When Nothing Happens 4.9/5 (111)

Lara looked at me and spoke in a matter of fact manner, “Nothing’s going to happen.”

I looked into the eyes of my wife of 10 years. “C’mon, let’s just see what happens.” We stood overlooking the grand lobby area of the hotel, restrooms on our right. I whispered in her ear and kissed her neck and said in quiet voice, “It’ll be fun. Fifteen minutes…”

Lara leaned back, gave me a kiss and rolled her eyes. “OK. But 15 minutes. That’s it. Now just let me go to the bathroom, first.”

I stood speechless as she entered the bathroom; a deep excitement began stirring within me. She was probably right, nothing was likely to happen. But, after playfully talking about it for many years, this was the first time she had even come close to anything related to one of my biggest sexual fantasies – her seduction by another man. She is very conservative, and had only once, in passing, mentioned a one night stand as something she considered “interesting”. So this was a huge step.

I had been pushing one version of my fantasy on her since we arrived on vacation. We had spent the last two days with her sister and her sister’s kids, in adjoining rooms of a relatively nice hotel; after one of Lara’s nieces got sick, Lara’s sister cut their vacation short. This gave us our first real evening out together.

After seeing more than a few men checking Lara out at numerous places for the past few days, I began to bring up the little fantasy “game” I had proposed on nearly every vacation for the past five years In the game, Lara would go to a bar alone to see if she could get “picked up”. I would observe from afar. If things seemed to be progressing, I would show up. If she called me by one name, I would be a “rescue” colleague, getting her out of the situation based on some excuse. If she called me another name – well, I would make small talk and leave – and what ever followed would be entirely up to her.

She exited the bathroom and an electrifying feeling shot throughout my body. My wife is a beautiful brunette in her mid thirties. Her face has a soft, sensuous beauty – round with big brown eyes and full lips. She is 5’7″ with a body I have only come to desire more over the years, even after two children. Her breasts are wonderful B cups, with soft and sensitive nipple, and her broad shoulders taper to a sexy waist and wonderful round ass. Her legs are long and surprisingly strong. She has been, and remains, a head turner. She has the girl next door look, with an added note of real sensuality. This night she was dressed in a black dress ending just above her knees, open in the back to show plenty of her creamy skin. Simply breathtaking.

She looked at me in false exasperation, “OK… let’s see. If I call you Jake, you’re Mr. Rescue and that’s it.”

“And what’s the other name?”

“Nothing’s going to happen…”

“If nothing’s going to happen, what does it matter?”

“OK.” She continued, eyebrows raised in mock indifference, “If I call you Charles – you may not see me for the rest of the night.”

I smiled, mesmerized, and discretely moved to make my hard-on more comfortable.

She smiled brilliantly. “You are SO crazy.” She then pointed her finger repeatedly at my chest. “Fifteen minutes! If you’re not there after fifteen minutes, I’m going to be pissed off!”

I gave her a big kiss. “I’ll be there.” I looked her straight in the eyes. “This really hot for me.”

She batted her eyes in an exaggerated fashion, and said “Here I go…” She then turned and began to walk toward the stairs leading down to the lobby and bar.

“Wait!” I hissed. She looked back. I looked around to make sure no one else was watching us. I loudly whispered, “Ring,” and discretely pointed to my wedding ring.

Lara looked about her, and in a few quick tugs, removed her ring. She walked quickly back to me, drew close, dropped the ring in my pants pocket with one hand, and gently squeezed my crotch with the other, “Let’s get this over with so we can go back to the room and have some fun.”

As she walked down the steps to the lobby, I moved to a small two-seat table in a position to better observe the bar. I noticed three groups. One group consisted of two couples, in their fifties, engrossed in conversation with one another. Not very promising. The second group included three men and one woman. It was a little more promising. But the last group appeared the most promising, four men in business suits.

I find Lara very frustrating at times. While she does care about her appearance, I do not think she realizes how sexy she can be. I watched her beautiful form move up to the bar and sit on the stool. To my satisfaction nearly every man glanced up to get a good look at her. The group of four suits began to obviously talk about her.

She ordered a drink, and then glanced at her watch. Damn, I thought, she’s watching the time. I should have asked for thirty minutes not fifteen.

After the first five minutes had passed, Lara made some small talk with the bartender and had nearly finished her first drink. When nervous, she can be a very fast drinker. She looked back to the stairway, probably looking for me, and then ordered another drink. The four men in suits were joking amongst themselves, and more than once, one of them discretely pointed to or nodded in Lara’s direction. I looked at my watch – ten minutes had passed. I began to get angry, wondering what kind of idiots frequented this bar, anyway?

After twelve minutes, one of the four suits stood up. I watched intently. He eyed Lara when he stood up, but then promptly exited the bar in the opposite direction. I laughed at myself. What the hell was I thinking, anyways? At least the night had gotten me a cheap little thrill.

However, when I looked back at Lara, to my shock, a man was standing next to her. Where had he come from? He had placed his suit coat on an adjacent stool and was leaning on the bar, talking to my wife. I watched intently as the man, (Stranger #1), ordered another drink for both of them. I could see Lara laugh once and nod in agreement. A strange feeling of fear and utter excitement swept over me. I watched, in fascination as Lara turned on the stool to be face to face with the stranger. Their conversation continued, with Stranger #1 leaning closer to Lara as the minutes passed.

I stared down at my watch – 17 minutes. I swore under my breath and got to my feet trying desperately to reduce the bulge in the front of my slacks. As I moved down the stairs I saw Stranger #1 lean very close to Lara and say something in her ear. Lara stood up from her stool and I was struck at how tall Stranger #1 was. He was well over 6′ tall (I am 5’10”). But, to my great disappointment, Stranger #1 then walked away, smiling back at my wife.

I continued walking to the bar, relief mixed with disappointment. Lara looked flushed and straightened out her dress and hair, and sat back down on the stool. Halfway across the lobby I came to a complete stop. Another man, (Stranger #2), had now risen from the remaining group of suits and moved next to Lara. He struck up a conversation with my wife and ordered her yet another drink. I considered giving her more time for this second encounter, but a deal was a deal. I was already overdue.

As I entered the bar, I got a better look at Stranger #2. He was about my height, but stockier. He was blond and clean cut (I have dark hair). He looked to be in his late twenties. Lara was nodding her head and smiling, with her hand occasionally moving long brown curly strands back over her ears (something I find very sexy).

The two burst out in laughter just as I approached. My heart was pounding in my chest as I recalled our code in my head: Jake – I get her out of this; Charles – holy crap.



    Reply Reply April 15, 2018

    Great and arousing story. Well written. Thank you

  • NoCarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    I loved it. Very hot!

  • Nocarb

    Reply Reply August 3, 2018

    How do we get more from this author?

  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 15, 2019

    Amazing wow I loved the story. That was so hot and well written. Gave me a million ideas for me and my wife.


  • chris conoodles

    Reply Reply February 16, 2019

    BTW it would be even more exciting if we saw a couple of pictures so we can put a face to the story!!!

  • Dani

    Reply Reply July 7, 2019

    Best story i had ever read
    Amazing and tide you to complete it

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