When Nothing Happens

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Section 1

Lara looked at me and spoke in a matter of fact manner, “Nothing’s going to happen.”

I looked into the eyes of my wife of 10 years. “C’mon, let’s just see what happens.” We stood overlooking the grand lobby area of the hotel, restrooms on our right. I whispered in her ear and kissed her neck and said in quiet voice, “It’ll be fun. Fifteen minutes…”

Lara leaned back, gave me a kiss and rolled her eyes. “OK. But 15 minutes. That’s it. Now just let me go to the bathroom, first.”

I stood speechless as she entered the bathroom; a deep excitement began stirring within me. She was probably right, nothing was likely to happen. But, after playfully talking about it for many years, this was the first time she had even come close to anything related to one of my biggest sexual fantasies – her seduction by another man. She is very conservative, and had only once, in passing, mentioned a one night stand as something she considered “interesting”. So this was a huge step.

I had been pushing one version of my fantasy on her since we arrived on vacation. We had spent the last two days with her sister and her sister’s kids, in adjoining rooms of a relatively nice hotel; after one of Lara’s nieces got sick, Lara’s sister cut their vacation short. This gave us our first real evening out together.

After seeing more than a few men checking Lara out at numerous places for the past few days, I began to bring up the little fantasy “game” I had proposed on nearly every vacation for the past five years In the game, Lara would go to a bar alone to see if she could get “picked up”. I would observe from afar. If things seemed to be progressing, I would show up. If she called me by one name, I would be a “rescue” colleague, getting her out of the situation based on some excuse. If she called me another name – well, I would make small talk and leave – and what ever followed would be entirely up to her.

She exited the bathroom and an electrifying feeling shot throughout my body. My wife is a beautiful brunette in her mid thirties. Her face has a soft, sensuous beauty – round with big brown eyes and full lips. She is 5’7″ with a body I have only come to desire more over the years, even after two children. Her breasts are wonderful B cups, with soft and sensitive nipple, and her broad shoulders taper to a sexy waist and wonderful round ass. Her legs are long and surprisingly strong. She has been, and remains, a head turner. She has the girl next door look, with an added note of real sensuality. This night she was dressed in a black dress ending just above her knees, open in the back to show plenty of her creamy skin. Simply breathtaking.

She looked at me in false exasperation, “OK… let’s see. If I call you Jake, you’re Mr. Rescue and that’s it.”

“And what’s the other name?”

“Nothing’s going to happen…”

“If nothing’s going to happen, what does it matter?”

“OK.” She continued, eyebrows raised in mock indifference, “If I call you Charles – you may not see me for the rest of the night.”

I smiled, mesmerized, and discretely moved to make my hard-on more comfortable.

She smiled brilliantly. “You are SO crazy.” She then pointed her finger repeatedly at my chest. “Fifteen minutes! If you’re not there after fifteen minutes, I’m going to be pissed off!”

I gave her a big kiss. “I’ll be there.” I looked her straight in the eyes. “This really hot for me.”

She batted her eyes in an exaggerated fashion, and said “Here I go…” She then turned and began to walk toward the stairs leading down to the lobby and bar.

“Wait!” I hissed. She looked back. I looked around to make sure no one else was watching us. I loudly whispered, “Ring,” and discretely pointed to my wedding ring.

Lara looked about her, and in a few quick tugs, removed her ring. She walked quickly back to me, drew close, dropped the ring in my pants pocket with one hand, and gently squeezed my crotch with the other, “Let’s get this over with so we can go back to the room and have some fun.”

As she walked down the steps to the lobby, I moved to a small two-seat table in a position to better observe the bar. I noticed three groups. One group consisted of two couples, in their fifties, engrossed in conversation with one another. Not very promising. The second group included three men and one woman. It was a little more promising. But the last group appeared the most promising, four men in business suits.

I find Lara very frustrating at times. While she does care about her appearance, I do not think she realizes how sexy she can be. I watched her beautiful form move up to the bar and sit on the stool. To my satisfaction nearly every man glanced up to get a good look at her. The group of four suits began to obviously talk about her.

She ordered a drink, and then glanced at her watch. Damn, I thought, she’s watching the time. I should have asked for thirty minutes not fifteen.

After the first five minutes had passed, Lara made some small talk with the bartender and had nearly finished her first drink. When nervous, she can be a very fast drinker. She looked back to the stairway, probably looking for me, and then ordered another drink. The four men in suits were joking amongst themselves, and more than once, one of them discretely pointed to or nodded in Lara’s direction. I looked at my watch – ten minutes had passed. I began to get angry, wondering what kind of idiots frequented this bar, anyway?

After twelve minutes, one of the four suits stood up. I watched intently. He eyed Lara when he stood up, but then promptly exited the bar in the opposite direction. I laughed at myself. What the hell was I thinking, anyways? At least the night had gotten me a cheap little thrill.

However, when I looked back at Lara, to my shock, a man was standing next to her. Where had he come from? He had placed his suit coat on an adjacent stool and was leaning on the bar, talking to my wife. I watched intently as the man, (Stranger #1), ordered another drink for both of them. I could see Lara laugh once and nod in agreement. A strange feeling of fear and utter excitement swept over me. I watched, in fascination as Lara turned on the stool to be face to face with the stranger. Their conversation continued, with Stranger #1 leaning closer to Lara as the minutes passed.

I stared down at my watch – 17 minutes. I swore under my breath and got to my feet trying desperately to reduce the bulge in the front of my slacks. As I moved down the stairs I saw Stranger #1 lean very close to Lara and say something in her ear. Lara stood up from her stool and I was struck at how tall Stranger #1 was. He was well over 6′ tall (I am 5’10”). But, to my great disappointment, Stranger #1 then walked away, smiling back at my wife.

I continued walking to the bar, relief mixed with disappointment. Lara looked flushed and straightened out her dress and hair, and sat back down on the stool. Halfway across the lobby I came to a complete stop. Another man, (Stranger #2), had now risen from the remaining group of suits and moved next to Lara. He struck up a conversation with my wife and ordered her yet another drink. I considered giving her more time for this second encounter, but a deal was a deal. I was already overdue.

As I entered the bar, I got a better look at Stranger #2. He was about my height, but stockier. He was blond and clean cut (I have dark hair). He looked to be in his late twenties. Lara was nodding her head and smiling, with her hand occasionally moving long brown curly strands back over her ears (something I find very sexy).

The two burst out in laughter just as I approached. My heart was pounding in my chest as I recalled our code in my head: Jake – I get her out of this; Charles – holy crap.

Section 2

As Lara spotted me, a strange look came over her face, a mix of surprise and embarrassment. She began to talk when a joking voice erupted from my right.

“Hey guys! Back off, I saw her first!” Stranger #1 had returned. He was bigger up close, at least 6’3″. His hair was black and wavy with an almost undetectable gray at the temples. He looked to be in his mid forties. While it was hard to see through the dress shirt, he also looked like he was in great shape. Unlike me, neither man had a wedding ring on.

Stranger #1 turned to me and held out a large hand, “William Stephens, but please call me Bill”.

My head was racing. What was my name? Was I Jake or Charles? I shook Bill’s hand, stammering, “Uh, pleased to meet you, I’m… uh…” I glanced over at Lara.

In an instant Lara blurted out, “This is John… We work together.” My head raced again. John?? This was not one of the names! Did she mean Jake?

I shook Bill’s hand. “John… Foley. Nice to meet you, Bill.”

Bill and I introduced ourselves to Stranger #2, who turned out to be named James Coyle. James spoke with an accent, and if I was not mistaken, he was Irish. I shook hands with James and introduced my (fake) self.

Lara’s cheeks were visibly red, and when she looked my way her eyes were wide. I watched in fascination as Bill moved in close on her left and James moved in close on her right.

James spoke, “Bill, a woman this beautiful is never to be left alone.”

“Just using the restroom, my friend. Were it not for nature’s call, it would have never happened.” He looked at Lara, “She IS beautiful. The best thing I have laid my eyes on all day. In fact, I was just trying to convince Lara to go over to the Lounge and do some dancing. And if not dancing, we can just watch the band…”

Lara shifted on her stool. She smiled but also seemed tense as she spoke to me, “Jack…”

“It’s John…” I corrected her.

“John!” She erupted into a brief, nervous laugh, and then held up her drink. “I didn’t think I’ve had THAT much to drink so far. Anyway, John I need to talk to you about that project…”

James and Bill erupted in a chorus of objections. “No shop talk!” “It’s much too late!”

Lara held up her hand. “I just need to talk to John, for a second…”

Lara got off her stool and walked into the lobby. I followed her in tow, trying not to stare at her curvaceous behind. She stopped with her back to the bar. I stood in front of her, waiting for her to speak. Behind her, both James and William were looking at me, registering disapproval with head shakes and gesturing for me to return Lara to them.

She spoke with restraint “I hope you’re happy now.” She looked intently at the rather stupid smile on my face. Then her face turned mildly incredulous, “This is OK with you?”

I took my eyes away from William and James and tried not to let my face express my emotions. “This is totally OK with me. You know this is a fantasy of mine. I love you and want you, but it would really turn me on to see you just let loose and go with the moment. You are totally hot!”

Lara smiled and appeared confused. “Well, come with us to the Lounge. I’m just not sure where this is going.” I agreed, and with that, we turned and walked back into the bar.

Lara resumed her seat at the bar. She shrugged. “Well, I guess the project can wait. John seems to think we don’t have to worry about it right now.”

“Bravo!” Both Bill and James slapped me on the back. I now had two best friends – both of whom obviously wanted to get into my wife’s pants.

Bill leaned close to Lara putting his large hand on her back. “The Lounge has excellent appetizers. If you don’t want to dance, let’s just have some good food and good company.”

Lara grabbed her purse and stepped down off the barstool. “That sounds pretty good.”

The Lounge had a lit dance floor with darkened seating around. The music was provided by a live band that was now turning out slow, slightly jazzy instrumentals. As the four of us found a booth, James grabbed Lara’s hand. “Dance with me, please.”

Lara gave a little protest, but with a gentle pull, she was coaxed out onto the dance floor.

Bill smiled and then slid into the booth. He watched James take Lara up in his arms, and muttered with a laugh, “Little bastard”. We ordered drinks and Bill began pumping me with questions about Lara. I evaded all questions about our work by claiming that our company was a start-up in “stealth” mode. I then evaded all questions about her personal life by saying Lara tended to be very private about such things. I also indicated that I didn’t think she was seeing anybody at the present time.

Bill shook his head as he watched Lara. “That woman is hot.”

I think that the alcohol had begun to kick in for Lara. She was now slow dancing with James, her bare arms around his neck. James had his hands on her slowly swaying hips. They were having some kind of conversation, as Lara would occasionally lean back and say something louder to James. They began to lean into one another, and James’ left hand began to move up and down the side of Lara’s dress. I had to consciously tear my eyes away to avoid staring.

By the time Lara and James began returning from the dance floor, Bill and I had ordered drinks and appetizers for the four of us. As Lara and James approached the table, Bill quickly stood up. He invited Lara to sit next to him noting to James, “You’ve had your dance. I think I deserve sometime with the lady.” Lara slid into the booth next to Bill while James slid in next to me.

We sat eating the appetizers. When Lara now looked at me, she seemed calm, and almost disoriented. When she had stopped eating, and finished half her drink, Bill leaned over and whispered into Lara’s ear. The two then slid out of the booth and onto the dance floor.

Section 3

I found it annoying as James now peppered me with the same questions about Lara that Bill has just asked. All I wanted to do was try to follow Lara on the dance floor with her new partner. I gave James the same unhelpful answers, trying not to sound rude.

On the dance floor, Bill towered above Lara. Due to the size difference, Lara would look up at Bill as they moved. Bill had one hand on the bare portion of her back, and another on her hip. After a while Lara turned her head sideways against Bill’s chest and the two began pressing into one another. Soon, Bill’s hand would occasionally come up and stroke Lara’s hair. A small smile broke across her face. I was now breathless with extreme sexual excitement and not a little fear.

“Help me out here, friend.” James prodded me, looking over at Lara. “Tall dark and handsome is ruining my evening. I’d cut in, but I’ve the impression the lady would not appreciate it.” I shrugged and continued to watch the duo on the floor.

Bill would occasionally drop his hand down the side of her waist, run along the hem of her dress, and then return it to her side brushing the front her thigh. I could see Lara catch her breath. Bill whispered something in her ear, and then she smiled and nodded. They had danced for three songs when they returned.

Lara was silent as she slid back into the booth. I could tell she was very excited. She licked her lips and moved her hands to fix her hair, then continued to sip from her drink, with a shy smile. Bill had settled in next to her, close. Although I couldn’t tell for sure, it appeared that his hand was resting on or against her thigh under the table. The two turned to look at one another in the eyes, and smiled.

Lara then broke the silence, a concerned look on her face. Folded hands on the table, she spoke to James in a consoling voice, “James… I think you’re a really nice guy… but…”

James leaned back in seat, an exaggerated look of pain on his face. “Oh dear!” He grabbed his chest as if he had been shot, and then laughed. “Say no more. I have a big day ahead, tomorrow.” He looked at Lara with bright eyes. “I have a very long night tonight, I might say, but a big day tomorrow. If I may…” He reached into his pocket, took out a business card, and wrote an additional number on the back. “My cell phone number is on the back. Should you ever be in my area, or if Bill here leaves you alone for but one second tonight, call me…” With that he left the table.

Bill gave James an appreciative, but slightly cocky nod of thanks.

The three of us sat in awkward silence for few seconds. Then Lara looked up at me. Her face looked exactly like one who is about to jump off a diving board for the first time. I realized that she could be just as excited and scared as I was. I smiled back, raising my eyebrows.

Bill now put is long arm around Lara, placing a big hand gently on her shoulder. I watched a red flush erupted on my beautiful wife’s upper breast and to her neck. Bill looked at me “Well, John, any plans for the evening?”

I looked intently at Lara, “Well, I’m not sure…”

Lara took a deep breath and then out came the most astonishing and exciting words of my life, “John, why don’t you check with,” she hesitated, “check with Charles about the project.”

The world seemed to freeze for an instant. I then regained my composure, and answered back, hardly hearing what I was saying, “I will check with Charles.”

Bill shook his head looking at his watch. “I hope you guys are getting a lot of stock options! Enough work already, we’re coming up on midnight!”

Lara and I burst out laughing, Lara raising her hands to cover her face.

I looked at Bill. “It’s an inside joke.”

I slid out of the booth and stood up, took one last look at my exquisite wife, and then began to leave.

Lara then called out behind me, “John!”

I turned around. Lara had taken her cell phone out of her purse. “John. I will be turning off my cell phone. But keep yours turned on, Charles may need to call you.”

I nodded in agreement and then began the way back to our room, head reeling.


I lay down on the bed in agony. Forty-five minutes had passed since I left Lara. My mind raced wildly, a mix of worry and utter arousal. I began slowly touching myself, endless possibilities flooding my mind.

My cell phone suddenly started ringing and I jumped off the bed. I scrambled across the room tripping on a suitcase and barely avoiding stomping on our camcorder. Cursing, I grabbed the phone on the third ring. From the caller ID I could see it was Lara. When I answered she was talking in a hushed voice…

“It’s me… I’m in the lobby right now… Look, Bill’s is not staying at this hotel. He was just here for some conference… He… he really wants… you know… to do IT. He’s in the Lancaster Hotel across town. I’m not comfortable going over there…”

I answered back in a quiet voice, “Your sister’s room is next door. She never checked out.”

“I was thinking about that, but I don’t have a key, they are both there on the TV. It’s going to look pretty strange if you show up with my room key, and I’d feel kind of funny if you were right next door…” Her voice ended in a jerky staccato, as the phone connection stuttered.

Pulling my pants up with one hand I hopped over to the TV, and grabbed the two cardkeys for the adjoining room. Hoping the connection was still good, I spoke into the phone, “I have the keys. Just use the room. It’s late, I have nowhere to go. I will probably just go to sleep.”

“Yeah right!” She hissed in reply.

There was only silence on the line, I began to worry, then her voice came back “Okay. Leave the keys at the front desk in an envelope… That way I can get them even if he comes back.”

Section 4

“Where is he?” I asked.

There was silence on the line, and I was just about to redial when Lara answered back in a barely audible voice “He’s… looking for condoms.”

Trying to maintain my composure I answered back, “I’ll have it there. Just give me fifteen minutes.”

“OK. Hurry. He REALLY wants me…” The call then disconnected.

After ensuring that I was dressed, I grabbed a hotel stationery envelope, wrapped one of the card keys in blank piece of paper and then slid it into the envelope. In less than ten minutes I had dropped it off at the front desk with her name on it, and was back in the room.

I sat stunned in the darkened room. What the hell was I doing? Is this what I wanted? I then pictured Lara’s exquisite face, wrapped in pleasure, her breath exhaling in a low moan, eyes shut in the thrill of experiencing a new man, a different man. Yes. This was what I wanted.

There was one last possible detail. I eyed our mini camcorder poking up out of a suitcase. Could I? If they spotted it, the whole thing could be blown. It could be catastrophic. But if it worked? If it worked, it would be beyond my wildest dreams. My own desires trumped any other considerations. I rationalized my actions. This was MY fantasy.

Using the other cardkey I quickly slipped into the other room, camcorder and an armful of bags and clothes in hand. I managed to wrap the camcorder in a thick, dark shirt, ripping a small hole for the lens, and then propped it discretely between some bags.

I ran back, gathered her large accumulation of toiletries and then distributed them in the bathroom next door. I could not remember how charged the batteries were in the camcorder. Hands shaking, I set the camcorder on record and returned to our room.


Less than five minutes later, I heard muffled voices in the hall outside. The door of the room next door opened. I tried to hear what was being said, but could only hear hushed whispers. Within fifteen minutes I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. A slow rocking and hushed moans. Finally, about twenty minutes later I nearly exploded as I distinctly heard Lara come. Though the sound was muffled, it was a furious orgasm. To my surprise, the sounds almost immediately restarted. This continued for another twenty minutes, and I was certain I heard Lara come at least once more. Then all went quiet.

It takes little imagination to picture what I was doing at this time. I have never had more explosive solo experiences in my life. And never in my life have I ever desired my wife more.

But the best was yet to come.

I am a notoriously light sleeper, and awoke at about 6:00 AM the next morning to quiet voices, and then the locks of the next room door being worked. I rushed out of bed and quietly ran to the door of our room and looked out the peekhole to catch a slightly disheveled Bill walking past.

I threw on some clothes, and after a wait, peeked out the door. Seeing no one in the hall, I grabbed the cardkeys and entered the room next door. It was dark, and I moved slowly letting my eyes adjust. Lara was lying on the bed, under the covers, her brown curly hair tousled over the pillow.

After a few steps, Lara’s spoke in a hoarse whisper, “Bill?”

“No it’s me.”

She turned over to look at me, a mock, pouting expression on her face. She then raised both hands to her face. “I can’t believe I did this.”

I sat down on the bed next to her, the same stupid smile on my face. “Well…”

“Well what?” Lara looked down at the bed.

“Well. How are you? How was it?”

Lara was quiet, and I was afraid that she was not going to be willing to discuss the previous evening.

She looked at me. “You’re not mad, or upset?”

I lay down next to her on the bed; a huge erection beginning to develop, despite my exhaustion. “I am totally turned on. And I think you are so sexy right now…”

Lara shook her head, looking at me in disbelief. She took a deep breath an exhaled. “Well, right now I feel kind of hung over, tired, a little bit sore, and a little bit scared.”

I scooted next to her and got under the sheet, holding her delicious body. I looked her straight in the eye, “I am totally appreciative for this whole adventure. I know you find it hard to believe, but it was intense for me – in a very good way. I just want to make sure it was okay for you.”

Lara smiled. “It was VERY good for me.”

As I laughed, she began to laugh with me.

I eyed the camcorder hidden on the dresser opposite the bed. “There is one more thing.”

Lara looked at me, real anger stirring in face, “I am not doing any more of your fantasies on this trip… I’m really tired!”

I grabbed her hands. “I have no right to expect anything from you. But I have a confession to make…”

Lara looked alarmed. “What?”

I got up from the bed and unwrapped the camcorder.

Lara froze. “You didn’t!”

“I just didn’t want to miss anything. And some of my greatest pleasure is from seeing you. I so want to see you with someone else…”

“Erase it! Erase it! You can’t keep that! It’s… well I’m embarrassed. I had a lot to drink.”

Section 5

“Yeah, and Bill was a real ugly clod, too.”

A smile reappeared on Lara’s face. She sighed. “Well… I don’t want to see it. I guess you can see it, but then you have to erase it. But, right now, just come here and hold me.”

I got into the bed next to Lara. I was very horny, but content, as she was clearly too tired for sex. After she dozed off, I placed a sign on her room door to ensure housekeeping would not wake her up. I then returned to our room, camcorder in hand.

With nearly uncontrollable excitement, I plugged in the AC power supply and rewinded the first few minutes to see Lara and Bill, intertwined asleep. They were both in the right hand portion of the frame, but otherwise visible. The battery had lasted. Had I hit the jackpot?

The Tape

I located the start of the evening: Lara and Bill in a moving embrace that ended next to the bed. I turned the volume up, and watched the most astounding and erotic scene I have ever witnessed.

In the dim light, Bill held Lara tight against him, planting deep, long kisses on her mouth. He would let up for a second, and Lara would gasp for breath, and then he would return to her mouth from another angle. His large hands swept down her back over her unbelievable ass to the top her thighs. Lara’s hands moved gently over Bill’s neck and huge shoulders and down the front of his chest.

After another deep kiss, Bill stood up straight placing his large hands on each side of Lara’s face, and then moved them slowly down her neck stopping at the shoulder straps of her dress. The camcorder barely captured their quiet voices.

“Now, let’s see what I have been dreaming about all evening.”

I could see Lara swallow and then give a beautiful smile.

Bill slowly moved the straps off Lara’s shoulders, periodically leaning in, kissing her neck. I could hear Lara’s breathing get louder. He pulled the straps lower toward her waist, revealing a black, silky, strapless bra. When the dress straps were down to about waist level, Lara pulled her arms out.

Bill leaned in again, and began a series of deep kisses along her neck and shoulders, Lara appeared to nearly faint, clutching him around the waist. With gentle strength, Bill turned Lara around so that her back was facing him. He began rubbing Lara’s shoulders and kissing the back of her neck, whispering something into her ears each time he brought his lips down to the back of her neck. Lara swayed slightly back and forth, pressing back against Bill, reaching her hands back and rubbing the sides of his thighs.

Bill’s hands moved to the bra clasp. With a few quick movements, the clasp fell free, revealing Lara’s precious, soft, wonderful breasts. He immediately moved to grasp one breast in each hand. He would then alternate between gently caressing and kneading her breasts, and then brushing his fingers gently over her nipples. Lara leaned her head back against Bill’s shoulder, eyes closed.

Lara then turned around, and for the first time, took some initiative. She wiggled the rest of her dress down, so that she was naked except for black thong underwear. Between passionate kisses the two eventually removed Bill’s shirt and tie. Bill had a lot more hair than me. And while not male model, he was very muscular, with the body of an ex-college football player.

Lara stepped backward, sat down on the bed, and then gestured for Bill to come forward.

Bill stepped forward, and Lara began working on his pants, first the belt and then the front clasp. All the while Bill was running his fingers through Lara’s hair, the camcorder only catching only a few of his words here and there: “sexy”, “beautiful”, “want you so bad”.

Bill’s pants fell to the floor revealing jockey shorts with a large bulge. Even in the darkened camcorder image it was clear that his tool was proportional to his height. Lara hesitated, then lifted the front of the jockey shorts up, over the bulge, and then down. As Bill’s dick sprang forward, I leaned closer to the little camcorder screen, my mouth open, whispering to myself, “Holy shit.” There was only one way to put it: Bill was huge.

The camcorder picked up Lara’ hushed voice. “Oh my god.” She looked back in forth between Bill’s face and his cock, laughing a little nervously, “It’s too big…”

Bill answered back, “We’ll go slow.”

Mesmerized, Lara raised her right hand and gently grabbed Bill’s large cock in the middle and began to stroke him. Though hard to see in the image, the head of Bill’s cock seemed to grow even more. Lara then raised her left hand, and with both hands began to slowly stroke Bill, sometimes with one hand, or both. Lara does not have small hands, and as she stroked him with her left hand, it was clear she could not close her hands around the girth.

Now, Lara does not typically like giving oral sex. When she does, it is very nice, but I know that the taste of semen is not her favorite thing. Nonetheless, I watched in thrilled fascination as she slowly leaned her head forward, beautiful lips parting to take Bill into her soft mouth. While I couldn’t be sure, it appeared that Bill’s hands may have been gently guiding her head forward.

On the first try it appeared she had underestimated how wide she would have to open her mouth, and her lips seemed to collide with the huge head of Bill’s member. An instant later, she opened her mouth even wider, and with some small effort, managed to take the plum shaped head into her mouth. Bill groaned, “Oh my god that is good…”

To me, one of Lara’s sexiest features is her face. It is girlish, yet at the same time sensuous. It was almost more arousing than I could bear as I watched her slowly move her head back and forth, gently taking the first one or two inches of Bill’s enormous size into her mouth, as both of her hands slowly stroked his shaft.

Bill’s hands began to gently run his fingers through Lara’s dark, curly, thick hair. After a few minutes, he gently pulled away from her and raised her to her feet. Then, in one fast movement, Bill swept her off the ground and into his arms, causing Lara to let out a short, giggling shriek. With her arms about his neck, Bill started lowering her onto the bed, aggressively attacking each nipple with his mouth. He continued this as he laid her on the bed, feet facing the camcorder. Lara’s quiet giggles began giving way to heavy breaths.

Section 6

Bill’s left hand slid down the front of Lara’s thong, while he cupped Lara’s head with his other hand, alternately kissing her neck, lips and breasts. Lara’s legs immediately parted to receive the probing hand. I could see Bill’s fingers moving actively beneath the black fabric. It was clear he knew what he was doing, as Lara’s legs continued to spread apart wider, and her hips began to move gently up and down.

Bill then sat up on the bed and began kissing down her stomach toward her beautiful cunt. He pulled off her underwear, tossing them toward the camcorder.

Unlike giving oral sex, Lara loves to receive oral sex. I love every aspect of going down on her, it is as sweet an experience as one can imagine, and so I watched in fascination to see what Bill would do.

But he didn’t go down on her.

He gently raised her to a sitting position, kissed her and said “I would love to take you from behind.” A look of reluctance passed across Lara’s face, and then, without a word, she silently nodded in assent.

Bill left the bed for an instant and returned with a condom. I muttered to myself, “I hope that’s freaking supersize.”

Bill eased Lara forward until she was on her knees and forearms, facing the camcorder. I watched, breathless, as Bill moved into position behind her and put on the condom. A look of both arousal and uncertainty was on Lara face. Bill ran his large hands from Lara’s shoulders, along the small of her back, and down the round cheeks of her ass. I could see Lara’s eyes slowly blink and look from side to side waiting in anticipation.

Bill made small movements to get into position, and then leaned forward, I could barely make out his voice, “I will stop at any time, just let me know.”

Lara silently nodded her head.

With that, Bill gently lifted Lara’s at the waist to raise her higher off the bed. He slowly stroked her back with one hand, and appeared to use the other to guide his enormous penis to her waiting opening.

Bill then slowly leaned forward, pressing into my beautiful wife. Lara’s eyes grew wide, as her entire body shifted forward, “Oh jeez…” Bill stopped, and Lara closed her eyes and took a few shallow breaths. Bill leaned forward kissing the back of Lara’s neck while his hands rubbed her stomach and caressed her breasts. “Are you okay?”

Again, Lara nodded in silence.

Bill returned upright, and placed both hands on Lara’s hips. For the second time, he pressed forward, this time slightly further. Lara closed her eyes, her face tight with a mix of pleasure and discomfort, mouth slightly open, but silent. When Bill stopped, she opened her eyes and gave a long exhale that sounded of both pleasure and relief.

Bill then began to move, slowly in and out, appearing to go no further than his second thrust. He leaned forward, and his right hand slid down Lara’s belly and disappeared between her legs. I watched as Lara face slowly transitioned to pure pleasure. Her eyelids lowered and she silently began to mouth the word “Oyo”, over and over again.

Minutes passed, with Lara obviously enjoying the experience more and more. Bill then rose up again and returned both hands to her hips. For the third time he slowly pressed forward. Lara lifted her head, her eyes shut tight in what I can only call a look of bewildered pleasure. Again, Bill stopped, and then with a slow, steady rhythm, thrust in and out, pressing no further than before, on each inward thrust.

Lara’s extreme pleasure was now audible. As is her way, an “Oh…” would escape from her lips, followed by the sound of a long inhaled breath over clenched teeth. These sounds continued and grew louder as Bill kept up the steady movements. He was now leaning forward and gently pinching her nipples and rubbing her back. Lara lowered her head to the bed, so that all that was visible was the mass of her curly hairs, moving to the rhythm of Bill’s thrusts.

After steadily moving in and out for at least ten minutes, Bill slowly pulled back, and for a fourth time, he pressed even further into Lara’s exquisite body. Lara raised her head, hair falling in front of her face “Oh… God… Oh…” Her face was a mix of utter pleasure and a little alarm. She started to raise her arm off the bed, and turn her head backward toward Bill. Bill leaned forward looking to Lara, but at the same time started moving slowly in and out. Again, he checked on her, “Okay”.

Lara gave a silent nod, continuing to look backward. Bill leaned forward, kissing her neck, and moving one hand gently from her throat to her nipples, all the time continuing to thrust. He then nibbled along her ear and kissed her now disheveled hair. His face had the look of man in heaven. He looked at her with adoration. “I’m in. All the way.”

Lara gave a breathy laugh, and then straightened out, facing the camcorder once more. Bill began, at a slightly faster rate, to push in and then pull out, his large hands moving wildly over Lara’s back. She closed her eyes and slowly moved her head from side to side, mouth slightly open, wrapped in pleasure.

Bill then began to pick up the pace, but only slightly. He continued to caress her, and talk to her, “Oh Lara. Oh, you are so beautiful. God, you’re beautiful…”

Lara once again lowered her head. But I began to notice, more and more, that she would press back as Bill thrust in. Soon, her hips began to rock in a small circular fashion, and her breath drew in deep gasps. I watched, heart pounding, as she raised her head in ecstasy, back arching in the first throes of a tremendous orgasm. She groaned, clutching the bedspread with her hands and then moaned out loud, chest heaving, head rolling side to side on the bed, “Oh yes…” Her voice was a harsh hiss, “Oh yes…” She bucked and swayed losing herself in wave after wave of pleasure. Slowly, her voice quieted to quiet whimpers, and she collapsed onto the bed.

Bill slowed his thrusting, and then slowly withdrew from deep within Lara. Lara let out a faint sigh.

To my utter shock, Bill appeared to still be rock hard. I had been so engrossed at my wife’s gorgeous face; I wasn’t really paying attention to Bill’s body language. Didn’t he come? How could someone have such control… particularly when faced with the sexiest ass I know. I looked on in awe as he moved forward and gently rolled her onto her back. He kissed her deeply. At first, Lara could hardly react, and moved like a rag doll, and Bill continued down her neck. As he approached her breast her hands reached up to stop him, “Too sensitive…”

Unfazed, Bill leaned close to Lara’s face, moving her hair, now damp with sweat, from her face. “I want you like this, lying down.”

Lara’s head lifted from the bed and stared down at the huge cock still raging between Bill’s legs. Her head fell to the bed, and she laughed, “What the heck do I have to do to get rid of that monster!”

Bill said in a mocking tone, “Don’t worry, I plan to take care of it.” With that, he slid over and slowly moved Lara legs apart until his waist was firmly between her legs. He reached his arms beneath her. In this position, Lara face was just about level with Bill’s throat. She tilted her head back as Bill whispered something in her ear.

Lara wrapped her arms around his wide torso and looked up into his face. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Their hips shifted as she reached down to guide his huge penis back into her once more. “Wait… okay… okay… just go slow…”

Lara let out muffled grunt as Bill’s hips slowly thrust forward. “Uhh..” Lara seemed uncomfortable, and Bill stopped again. Lara rubbed Bill’s back. “It’s okay. Just keep it slow…”

Section 7

Bill again thrust forward. Lara seemed to be holding her breath, and then let out a big sigh, as Bill withdrew.

On the third thrust, Bill pushed deep into Lara, and she grabbed his shoulders softly shouting “Oh, shit….” He thrust again; forcing Lara into the mattress… she winced… “Wait. Too deep…”

Bill froze. “This is as deep as it gets…”

“Wait a sec…” Lara shifted her body beneath Bill. “Okay… Just take is easy at the beginning… mister”.

Bill laughed. “Yes ma’am. May I continue?”

Lara toyed with him, “Let me think about it for a minute…”

I could see Bill slowly withdraw and the press back in. Lara’s head went back and she groaned.

“Please, may I continue?”

Lara reached down, and appeared to grab Bill’s ass. She cooed, “Continue…”

Bill slowly withdrew and then drove in again, faster. Lara gave a sharp grunt as Bill bottomed out. Her raspy voice sounded out again, a little louder “Continue…”

Bill increased the pace, with Lara answering each more forceful thrust, “Continue… Continue… Ohhh… Continue… Yes… Contin… Con… Uhh… Oooh…”

Bill steadily worked at my wife, increasing every minute, until about fifteen minutes later he was driving in like a madman. I shook my head. I try to set my wife up for a one night stand and she ends up picking up fucking superman…

Lara clutched at Bill, alternately pulling her head to his shoulder and then letting it fall back onto the bed. Her voice was now a frantic whisper “Yes… Ooo… good… good… good… oh… oh…”

Bill forcefully lifted Lara’s head from the bed, and began attacking her face and neck with rough kisses… He clutched at her as if to break her in half, all the time moving in an out of her, faster and faster…

Lara’s head began nodding side to side and the fingers on both her hands stretched open as she wildly rubbed the sides of Bill’s torso. Her hips moved down into Bill’s thrusts, and her voice suddenly burst out louder, delirious with pleasure. She was coming again. “Oh god… Oh god… Oh god… Ohhhh… Ohhhh….”

Again! In all our years together, Lara had never had two orgasms so close together…

Lara bucked beneath Bill’s thrusts, mouth open, alternately moaning and quietly crying out. Her legs pulled Bill into her as spasms of joy rolled through her body. After a final shuddering cry, she seemed slowly let go of Bill and sink into the mattress, completely spent.

Bill continued thrusting, holding Lara’s limp body in his huge arms.

“Lara! Lara! Oh Lara!” Bill was now completely out of control, with each thrust Lara gave a hoarse groan of pleasure and exhaustion. With a last series of furious pumps, Bill came with a muffled roar, pausing a second at the end of each inward thrust, groaning with a pleasure I believe only my wife can give. His thrusts slowed and then eventually stopped. The two were completely still for a few minutes, and then Bill rolled of Lara, his erection subsiding within the condom.

All was quiet.

I almost turned off the tape when Lara’s voice spoke out in a quiet whisper…

“Is it dead now?”

They both burst out laughing, and Bill gave Lara a sharp slap on the side of her butt.

“Dead and gone.”

Eventually they both moved under the sheets. Bill appeared to be asleep in a second, Lara following suit after about ten minutes.

The tape then went blank.


I have often wondered about my fantasy. Am I selfish? Stupid? Sick? All I can say is that the chance to see my wife, by far the sexiest person I know, in the throes of wanton passion was the most shocking, but unbelievably erotic thing I have ever seen.

Lara demanded and oversaw the erasing of that astounding recording. She is only occasionally willing to talk about “that night”, but invariably it leads to a hot session of sex when she does so. At the same time, I see a change in her. She seems more confident and content with herself. In short, I believe she has started to understand, at least a little, how she appears to me (and most any other red blooded hetero guy).

In the months that have passed, Lara has indicated no desire to ever repeat that faithful night. Given our children and schedules, even if we wanted to, there has never been an appropriate time or place.

However, just the other day, as we were rearranging the walk-in closet, Lara moved a suitcase and a business card fell out and fluttered onto the carpet. I looked at it over her shoulder as she read the name, “James Coyle.”

Lara fingered the card, a little smile on her face.

I held a trash can out to her, with raised eyebrows. “Trash?”

Lara stood up. “I don’t know… I guess I’ll keep it…”

With that she began walking out of the closet, and without turning around, she raised the card above her head, her coy voice trailing behind her.

“I guess SOMETHING could just happen. You never know.”


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