What was She Thinking? 4.2/5 (17)

This is a story about a marriage at a crossroads and has no sex in it so be forewarned.


My name is Thomas Gallagher I am a 34 about 6’1″ 215 with sandy hair and blue eyes and I keep myself in good shape by playing tennis in the summer and racquetball during winter. I have been married to my wife Jolene for 12 years. She is 5’7″ 130 lbs with straw blonde hair and blue eyes.

We have a daughter Dakota 7. I am an assistant district attorney for the county. Now that Dakota is older, Jolene started working part time as a legal secretary for a local law firm, Munson, Allen and Cheatham for the past six months. We have a nice four bedroom home just outside the city with a pool in the back yard.

We love to host pool parties and cookouts during the summer months for friends and co-workers. My best friend is Robert Cheatham. He is a partner at the firm where my wife works and I have known him since we were in high school. We both attended Syracuse School of Law. He was the one who hired Jolene.

We were hosting one of our weekend parties. I was frying up burgers and dogs, the kids were splashing and playing in the pool with several of the mothers keeping a watchful eye on them. Most of the guys were talking about sports and a few were pitching horseshoes. Some of the wives and significant others were sitting on the patio chatting.

Jolene was busy in the kitchen getting salads and chips ready to bring out to the table as the meat would be done soon. I noticed that Rob was in the kitchen with Jolene and they were chatting away occasionally laughing. I didn’t think much about it as Rob was a fixture around our house most weekends since his divorce from Ellen.

It was a sore subject with Rob. All he would tell me about it is she decided to call it quits out of the blue and moved back to her hometown immediately after deciding to leave him. He never gave any reason and Ellen wasn’t around to ask.

I know that Ellen is not an irrational person and not subject to acting on impulse. I believe that she may have caught Rob cheating on her but that is mere speculation on my part. As his friend I respected his privacy and never questioned him about it any further.

As Jolene and Rob started carrying out the food a couple of the other wives jumped up to help. I was loading the platters with burgers and dogs when Rob came over to give me a hand carrying them to the table. We set the meat down next to the rolls and condiments so everyone could help themselves.

“Come and get it while it’s hot!” I said shouting out to everyone while watching the kids jumping out of the pool and make a mad dash for the table.

I went to sit down next to Jolene but noticed that Rob had already done so. So I found another seat and started digging in. As the day went on I was noticing that Jolene and Rob hardly left each other alone and that my wife had as yet to come over and speak with me at all.

This was strange as Jolene was a bit of a social butterfly and as a good hostess always made the rounds visiting with our guests. Several times she went to the coolers for drinks for Rob never bothering to offer me one.

Rob usually hangs out with me before making the rounds. I took notice and I’m sure many of our guests did as well but thankfully were too polite to bring it up in conversation. The party was winding down with everyone pitching in to help with the cleanup. The kids were tired after a long day of sun and swimming.

It was 11pm and parents were anxious to get their kids home and into bed. I was looking forward to a little alone time with Jolene in our hot tub. I went to the door and said our goodbyes as people began filing out. Soon everyone had left or so I thought. Jolene was conspicuously absent. She always came to say goodnight to people as they were leaving.

I closed the door and turning toward the kitchen saw Jolene and Rob out on the patio talking and giggling. I was more curious than suspicious as we have been friends for years. It was obvious they were up to something. I was thinking that perhaps they were planning some sort of surprise for me.

I made my way to the patio door feeling a bit put off that Rob was still hanging around. They became quiet as I approached them. “Hey, what are you two up to? I haven’t seen either of you all day long.”

“Honey, that isn’t so, Jolene said defensively, adding, we sat down for lunch together.”

“That was you and Rob my dear! This is the first time you and I have been face to face since the party started.” I laughingly said. “that if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two were in cahoots.”

Rob chuckled, “Nothing like that old buddy. I was simply helping Jolene out and enjoying her company as usual. Anyway, it’s getting late and I need to be heading out. Goodnight guys!”

Jolene said, “Rob I’ll walk you out while Tom pours me a glass of Chablis. I’ll be right back.”

They went inside and into the living room. Jolene was taking a long time to say goodbye and as I was sliding the patio door open, I heard Jolene finally say goodnight to Rob. Entering the kitchen I had her wine in my hand and I sat it on the countertop as she came walking into the kitchen.

“I thought you might have gotten lost!” I said to her somewhat annoyed because she knew I was waiting for her.

Jolene said, “Oh Tom, I haven’t been gone that long!”

I decide to drop the conversation saying, “Well honey, I want to spend some alone time in the hot tub. Now that everyone’s gone we don’t even need suits.”

Jolene went inside for some towels and our robes as I removed the cover and started the jets. I grabbed a beer from the cooler and brought her glass of wine down to the hot tub. Jolene was taking longer than it should take to grab towels and robes. Walking back toward the house I saw that Jolene was on the phone.

I’m wondering who she could be talking to this time of night and why she was on the phone at all especially since I was waiting for her to join me. Nearing the patio door she spotted me and hung up before I went inside.

“Who in the hell are you talking to at this time of night?” as I was feeling extremely put upon by this time.

“Oh it was just Rob.” She said a bit sheepishly.

“Why did he call? For fuck’s sake he just left here.” Perhaps it’s the prosecutor in me but now I’m getting suspicious.

“He just wanted to talk about a case we’re working on that’s all.”

“I call bullshit Jolene. You spent the entire day talking with Rob why couldn’t you have taken care of it during the entire eight hours you spent together?” I was getting angry.

Changing the subject Jolene said, “Come on let’s get naked and get into the hot tub.” She said while bolting out the door before I could say anything else.

I walked down to the hot tub as she was getting undressed. She was still the sexist woman I’ve ever known. Her breasts were still firm with large areolas and pert ¼ inch nipples. Her pussy is covered with light blonde hair which she keeps neatly trimmed. I sighed as she disappeared into the bubbling water.

Once at the tub I stripped down entering the water and letting the pressure and the heat work on my muscles. I handed Jolene her Chablis and opened my can of beer. “Here’s to us!”

“Cheers.” She added as we touched can to glass.

I took a sip of my beer before deciding to get an answer to my earlier question. “Jolene why was Rob calling so soon after he left and don’t tell me it has to do with a case.”

She was looking away unable to make eye contact with me. “Tommy I want to ask you something.” Now I knew something was up as she only called me Tommy when she wants something that I most likely would say no to.

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