want to, I want you to know.”

Then looking deep into my eyes she held my hand against her warm pussy and blew me away when she whispered softly, “Honey, I showered on the outside, ………………………but he’s still very much inside of me.”

I was now going crazy and I barely got the words out of my mouth without stuttering, “You mean, …..his cum?”

Now she was sure I was excited and she also knew just what to say.

She slowly nodded her head, “Yes, his cum. Honey, there was so much. I’ve never seen a man cum like he did.”

Then she reached down and looking into my eyes she slowly pulled her panties aside for me. Then with her legs spread wide she asked, “Honey, here look, you can probably see it.”

She saw me trying to look and then she softly took my hand and moved it to her swollen, warm, and still open lips. “Here, ………………slip your finger inside, it’s ok, go ahead, do you feel it? Do you feel his cum in me?”

My finger slipped so easily inside. She was driving me wild and she felt so warm and full. I felt like I was in a trance and only could nod my head, yes, I could feel it.

She must have felt comfortable now that everything was ok with me. That I wasn’t upset or overly jealous and that she was even turning me on by all this. She looked deep into my eyes and then softly whispered, “That’s his.”

I finally slipped my finger out of her and it glistened with what mostly must have been his wetness. She watched me intently as I looked at it. I was now finally and fully realizing what had happened last night.

Then, slowly, with a soft smile she took my wet fingers in her tiny soft hand, looked into my eyes and with her lips she softly kissed my wet finger tip. Some of the pearl white wetness was on her upper lip and as she looked at me she licked it off, then as I watched, she swallowed.

Then slowly she raised my own fingers upwards to my mouth as she whispered so slowly, “Show me? I really need to know your ok with everything that happened, that you still love me and your not upset with me. Then she moved it to my lips and continued to whisper, “Please? This is how I’ll know for sure, ….lick your fingers. Lick them clean, I want to watch you do it.”

How could she be asking me to do this? I did want her to know it was ok. I wanted her to know and to really feel it because I knew then that she would share all the nights details with me, if she was comfortable. It seemed the only way she would truly believe me and the only way she would open up about last night.

I hesitated briefly, but then, slowly I licked the sides of my finger and then I even sucked my finger clean as she watched me. I couldn’t believe it, but I did.

When she saw me actually do it she smiled and said, “Oh honey, Yes, that’s it, I love you, so much.” Then she leaned into me and kissed me deeply.

She then lovingly reached down and slowly separated the towel around my waist letting my hard cock stand up and out. She gazed down at it and I couldn’t help wondering if she was comparing me to Mike’s own cock. I had already learned so far that she admitted to having been fucked by his at least three times while she was with him last night so now seeing mine it made sense for her to maybe compare.

“Oh baby, your’s is so hard, are you excited? You are aren’t you? Honey I’m tired and a little sore but I know you must need some release. Now, come, I want to feel my ‘husband’s’ in me. I want you to make love to me too. I want you to cum in me too.”

“You do want me now don’t you?” She asked as she took my hand and walked me over to the bed.

Section 3

“More than I ever have.” I answered. I knelt before her and reached up and slowly slid her thong down over her hips, down her thighs and finally helped her step out of them. When her pussy came into view I even leaned forward and kissed it 4 or 5 times. I noticed the lips were still swollen and even a little open. I could tell he must have been considerably larger than me, but I wouldn’t ask, not now. She would tell me all about that tonight, I was sure. Then I took her to bed and positioned her on her hands and knees as I pushed two pillows under her hips.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled and said, “Ohhh, you want me from behind too baby?” Then she rested her head on her arms on the bed as she arched her back and pushed her sexy ass up high for me.

I put my hands on her hips and wondered if Mike had her like this too. Is this what she was telling me, that he had her like this too? I just had to know and as I moved up behind her I casually whispered, “Michelle, are you saying that Mike had you like this too?”

I heard what almost sounded like a brief laugh, then silence and then she raised her head and turned back at me and I saw that she was indeed smiling as she answered me, “Yes, this morning he took me like this too.”

“So, I’m the second one this morning to have you like this?”

“Yes baby, your the second this morning to take me like this.” she answered.

Oh my God I thought, I can’t take anymore talk I needed release.

I was her loving husband and needed her so badly, but for that brief moment she had made me feel like I was nothing more than ‘the next guy’ to put his cock in her like this. It didn’t bother me, in fact, somehow it made it even more exciting.

Then she moved each leg outward a little as she lowered her hips which caused her pussy to open for me in anticipation. The movement brought me back to realty. She was eager, ready, and waiting for another cock to penetrate her. I couldn’t wait and buried myself deep in her with one push. She never gasped or even moaned. She just took it as if I had moved up in line and was merely the next guy to have her.

I then held her hips and fucked her like never before. I only lasted a minute but I came as hard as I ever have.

She was back home. My loving and very hot wife was back in bed with me and in my arms.

Afterwards we both drifted off to sleep as I imagined finally hearing about her evening with Mike later today.

When I finally awoke it was almost noon.

I looked up at the ceiling and recalled the events of last night, and this morning, and then I looked over at my sleeping sexy wife next to me and found myself smiling.

Everything was ok I thought to myself, we had ‘experimented’ with our sex life once more and it turned out extremely erotic this time as well.

It had been a bit more frustrating for me this time having to wait back at our place while she went with him, but at the same time it was also unbelievably exciting. I had yet to even hear the details of what happened last night and I needed to badly. I also couldn’t deny that she was so much more ‘attentive’ to me when she would be feeling a touch of guilt inside.

Just then Michelle woke up herself and raised her arms as if reaching for the ceiling and let out a deep breath which caused her breasts to rise up nicely stretching her top. I leaned over and we kissed. She smiled and said, “Good morning sexy, it feels good to be back in our bed again.”

I looked at her and gave her left breast a little feel as I asked, “You mean you didn’t like Mikes bed?”

She smiled and slapped my arm and said, “You bad boy, no, I didn’t exactly say that.”

It was a little levity, but with those comments we had already acknowledged that we were both comfortable with what happened last night. As two loving, married, and sexual people we had let ourselves actually enjoy what was probably the most trusting and erotic sexual experience a loving couple could ever have together.

We showered, dressed, and went and had a relaxing lunch by the water. I tried to get some details but she would only give me ‘tid bits’ and would tell me that ‘later’ we can talk. She would blush so sweetly when I would try to bring anything up about last night. She told me that she still felt a little guilty about the ‘things’ they did together while I was back in our room alone. She asked me again if I was ok with everything.

I told her I was.

We relaxed, Michelle laid out by the pool in her black bikini while I read most of the day. I enjoyed being the voyeur of my sexy wife once again as she lay with her top undone in back. Mike did stop by and talk to her. I watched as I saw them talking and laughing together. James, the bartender, also stopped by and brought her some cool drinks a couple of times during the day. He sat down on her lounge chair and they talked. At one point he even put lotion on her back.

The beautiful day went by so quickly and before we knew it the sun was going down. Michelle finally came back to the room and I noticed she was starting to look so tan. We showered again and both decided to stay in tonight and have some drinks from our fridge and maybe order room service later.

She knew it was time to ‘show and tell’ and asked me what she should wear. I told her just a sexy pair of thong panties and the sheer matching top would be fine. She changed and came out and showed me she was wearing the sexy ‘hot wife’ ankle bracelet I had bought for her on her night with Sean. I mentioned that the anklet was becoming even more appropriate now and she was my beautiful and sexy hot wife.

We got ourselves a drink and sat down on the couch and with the gentle sounds of the ocean waves in the background she slowly began to finally tell me about her night.

When she sat down next to me she took my hand in hers, looked me in the eyes and asked, “Honey, I love you and as your wife I still feel guilty about the things I did and spending the night with Michel. I know you said your ok with all this but tell me, does it really turn you on as well?”

“It does, it really does, I told her. It’s hard to describe but my God, thinking about you with him last night and what you two might be doing was unbelievably erotic for me.”

“Then me now telling you things we did together will excite you?”

“Yes, it will,” I told her.

“And I should tell you everything? Even if some things may be hard for you to hear?”

“Yes, everything. If there’s things you think might bother me it’s all ok. Just be truthful that’s all.”

She finally smiled looking relieved. Then with her hand she brushed the side of my face and said, “Well, ok.”

Then she began her story.

“When I left you and got to the Blue Martini bar Michael had already gotten a booth for us. We kissed briefly, sat down and he bought me drink. He told me I looked great, which was nice to hear because I really wanted to look nice for him. We danced twice and it was soon after that when I discovered the baby doll and nylons you had put in my purse and sent you a text.” She said.

“Was he there with you when you saw it?”

“No, not then, but I guess I didn’t close it all the way and he noticed part of it showing just a little later.”

“So he knew what it was right away?”

Section 4

“Well no, not exactly, I saw him looking and, well, you have to remember we had danced a little by then and I think we were both a little turned on about where the night might lead us.”

“What are you saying? He didn’t know what it was? So how did he come to find out what it was?” I asked.

“Well, I didn’t mention that earlier he asked me about how I was able to meet him there, you know, without you. So we had been talking a little about, you know, things you like me to do sometimes.”

It was becoming clear that this was no accident and I came out and just asked. “Honey, are you saying you showed him?”

She hesitated and then whispered, “I guess so, yes.”

I realized then that she must have already decided that she would go with Mike. She also may have already decided to spend the night with him.

“So he knew that your husband put those things in your purse in case you spent the night with him, that’s a little embarrassing you know.”

“Oh honey, I told you I thought it was so sweet and he only found it exciting, believe me.”

“Still, I imagine you two talking about me doing that. Ok, what happened next?” I asked.

‘Well, I remembered how nice he said his place was and asked him about it. That’s when he asked me to go there with him.”

“Is that when you called me?” I asked.

“Yes, just before we left and he was in the men’s room. After talking with you we left and went to his place. It was a beautiful place and he showed me everything while his arm was around me. Then in the huge master bedroom he showed me the bathroom and then I think he kissed me and he said that I could ‘change’ in there.”

“He asked you to change and already he wanted you to put those things on for him?

“I know, I thought it was a little forward of him to expect me to do that so soon too.”

“But, you did?” I dared to ask feeling like I already knew the answer.

“Well, yes, I guess I did. Oh honey things were happening that are hard to explain now. I mean he was so nice and we did talk about this plus he did buy me those drinks. I guess, in some way thought I should.”

“Honey, that baby doll is so sheer, and to let him see you in that so early in the evening. Surely when you came out after undressing and putting those things on he must have easily seen, well, everything.”

“I know, I mean I did hesitate a little before coming out being that it showed so much of me, but he also had turned down the lights down a little so it wasn’t so bad.”

“So, tell me, how was he when you came out?”

“Well, I stayed in there quite awhile.

“Why, because you were nervous?” I asked.

Well, no, not really. I guess I really wanted to look nice for him, I mean this would be the first time with someone else without you being there. When I thought I looked good, well sexy, I finally came out and he smiled and said I looked really hot.

Honestly, when he said that it made me feel much more comfortable dressed like that in front of him. I could really see in his eyes that he liked seeing me the way I looked, so that felt good. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I had even taken the time to put my heels back on for him too.”

“That was good, you really wanted to look sexy and you know men like women in heels when their wearing lingerie. Were you feeling shy at all?”

“Well, surprisingly no, not really. I even walked up to him and as I did I ‘let’ him look me up and down. His eyes literally went from my breasts and their nipples, down between my legs, and then back up to my breasts again. Then, I think I even turned around for him to see, you know, my backside too.”

“So you even modeled for him. Baby, he must have been able to see everything. He must have been able to see your breasts and their nipples and even the ‘landing strip’ on your pussy too.”

“Oh, he did, I’m sure, I knew he could see. Do you want to know why?”

“Why” I asked.

“Because, I asked him if he could.”

“You actually came out and asked him if he could see everything ok?”

She looked a little embarrassed at my question and let a little smile come to her face as she said, “yes, I did, I guess I just wanted to hear him say that he could, you know, see everything ok.”

“Everything? I asked. Then I told her to say it, to tell me what ‘everything’ was. I told her I wanted to hear her say it.”

“Come on, you know, everything,” She smiled.

I looked at her letting her know this was turning me on and whispered again, “Say it.”

She looked down briefly showing a hint of shyness, then back up and whispered back, “babe you know, my tits and my nipples.”

Then she hesitated and finally continued, “and my pussy, and my ass.”

“That’s better,” I told her. Babe, it really sounds like you were ready and excited to have sex with him. Were you? Tell me, were you ready to let him fuck you?”

“Yes, I think I was. Remember I mentioned I might be more comfortable without you there watching and I guess it really came out that I was.”

“Then I guess it was good for both of you that we let you go alone this time. What happened next?” I asked.

“Next, he came and put his arm around me and walked me to the couch. When we sat down we both started to make out on the couch and I felt his hands starting to, you know, feel me up.” She said.

“So you didn’t try to stop him or anything.” I asked.

Looking almost irritated at my stupid question she looked at me and said, “no, of course not honey, I wanted his hands on me, to feel me. Babe, I wanted to fuck him, and I wanted to let him fuck me. Anyway, we had talked about this.”

She must have felt it was time to turn me on before she tells me anymore. Her hand went down and opened my shorts and let my hard cock out. When she saw that I was in fact hard she smiled a devilish smile and asked me if her telling me all this was turning me on.

Then she got off the couch and knelt down between my legs. She then reached up and said, “raise your hips for me, I want to take these off so I can see everything better.” I raised up and then she slid my shorts down and finally off.

She threw the shorts to the side and pushed my legs further apart and looked at me. She was looking me over like a curious schoolgirl seeing her first hard cock and for some reason I found that very exciting.

Finally, she looked up at me, lowered her voice to almost a whisper and started to give me a vivid description.

“The first time that he had me, he just turned me around, pulled my panties part way down to my thighs, and then just bent me over the couch and ‘took me’, just like that. I couldn’t believe how good it felt when he pushed it in. Then later we fucked again with me on top as he sucked both my nipples.”

“Oh my God babe,” I moaned.

“Then, this morning, just before I came back to you, he wanted me again and he took me from behind. He did it while I was down on my hands and knees on his bed.”

She knew what this was doing to me and kept glancing at my cock as she would talk.

Then she softly slipped her left palm under my balls as she lightly lifted them and started to gently caress them. She seemed in deep thought. She did this for a long while just watching my reaction. She’d look at my balls in her soft hand then her eyes would go up to look at my reaction and then back down again. It was then that she looked at me and blew me away when she said, “These feel so much different.”

“Different? I could barely ask.

Section 5

She watched my expression as she slowly said, “Yes, they’ll much smaller.”

She knew this would drive me crazy and continued her torture as she said, “Honey, you weren’t there this time so I want to describe how different he was then you. I need to tell you that, you don’t mind do you? Can you take me telling you about his cock?”

By this time I could only mutter a faint, “Yes, it’s ok.”

Then she continued, “Good, ok, he had such beautiful cock and balls. It was all so different then yours, but all in a good way. These, the balls, were like huge eggs on him, while I guess yours are more like marbles.”

I raised my hips and let out a moan and she knew this teasing was driving me mad, yet she continued.

She saw me squirming and whispered, “Honey, are you ok?”

“Yes, it’s ok, go ahead,” I moaned.

“OK, well they were so nice and big so when he would cum, there was so much more, you know, then when your cock shoots it’s cum. Oh, but my favorite was the head, and, well, of course the shaft itself. My God the head was huge, like a huge mushroom, not like this.” Then she took her fingertips and lightly squeezed the head of my own cock.

Then she looked up again and said, “Honey?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“I’m not sure if I ever told you but with a bigger head on a cock, it feels so much better for a woman, you know, when it pushes past the lips and slides inside.”

She was driving me wild and she knew it. Then she slipped her tiny hand around my own shaft and slowly started to stroke me as she continued.

“Oh honey, his shaft, on his cock, damn, it was probably twice as thick as this one. That made such a difference when he would drive it into me. Well I might as well just say it, when he would ‘fuck me’ with it.”

Her talking and her stroking were taking me to the edge. I would raise my hips up and down signaling my excitement to her which only made her smile and drove her to be even more vivid. Even with the air conditioning on I was wet with sweat.

Then, one time when I raised my hips up off the couch while her left hand was on my shaft she pulled me up by my cock even a little higher. Then, she started to slowly slip the middle finger of her right hand into my ass. Once it slipped in she ever so slowly started fingering me there while she continued to stroke my hard cock and talk.

“Honey, I’m sorry, but it felt better in me then yours, ‘much’ better actually. I wish I could say I thought about you and your cock while I was with him, but I didn’t, I couldn’t, not with his beautiful cock thrusting into me.”

I started to lose it and raised my hips even higher showing I was about to cum.

She continued.

“The second time we fucked each other he even came out and asked me if he was better, better at fucking me. Can you believe that? He actually wanted to know if fucking was better with him. He wanted to know if he fucked me better than my own husband does, better than when you fuck me. It wasn’t fair because he asked me while he was thrusting deep inside me. I even told him that.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, it felt too good, and it ‘was’ better. I tried not to embarrass you and tell him he was better then you, I really did, but honey, I did tell him.”

“I even went as far as to tell him that there was really no comparison. I told him while he was thrusting into me that his cock felt so much better than my husbands tiny cock. I’m sorry honey, I couldn’t help it, I had or else he might have stopped, but it was also true.”

That did it, the first shot came out and she quickly moved up and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Then she tightly sealed her lips around the shaft. She had never done this before when I came. She continued her stroking with her right hand as her left softly squeezed my balls. She wanted to make sure they would surely empty all their contents. With each shot of cum I would moan and with each moan I could hear her as she swallowed.

My God she was literally milking me, draining me.

She continued long after I was done until finally I was losing my hardness, then she finally let my cock slip from her mouth. I fell down sideways on the couch totally exhausted. She moved closer and then leaned over me as she softly sucked each of my nipples leaving them standing up hard and glistening.

Then, she moved up, looked down at me and smiled the sweetest smile as she leaned down and gave me the most passionate and deep kiss, purposely, pushing her tongue deep within my mouth so I also could taste myself.

Then she whispered, “Damn, I love you.”

I had to ask and whispered up at her, “Tell me, was he really that good? Did you really tell him all those things?”

She looked down at me and gave me the warmest and sweetest smile but only whispered back, “Shhhhh, let it go honey. It’s ok, rest now, let’s take a nap.”

“Please, I need to know, just tell me the truth, tell me, … yes or no.”

At first she didn’t know what to do, after all, she really didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

Normally she would have laughed it off and told me “of course not,” but not now.

Now we had both realized how wonderfully erotic these encounters have made in our own love life. Neither of us wanted to risk causing any insecurity that the other was not totally truthful. We had made a promise to each other right from the beginning.

She looked down at me, brushed the side of my face and gave a soft smile. Then, her smile disappeared as she looked deep into my eyes and whispered so softly, “Yes.”

We would relive this for years to come.


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