When Nothing Happens 4.8/5 (115)

As Lara spotted me, a strange look came over her face, a mix of surprise and embarrassment. She began to talk when a joking voice erupted from my right.

“Hey guys! Back off, I saw her first!” Stranger #1 had returned. He was bigger up close, at least 6’3″. His hair was black and wavy with an almost undetectable gray at the temples. He looked to be in his mid forties. While it was hard to see through the dress shirt, he also looked like he was in great shape. Unlike me, neither man had a wedding ring on.

Stranger #1 turned to me and held out a large hand, “William Stephens, but please call me Bill”.

My head was racing. What was my name? Was I Jake or Charles? I shook Bill’s hand, stammering, “Uh, pleased to meet you, I’m… uh…” I glanced over at Lara.

In an instant Lara blurted out, “This is John… We work together.” My head raced again. John?? This was not one of the names! Did she mean Jake?

I shook Bill’s hand. “John… Foley. Nice to meet you, Bill.”

Bill and I introduced ourselves to Stranger #2, who turned out to be named James Coyle. James spoke with an accent, and if I was not mistaken, he was Irish. I shook hands with James and introduced my (fake) self.

Lara’s cheeks were visibly red, and when she looked my way her eyes were wide. I watched in fascination as Bill moved in close on her left and James moved in close on her right.

James spoke, “Bill, a woman this beautiful is never to be left alone.”

“Just using the restroom, my friend. Were it not for nature’s call, it would have never happened.” He looked at Lara, “She IS beautiful. The best thing I have laid my eyes on all day. In fact, I was just trying to convince Lara to go over to the Lounge and do some dancing. And if not dancing, we can just watch the band…”

Lara shifted on her stool. She smiled but also seemed tense as she spoke to me, “Jack…”

“It’s John…” I corrected her.

“John!” She erupted into a brief, nervous laugh, and then held up her drink. “I didn’t think I’ve had THAT much to drink so far. Anyway, John I need to talk to you about that project…”

James and Bill erupted in a chorus of objections. “No shop talk!” “It’s much too late!”

Lara held up her hand. “I just need to talk to John, for a second…”

Lara got off her stool and walked into the lobby. I followed her in tow, trying not to stare at her curvaceous behind. She stopped with her back to the bar. I stood in front of her, waiting for her to speak. Behind her, both James and William were looking at me, registering disapproval with head shakes and gesturing for me to return Lara to them.

She spoke with restraint “I hope you’re happy now.” She looked intently at the rather stupid smile on my face. Then her face turned mildly incredulous, “This is OK with you?”

I took my eyes away from William and James and tried not to let my face express my emotions. “This is totally OK with me. You know this is a fantasy of mine. I love you and want you, but it would really turn me on to see you just let loose and go with the moment. You are totally hot!”

Lara smiled and appeared confused. “Well, come with us to the Lounge. I’m just not sure where this is going.” I agreed, and with that, we turned and walked back into the bar.

Lara resumed her seat at the bar. She shrugged. “Well, I guess the project can wait. John seems to think we don’t have to worry about it right now.”

“Bravo!” Both Bill and James slapped me on the back. I now had two best friends – both of whom obviously wanted to get into my wife’s pants.

Bill leaned close to Lara putting his large hand on her back. “The Lounge has excellent appetizers. If you don’t want to dance, let’s just have some good food and good company.”

Lara grabbed her purse and stepped down off the barstool. “That sounds pretty good.”

The Lounge had a lit dance floor with darkened seating around. The music was provided by a live band that was now turning out slow, slightly jazzy instrumentals. As the four of us found a booth, James grabbed Lara’s hand. “Dance with me, please.”

Lara gave a little protest, but with a gentle pull, she was coaxed out onto the dance floor.

Bill smiled and then slid into the booth. He watched James take Lara up in his arms, and muttered with a laugh, “Little bastard”. We ordered drinks and Bill began pumping me with questions about Lara. I evaded all questions about our work by claiming that our company was a start-up in “stealth” mode. I then evaded all questions about her personal life by saying Lara tended to be very private about such things. I also indicated that I didn’t think she was seeing anybody at the present time.

Bill shook his head as he watched Lara. “That woman is hot.”

I think that the alcohol had begun to kick in for Lara. She was now slow dancing with James, her bare arms around his neck. James had his hands on her slowly swaying hips. They were having some kind of conversation, as Lara would occasionally lean back and say something louder to James. They began to lean into one another, and James’ left hand began to move up and down the side of Lara’s dress. I had to consciously tear my eyes away to avoid staring.

By the time Lara and James began returning from the dance floor, Bill and I had ordered drinks and appetizers for the four of us. As Lara and James approached the table, Bill quickly stood up. He invited Lara to sit next to him noting to James, “You’ve had your dance. I think I deserve sometime with the lady.” Lara slid into the booth next to Bill while James slid in next to me.

We sat eating the appetizers. When Lara now looked at me, she seemed calm, and almost disoriented. When she had stopped eating, and finished half her drink, Bill leaned over and whispered into Lara’s ear. The two then slid out of the booth and onto the dance floor.



    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    Great and arousing story. Well written. Thank you

  • NoCarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    I loved it. Very hot!

  • Nocarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    How do we get more from this author?

  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 15, 2019

    Amazing wow I loved the story. That was so hot and well written. Gave me a million ideas for me and my wife.


  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 16, 2019

    BTW it would be even more exciting if we saw a couple of pictures so we can put a face to the story!!!

  • Dani

    Reply Reply July 7, 2019

    Best story i had ever read
    Amazing and tide you to complete it

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