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My first try at writing. I haven’t taken the time to find an editor so I am sure the writing could be better. I would welcome constructive suggestions and how you liked the story. Thanks

This is your “almost” typical story of a cheating wife, an unsuspecting husband, and a decision to be made concerning the marriage. However, there are some circumstances which may not allow me to follow all the so called normal reactions and responses to the affair or affairs. (Who knows how many men or how many times before I found out?) Let me set the stage as to what has happened and ask for your help on what I should do.

My wife (Jenny) and I (William, not Bill or Will, but William) have been married a long time. Thirty years, and we lived together for four years before marriage. Both of us had been married and divorced before we met. Jenny and I raised my son from my previous marriage and now have a grandson. We are now in our golden years, I am 64 and she just turned 60. Neither of us have movie star looks; Jenny is very petite, with pixie like looks and has the cutest rear I have ever seen and a great body of a woman 20 years younger. My wife is precious to me but I am the only person who thinks she is the most beautiful women in the world. It’s because I love and cherish her so much. I’m sure she feels the same way about me. It is evident in the way we care for and treat each other. We are best friends and confidants.

So what is the problem, you might ask.

My loving, caring, cherished wife is sleeping with other men. I say men though it might be just one man, the one I caught her with.

Let me give you a little background on myself and what has caused the problem I am facing. I am 64, average height, and a little overweight. I have had a heart condition for about eight years and am on several medications.

One of the side effects of some of these medicines is an inability to maintain an erection for very long. We are very loving to each other, with a lot of kissing, hugging and grab ass; but I am unable to perform a good old fashioned screwing. Aye, there’s the rub, my wife has always been a big fan of intercourse. So for eight years she has had to depend on some toys (which she really doesn’t care for much) and oral gratification. This was fine for a while, but apparently not for a steady diet.

I am sort of retired, I have a small business that keeps me busy 2 days a week, but my wife is still working. Thank God. Don’t know how we would have made it without her excellent salary and health insurance. The company she works for has meetings at least every quarter, sometimes more, and she has to travel to the district office for these meetings. She is usually gone just two or three days.

Fly out on a Thursday morning and back on Saturday evening. Once a year, there is a big district meeting, to which the spouses are invited and the company foots the bill. We fly out on Wednesday and return on Saturday or Sunday. Very nice, I go and play golf for two days while my wife goes to meetings. It was at the big meeting where I began to notice something was just not right.

After checking into our room on Wednesday, we went down to lobby bar to relax and wait for dinner. The meetings and my golf would start the next day. We were sitting at the bar when one of her co-workers walked up to us. I hadn’t met him before as he worked at the district office. He walked behind Jenny and put both hands on her shoulders and began a gentle massage. Jenny leaned forward to remove his hands and said “Henry, this is my husband William. Honey this is Henry Jackson, he is my counterpart at the district office.”

Henry is a nice looking man around six feet and 200 lbs and about 40 to 45. I shook hands with Henry and said I was glad to meet him and that Jenny had mentioned him and what a good manager he was. Henry said “Please to meet you Willie, I didn’t realize that Jenny’s husband was quite this old; no wonder.”

“Excuse me”, I said, “my name is William, it was my grandfather’s name and I prefer not to disrespect his memory by shortening it, and what do you mean “no wonder.”

“Oh sorry, and nothing at all, see you all at dinner” he replied with a smirk on his face.

After he left, I turned to Jenny and asked “What the hell was that about? He treats you like his property by putting his hands all over you, disrespects me and made that comment, “No wonder. What did he mean by that, Jenny? What the fuck is going on? Is there something more I need to know about this Henry?” A shadow past over Jenny’s face and then she recovered and said that Henry was just awkward with people and didn’t mean anything and after all he did say he was sorry. His wife didn’t come to this meeting and he is just a little lonely.

“Forget about him and let’s just enjoy our drinks and our dinner before going up to our room.” I didn’t want to let it go, but decided maybe I was just tired from the flight and was over reacting. However, it kept hovering in the back of my mind. We went up to our room and I gave my wife a sexy massage and ran a hot bath for her.

While I was starting her bath the phone beside the bed rang and Jenny picked it up, and I overheard the following: “What are you doing calling my room and why were you so disrespectful to William downstairs? Yes, yes, I can’t wait much longer either, but we have to be careful. I don’t want to ruin my marriage so you behave until tomorrow afternoon, okay Henry?”

As she came into the bathroom, I ask “Who was on the phone?” She said it was the front desk wanting to know if everything was okay in the room and did we need anything. Son of a bitch, she lied right to my face, son of a bitch.

“How long are your meetings tomorrow? If you can slip away in the afternoon, I will give up golf and spend the day with you looking around the city.” Jenny answered that the meetings would go until about 5 and drinks and dinner at 6 so I should go ahead and enjoy my golf game. Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I’m not totally stupid and had a feeling there were things going on that I needed to check out. I told Jenny that my game would start at 10 tomorrow and I would eat lunch at the course and be back to the hotel between 4 and 5. That would give me time to get ready for dinner.

The next morning Jenny got dressed in a nice business pants suit and as she left for her meetings, kissed me and told me to enjoy my game. Well you know I didn’t go to play golf that day. I just left the hotel around 10 and drove around until about 1. I returned to the hotel and as I walked into the lobby saw a group of my wife’s co-workers at the bar. The bar is an oval with service from all sides and I sat in a sort of undercover spot and listened to the talk.

I heard their plans for the afternoon. I also heard them talking about some of the workers having a party in the private room at the hotel’s lounge and they should be more careful as some of them had their spouses along on this trip. One of the guys I knew, said Henry had better cool it, as her husband is here, not like what they had been doing at the quarterly meetings One lady said it was different at the quarterly meetings because no spouses came to those and the people could party hardy.


  • Malcolm Jensen

    Reply Reply March 15, 2019

    Stay and cherish your wife. The money you won will not bring back your erections. You can’t use what you don’t have on a new partner. Your wife loves you and you love her. Grow up and relax. Better yet arrange with your wife that you bring her lovers and watch and participate. That will solve her big problem and greatly enhance both of your lives.

  • Carl

    Reply Reply May 1, 2019

    Having read your account last night I feel you are behaving like a child, your wife made a tiny mistake and you want to punish her and yourself for ever! Role reversal? If you hadn’t had sex for 7 year (which I doubt you could of done if you was fit and healthy ) looked after, supported your wife as she has done to you. Then fucked a much younger girl that fancied you, do you feel your wife would of treated you as your doing to her? No, she loves you compliantly. Yet your keeping your windfall from her? You should be letting her retire after all she’s kept you for the last 7 year! Spilt the mone between your son and your wife! Let her take a lover to satisfied her needs once a month, make ground rules, be there if you like but don’t through 34 years of marriage away. Your being despicable? You will die a lonely old man if you give her up! Money won’t sort your head out or your happiness.

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