When Nothing Happens 4.8/5 (115)

Bill’s left hand slid down the front of Lara’s thong, while he cupped Lara’s head with his other hand, alternately kissing her neck, lips and breasts. Lara’s legs immediately parted to receive the probing hand. I could see Bill’s fingers moving actively beneath the black fabric. It was clear he knew what he was doing, as Lara’s legs continued to spread apart wider, and her hips began to move gently up and down.

Bill then sat up on the bed and began kissing down her stomach toward her beautiful cunt. He pulled off her underwear, tossing them toward the camcorder.

Unlike giving oral sex, Lara loves to receive oral sex. I love every aspect of going down on her, it is as sweet an experience as one can imagine, and so I watched in fascination to see what Bill would do.

But he didn’t go down on her.

He gently raised her to a sitting position, kissed her and said “I would love to take you from behind.” A look of reluctance passed across Lara’s face, and then, without a word, she silently nodded in assent.

Bill left the bed for an instant and returned with a condom. I muttered to myself, “I hope that’s freaking supersize.”

Bill eased Lara forward until she was on her knees and forearms, facing the camcorder. I watched, breathless, as Bill moved into position behind her and put on the condom. A look of both arousal and uncertainty was on Lara face. Bill ran his large hands from Lara’s shoulders, along the small of her back, and down the round cheeks of her ass. I could see Lara’s eyes slowly blink and look from side to side waiting in anticipation.

Bill made small movements to get into position, and then leaned forward, I could barely make out his voice, “I will stop at any time, just let me know.”

Lara silently nodded her head.

With that, Bill gently lifted Lara’s at the waist to raise her higher off the bed. He slowly stroked her back with one hand, and appeared to use the other to guide his enormous penis to her waiting opening.

Bill then slowly leaned forward, pressing into my beautiful wife. Lara’s eyes grew wide, as her entire body shifted forward, “Oh jeez…” Bill stopped, and Lara closed her eyes and took a few shallow breaths. Bill leaned forward kissing the back of Lara’s neck while his hands rubbed her stomach and caressed her breasts. “Are you okay?”

Again, Lara nodded in silence.

Bill returned upright, and placed both hands on Lara’s hips. For the second time, he pressed forward, this time slightly further. Lara closed her eyes, her face tight with a mix of pleasure and discomfort, mouth slightly open, but silent. When Bill stopped, she opened her eyes and gave a long exhale that sounded of both pleasure and relief.

Bill then began to move, slowly in and out, appearing to go no further than his second thrust. He leaned forward, and his right hand slid down Lara’s belly and disappeared between her legs. I watched as Lara face slowly transitioned to pure pleasure. Her eyelids lowered and she silently began to mouth the word “Oyo”, over and over again.

Minutes passed, with Lara obviously enjoying the experience more and more. Bill then rose up again and returned both hands to her hips. For the third time he slowly pressed forward. Lara lifted her head, her eyes shut tight in what I can only call a look of bewildered pleasure. Again, Bill stopped, and then with a slow, steady rhythm, thrust in and out, pressing no further than before, on each inward thrust.

Lara’s extreme pleasure was now audible. As is her way, an “Oh…” would escape from her lips, followed by the sound of a long inhaled breath over clenched teeth. These sounds continued and grew louder as Bill kept up the steady movements. He was now leaning forward and gently pinching her nipples and rubbing her back. Lara lowered her head to the bed, so that all that was visible was the mass of her curly hairs, moving to the rhythm of Bill’s thrusts.

After steadily moving in and out for at least ten minutes, Bill slowly pulled back, and for a fourth time, he pressed even further into Lara’s exquisite body. Lara raised her head, hair falling in front of her face “Oh… God… Oh…” Her face was a mix of utter pleasure and a little alarm. She started to raise her arm off the bed, and turn her head backward toward Bill. Bill leaned forward looking to Lara, but at the same time started moving slowly in and out. Again, he checked on her, “Okay”.

Lara gave a silent nod, continuing to look backward. Bill leaned forward, kissing her neck, and moving one hand gently from her throat to her nipples, all the time continuing to thrust. He then nibbled along her ear and kissed her now disheveled hair. His face had the look of man in heaven. He looked at her with adoration. “I’m in. All the way.”

Lara gave a breathy laugh, and then straightened out, facing the camcorder once more. Bill began, at a slightly faster rate, to push in and then pull out, his large hands moving wildly over Lara’s back. She closed her eyes and slowly moved her head from side to side, mouth slightly open, wrapped in pleasure.

Bill then began to pick up the pace, but only slightly. He continued to caress her, and talk to her, “Oh Lara. Oh, you are so beautiful. God, you’re beautiful…”

Lara once again lowered her head. But I began to notice, more and more, that she would press back as Bill thrust in. Soon, her hips began to rock in a small circular fashion, and her breath drew in deep gasps. I watched, heart pounding, as she raised her head in ecstasy, back arching in the first throes of a tremendous orgasm. She groaned, clutching the bedspread with her hands and then moaned out loud, chest heaving, head rolling side to side on the bed, “Oh yes…” Her voice was a harsh hiss, “Oh yes…” She bucked and swayed losing herself in wave after wave of pleasure. Slowly, her voice quieted to quiet whimpers, and she collapsed onto the bed.

Bill slowed his thrusting, and then slowly withdrew from deep within Lara. Lara let out a faint sigh.

To my utter shock, Bill appeared to still be rock hard. I had been so engrossed at my wife’s gorgeous face; I wasn’t really paying attention to Bill’s body language. Didn’t he come? How could someone have such control… particularly when faced with the sexiest ass I know. I looked on in awe as he moved forward and gently rolled her onto her back. He kissed her deeply. At first, Lara could hardly react, and moved like a rag doll, and Bill continued down her neck. As he approached her breast her hands reached up to stop him, “Too sensitive…”

Unfazed, Bill leaned close to Lara’s face, moving her hair, now damp with sweat, from her face. “I want you like this, lying down.”

Lara’s head lifted from the bed and stared down at the huge cock still raging between Bill’s legs. Her head fell to the bed, and she laughed, “What the heck do I have to do to get rid of that monster!”

Bill said in a mocking tone, “Don’t worry, I plan to take care of it.” With that, he slid over and slowly moved Lara legs apart until his waist was firmly between her legs. He reached his arms beneath her. In this position, Lara face was just about level with Bill’s throat. She tilted her head back as Bill whispered something in her ear.

Lara wrapped her arms around his wide torso and looked up into his face. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Their hips shifted as she reached down to guide his huge penis back into her once more. “Wait… okay… okay… just go slow…”

Lara let out muffled grunt as Bill’s hips slowly thrust forward. “Uhh..” Lara seemed uncomfortable, and Bill stopped again. Lara rubbed Bill’s back. “It’s okay. Just keep it slow…”



    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    Great and arousing story. Well written. Thank you

  • NoCarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    I loved it. Very hot!

  • Nocarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    How do we get more from this author?

  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 15, 2019

    Amazing wow I loved the story. That was so hot and well written. Gave me a million ideas for me and my wife.


  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 16, 2019

    BTW it would be even more exciting if we saw a couple of pictures so we can put a face to the story!!!

  • Dani

    Reply Reply July 7, 2019

    Best story i had ever read
    Amazing and tide you to complete it

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