Wife and Black Bartender  4.8/5 (39)

We were vacationing in Jamaica, my wife hit it off with our black bartender, this is the story of their night together:

After I could no longer hear the sexy clicking of her high heels on the outside walkway I grabbed myself a cold Red Stripe beer from the fridge and went outside. I looked out over the ocean which still showed a deep turquoise color from the full moon overhead.

I was alone, and she was with him.

She wasn’t gone 10 minutes and I kicked myself for not insisting that she text me periodically thru out the evening.

Finally, after almost an hour I heard the little sound indicating a text came in and I quickly looked. There it was, her first communication of the evening to me. It was simple, but at least it was something. It read, “My feelings were right, he is very nice honey. We’re having fun.”

That was it. Ok, I was a already a little jealous but also starting to get turned on as well. I wondered, did they kiss briefly when they met? Did they dance yet? If so, how did they hold each other? What ‘kind’ of fun are they having? Had they discussed anything about going to his place? I wanted to know everything but just sent back a text saying that I love her keeping me up to date on everything and also that I, kinda needed her to.

A grueling 30 minutes went by and finally another text, it read, “Honey, it was so sweet what you put in my purse, and your note, thank you, I love you.”

I just sent back something stupid like “Glad you liked it.”

Then about 10 minutes later I got another and it said, “Babe, he saw everything you put in there. Kinda makes it hard to say I didn’t plan it.”

I didn’t know what to say to this and took a swig of my beer. I realized I was getting nervous but also excited. She was right, I hadn’t thought about the position I could put her in if he saw these items early in the evening. I hesitated and couldn’t think of how to respond.

Then, I guess she couldn’t wait and I got a short and to the point text. “Are you sure?”

Now I was absolutely going crazy. Why did I do that. By him seeing the items I put in her purse it put her in a position that actually would make it difficult for her ‘not’ to spend the night with him. Also what if he saw the note? Dammit! What if they both read it at the table together.

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. It was supposed to be more of just a tease, a fantasy, but I may have placed her in a position where if she didn’t go to his bungalow, have sex, and stay thru the evening it would have actually been awkward.

And now she was asking me if I was sure. That must mean they had gotten to the point of discussing it, or at least the idea of going back to his place. I wanted her to make the decision, not me, but the decision seemed now to be mine. I took the easiest road I could think of and text’d back. “Honey, if that’s what you want, then yes, I’m sure.”

A minute later the phone rang. I answered and it was Michelle.

“Honey, he’s in the mens room right now. Baby, he saw everything you put in my purse and he even had me show him your note. I need you to tell me what you want. He asked me to come back to his place.”

“He also saw the baby doll outfit and nylons so he thinks that’s what I was planning to wear for him if he does get me there. I’m sure he feels he’ll probably be able to have sex with me if we go there too. What should I do? It would be so hard to tell him no at this point. You have to tell me.”

I could hear the music in the background. I was confused, excited and by now, very hard. “Honey, it seems I put you in this position when I put those things in your purse, so, yes, I guess you should at least go back to his place with him.”

“Really?” She said trying to sound serious, but I thought I could also hear a little excitement in her voice when she asked that.

There was silence as I struggled to think of what to say next and then she just simply asked, “And I should let him, fuck me?”

Damn, why was she doing this. Making ‘me’ spell it out for her. She was making me be the one to ask her to go back to his place and let him fuck her.

“Yes, ………………….and fuck him.” I finally relented.

“Everything?”, She still wouldn’t stop and kept making me say to her that this is what I wanted.

“Well, yes, everything that you two want to do together.” I said.

“All night too? If he wants me to stay all night?”

“Yes, yes, that’s ok too, all night.” I answered.

“Ok baby, gotta run, he’s coming back, goodnight.” Then she just hung up.

That’s all? I asked myself. “Ok baby, goodnight? What would happen tonight now seemed inevitable and I had been the one to make it this way. I would have to accept and live by anything and everything that happened tonight.

My mind was in amazing and erotic turmoil and their night was just beginning. I wondered if there’d be anymore communication from her tonight but resigned myself to not getting any. I had another beer and tried to drift off to sleep with the phone on and right on the nearby night table in case she sent a text. Somehow I doubted she would be sending any from this point on.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well. Each time I would wake up I imagined either her on top of him fucking him or underneath him being fucked. I awoke and looked at the clock and it was now after 3am so I knew, deep down, that Michelle had let him fuck her. It had to have happened. How could it not have?

Finally, I drifted off to sleep and the next thing I knew it was after 8am. I showered and made some coffee and was standing in just a towel wrapped around me pouring my first cup when I heard her key in the door. The door opened and there she was. I knew immediately that she had sex. I also could somehow tell that it was more than once since she’d left me last night.

She stopped briefly at the open doorway and looked at me. I looked at her and it seemed neither of us knew what to say. She tried to put a soft smile on her face and whispered softly, “Good Morning.”

“Good morning.” I said. Then she started slowly walking towards me as she tossed her purse on the bed and came into my arms and held me tighter than I ever remember. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and just said, “I’m sorry, I feel so guilty today.”

I was mad, I was jealous, but I was also so damn excited. All these emotions rolled into one. I was holding my loving wife after she returned from being with another man. I was doing this yet I felt like I had to let her know that everything was ok.

Still, It was so good to have her back home and in my arms. I stroked her soft hair. She looked up at me with tear filled eyes and asked, “Do you still love me?”

“My God, of course I do baby, I said, I’m just glad to have you back.”

“Honey, I know you want to talk. Let me take a quick shower while you pour the coffee and I’ll meet you on the couch, ok?.” She said.

“Ok, sure, sounds good” I said. I wanted so much to hear about her evening but didn’t want to seem over anxious or excited either.

When she finally came out she looked like a sexy dream. She had actually put on the same sexy sheer baby doll that I had put into her purse just last night. The same one I was quite sure she had worn with him, but I needed to know.

“My God babe, you look fantastic.” I had to ask, “Did you wear that last night too?”

She hesitated answering as she searched my eyes for my reaction. Seeing that I was more curious than upset she answered sweetly, “Yes.” Then she continued and gave me some of the details she knew I must desperately need to hear.

She lowered her voice and said, “I wore it at his place, for him, but with him I wore the nylons too. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t wear them for you, their a little messy.”

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