When Nothing Happens 4.8/5 (115)

“Yeah, and Bill was a real ugly clod, too.”

A smile reappeared on Lara’s face. She sighed. “Well… I don’t want to see it. I guess you can see it, but then you have to erase it. But, right now, just come here and hold me.”

I got into the bed next to Lara. I was very horny, but content, as she was clearly too tired for sex. After she dozed off, I placed a sign on her room door to ensure housekeeping would not wake her up. I then returned to our room, camcorder in hand.

With nearly uncontrollable excitement, I plugged in the AC power supply and rewinded the first few minutes to see Lara and Bill, intertwined asleep. They were both in the right hand portion of the frame, but otherwise visible. The battery had lasted. Had I hit the jackpot?

The Tape

I located the start of the evening: Lara and Bill in a moving embrace that ended next to the bed. I turned the volume up, and watched the most astounding and erotic scene I have ever witnessed.

In the dim light, Bill held Lara tight against him, planting deep, long kisses on her mouth. He would let up for a second, and Lara would gasp for breath, and then he would return to her mouth from another angle. His large hands swept down her back over her unbelievable ass to the top her thighs. Lara’s hands moved gently over Bill’s neck and huge shoulders and down the front of his chest.

After another deep kiss, Bill stood up straight placing his large hands on each side of Lara’s face, and then moved them slowly down her neck stopping at the shoulder straps of her dress. The camcorder barely captured their quiet voices.

“Now, let’s see what I have been dreaming about all evening.”

I could see Lara swallow and then give a beautiful smile.

Bill slowly moved the straps off Lara’s shoulders, periodically leaning in, kissing her neck. I could hear Lara’s breathing get louder. He pulled the straps lower toward her waist, revealing a black, silky, strapless bra. When the dress straps were down to about waist level, Lara pulled her arms out.

Bill leaned in again, and began a series of deep kisses along her neck and shoulders, Lara appeared to nearly faint, clutching him around the waist. With gentle strength, Bill turned Lara around so that her back was facing him. He began rubbing Lara’s shoulders and kissing the back of her neck, whispering something into her ears each time he brought his lips down to the back of her neck. Lara swayed slightly back and forth, pressing back against Bill, reaching her hands back and rubbing the sides of his thighs.

Bill’s hands moved to the bra clasp. With a few quick movements, the clasp fell free, revealing Lara’s precious, soft, wonderful breasts. He immediately moved to grasp one breast in each hand. He would then alternate between gently caressing and kneading her breasts, and then brushing his fingers gently over her nipples. Lara leaned her head back against Bill’s shoulder, eyes closed.

Lara then turned around, and for the first time, took some initiative. She wiggled the rest of her dress down, so that she was naked except for black thong underwear. Between passionate kisses the two eventually removed Bill’s shirt and tie. Bill had a lot more hair than me. And while not male model, he was very muscular, with the body of an ex-college football player.

Lara stepped backward, sat down on the bed, and then gestured for Bill to come forward.

Bill stepped forward, and Lara began working on his pants, first the belt and then the front clasp. All the while Bill was running his fingers through Lara’s hair, the camcorder only catching only a few of his words here and there: “sexy”, “beautiful”, “want you so bad”.

Bill’s pants fell to the floor revealing jockey shorts with a large bulge. Even in the darkened camcorder image it was clear that his tool was proportional to his height. Lara hesitated, then lifted the front of the jockey shorts up, over the bulge, and then down. As Bill’s dick sprang forward, I leaned closer to the little camcorder screen, my mouth open, whispering to myself, “Holy shit.” There was only one way to put it: Bill was huge.

The camcorder picked up Lara’ hushed voice. “Oh my god.” She looked back in forth between Bill’s face and his cock, laughing a little nervously, “It’s too big…”

Bill answered back, “We’ll go slow.”

Mesmerized, Lara raised her right hand and gently grabbed Bill’s large cock in the middle and began to stroke him. Though hard to see in the image, the head of Bill’s cock seemed to grow even more. Lara then raised her left hand, and with both hands began to slowly stroke Bill, sometimes with one hand, or both. Lara does not have small hands, and as she stroked him with her left hand, it was clear she could not close her hands around the girth.

Now, Lara does not typically like giving oral sex. When she does, it is very nice, but I know that the taste of semen is not her favorite thing. Nonetheless, I watched in thrilled fascination as she slowly leaned her head forward, beautiful lips parting to take Bill into her soft mouth. While I couldn’t be sure, it appeared that Bill’s hands may have been gently guiding her head forward.

On the first try it appeared she had underestimated how wide she would have to open her mouth, and her lips seemed to collide with the huge head of Bill’s member. An instant later, she opened her mouth even wider, and with some small effort, managed to take the plum shaped head into her mouth. Bill groaned, “Oh my god that is good…”

To me, one of Lara’s sexiest features is her face. It is girlish, yet at the same time sensuous. It was almost more arousing than I could bear as I watched her slowly move her head back and forth, gently taking the first one or two inches of Bill’s enormous size into her mouth, as both of her hands slowly stroked his shaft.

Bill’s hands began to gently run his fingers through Lara’s dark, curly, thick hair. After a few minutes, he gently pulled away from her and raised her to her feet. Then, in one fast movement, Bill swept her off the ground and into his arms, causing Lara to let out a short, giggling shriek. With her arms about his neck, Bill started lowering her onto the bed, aggressively attacking each nipple with his mouth. He continued this as he laid her on the bed, feet facing the camcorder. Lara’s quiet giggles began giving way to heavy breaths.



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    Great and arousing story. Well written. Thank you

  • NoCarb

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    I loved it. Very hot!

  • Nocarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    How do we get more from this author?

  • chris conoodles

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    Amazing wow I loved the story. That was so hot and well written. Gave me a million ideas for me and my wife.


  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 16, 2019

    BTW it would be even more exciting if we saw a couple of pictures so we can put a face to the story!!!

  • Dani

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    Best story i had ever read
    Amazing and tide you to complete it

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