When Nothing Happens 4.8/5 (115)

Bill again thrust forward. Lara seemed to be holding her breath, and then let out a big sigh, as Bill withdrew.

On the third thrust, Bill pushed deep into Lara, and she grabbed his shoulders softly shouting “Oh, shit….” He thrust again; forcing Lara into the mattress… she winced… “Wait. Too deep…”

Bill froze. “This is as deep as it gets…”

“Wait a sec…” Lara shifted her body beneath Bill. “Okay… Just take is easy at the beginning… mister”.

Bill laughed. “Yes ma’am. May I continue?”

Lara toyed with him, “Let me think about it for a minute…”

I could see Bill slowly withdraw and the press back in. Lara’s head went back and she groaned.

“Please, may I continue?”

Lara reached down, and appeared to grab Bill’s ass. She cooed, “Continue…”

Bill slowly withdrew and then drove in again, faster. Lara gave a sharp grunt as Bill bottomed out. Her raspy voice sounded out again, a little louder “Continue…”

Bill increased the pace, with Lara answering each more forceful thrust, “Continue… Continue… Ohhh… Continue… Yes… Contin… Con… Uhh… Oooh…”

Bill steadily worked at my wife, increasing every minute, until about fifteen minutes later he was driving in like a madman. I shook my head. I try to set my wife up for a one night stand and she ends up picking up fucking superman…

Lara clutched at Bill, alternately pulling her head to his shoulder and then letting it fall back onto the bed. Her voice was now a frantic whisper “Yes… Ooo… good… good… good… oh… oh…”

Bill forcefully lifted Lara’s head from the bed, and began attacking her face and neck with rough kisses… He clutched at her as if to break her in half, all the time moving in an out of her, faster and faster…

Lara’s head began nodding side to side and the fingers on both her hands stretched open as she wildly rubbed the sides of Bill’s torso. Her hips moved down into Bill’s thrusts, and her voice suddenly burst out louder, delirious with pleasure. She was coming again. “Oh god… Oh god… Oh god… Ohhhh… Ohhhh….”

Again! In all our years together, Lara had never had two orgasms so close together…

Lara bucked beneath Bill’s thrusts, mouth open, alternately moaning and quietly crying out. Her legs pulled Bill into her as spasms of joy rolled through her body. After a final shuddering cry, she seemed slowly let go of Bill and sink into the mattress, completely spent.

Bill continued thrusting, holding Lara’s limp body in his huge arms.

“Lara! Lara! Oh Lara!” Bill was now completely out of control, with each thrust Lara gave a hoarse groan of pleasure and exhaustion. With a last series of furious pumps, Bill came with a muffled roar, pausing a second at the end of each inward thrust, groaning with a pleasure I believe only my wife can give. His thrusts slowed and then eventually stopped. The two were completely still for a few minutes, and then Bill rolled of Lara, his erection subsiding within the condom.

All was quiet.

I almost turned off the tape when Lara’s voice spoke out in a quiet whisper…

“Is it dead now?”

They both burst out laughing, and Bill gave Lara a sharp slap on the side of her butt.

“Dead and gone.”

Eventually they both moved under the sheets. Bill appeared to be asleep in a second, Lara following suit after about ten minutes.

The tape then went blank.


I have often wondered about my fantasy. Am I selfish? Stupid? Sick? All I can say is that the chance to see my wife, by far the sexiest person I know, in the throes of wanton passion was the most shocking, but unbelievably erotic thing I have ever seen.

Lara demanded and oversaw the erasing of that astounding recording. She is only occasionally willing to talk about “that night”, but invariably it leads to a hot session of sex when she does so. At the same time, I see a change in her. She seems more confident and content with herself. In short, I believe she has started to understand, at least a little, how she appears to me (and most any other red blooded hetero guy).

In the months that have passed, Lara has indicated no desire to ever repeat that faithful night. Given our children and schedules, even if we wanted to, there has never been an appropriate time or place.

However, just the other day, as we were rearranging the walk-in closet, Lara moved a suitcase and a business card fell out and fluttered onto the carpet. I looked at it over her shoulder as she read the name, “James Coyle.”

Lara fingered the card, a little smile on her face.

I held a trash can out to her, with raised eyebrows. “Trash?”

Lara stood up. “I don’t know… I guess I’ll keep it…”

With that she began walking out of the closet, and without turning around, she raised the card above her head, her coy voice trailing behind her.

“I guess SOMETHING could just happen. You never know.”

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    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    Great and arousing story. Well written. Thank you

  • NoCarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    I loved it. Very hot!

  • Nocarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    How do we get more from this author?

  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 15, 2019

    Amazing wow I loved the story. That was so hot and well written. Gave me a million ideas for me and my wife.


  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 16, 2019

    BTW it would be even more exciting if we saw a couple of pictures so we can put a face to the story!!!

  • Dani

    Reply Reply July 7, 2019

    Best story i had ever read
    Amazing and tide you to complete it

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