What Kind of Party is it? 4.3/5 (14)

“Please.” Kelly who was John’s wife begged.

“Okay…but you can’t tell your husband John.” Lisa her friend said.

Lisa leaned in, cupped her hands around Kelly’s ear, and whispered. John watched Kelly’s expression as Lisa whispered to her. John could tell that Kelly was shocked at first and then excited…very excited.

“Time’s up. So what’s it going to be Kelly?” John asked.

Kelly stood up and put her arms around John…she was smiling.

“John…I know you…I know that you’re concerned that this party is supposed to wind up with me having sex with one of the dancers or something. Well you don’t have to worry…that’s not what happens at all. I won’t be touching anyone…nobody will be touching me. You don’t have to worry about anything like that.” Kelly said.

“Well I’m very glad to hear that Kelly. You know me well enough to know what I was worried about, but I also know you Kelly. I know that you aren’t telling me the whole story. Obviously there’s more to what Lisa told you than what you’re telling me…a lot more. From the look in your eyes I’d say that it’s a whole lot more.” John said.

A middle aged female with a name tag reading Rachael Beading MANAGER, walked up and interrupted us.

“Excuse me.” She said smoothly. “I am the club manager Rachael Beading. Let us please take this over to the side room -as not to bother the other guests.”

Kelly and John followed her to a private booth. We sat at a low table. Rachael beckoned a waiter to bring drinks. Rachael handed out drinks before she spoke.

“Sir I see you are uncomfortable with your wife being here. I am not at liberty to discuss what goes on until after the show starts. You are both free to leave at any time before the main entertainment begins. It is completely your decision, but I hope you both choose to stay.”

I and Kelly finished our drinks as Rachael leaned forward and continued.

“However if you or your wife decide to remain after the show starts, the doors are locked until the entertainment finishes-barring some emergency. ”

“Well I am not hanging around if I do not know what is going on.” I demanded.

Rachael smoothed out her skirt and nodded.

“Many of the husbands and boyfriends feel that way out of concern for their ladies. I can only assure you that neither your wife-nor any of the ladies here will be touched in any way, nor will any lady be allowed to touch any man here that is not their husband or boyfriend. No male-female contact will be permitted with any of the employees here tonight.”

Rachael sat back and gave Kelly and I a little smile. “But I can tell you that none of the male guests that choose to continue and attend the show have ever complained to me. Most return for future performances.”

Kelly took my hands pleading. ‘Pleease John, I would really like to see if what Lisa said is true-just do it for me.”

“Fine.” I grunted, throwing up my hands. “Kelly you better make damn sure this is worth it to you.” I stared at her. “Last chance.”

Kelly jumped up, throwing her arms around me. “Thanks so much! I cannot wait! I just know we’re going to enjoy it!”

With that Rachael stood up. “Well now that that’s settled please join the others at your leisure. The show is starting soon, so enjoy your evening.” Rachael then walked off into a back room.

Kelly my wife looked around. ‘Well it would be a waste to let this private booth go to waste.”

Kelly dropped to her knees then quickly undid my belt and zipper. Pulling out my cock and jacking me to a hard rod in seconds. Next she inhaled my manhood, beginning to giving me a world class blowjob. While I am only average size Kelly deep throated me in a way that made my toes curl. As she bobbed up and down I could feel churning in my balls. I grabbed Kelly’s head, holding her tight as I exploded in her mouth.

Kelly smiled up at me wiping her lips. She tucked me back in saying. “More to come tonight babe!”

I stood up as Kelly took my arm, but I felt a bit lightheaded. “Wow.” I thought to myself. “Must have stood up too fast. I really should have eaten something, that last drink really packed a wallop.”

Kelly and I walked into the main room where Lisa waved us over to the front row patting two empty seats next to her.

I seemed to have trouble with my balance. It felt good to sit down. I was really feeling out of sorts, even had trouble focusing. Kelly and Lisa chatted away while some guy gyrated on the stage in front of us.

After more of these acts, aided by increased yelling, and whooping by ladies in the crowd. Rachael the Manager now in a Tux walked on center stage. She started acting like some Master of Ceremonies.

“Now wasn’t that GREAT!” Rachael yelled into the mic. “But let’s get to the real reason we are all here! Who are the newbie’s in the audience tonight?”

With that Rachael shielded her eyes from the stage spotlights, looking out into the crowd. Lisa and Kelly jumped up and down while pointing at me. Suddenly a spotlight blinded me. I could make out another spotlights picking out someone else in the crowd.

“OK ladies!” Rachael exclaimed.” Who should we bring up stage to perform first?”

Lisa and Kelly had me off my chair, they were yelling. “Here here-here is your first performer!!”

Held up drunkly between Kelly and Lisa I thought. “Performer?-what the hell kind of party is this they need me as a performer?”

“Great! Bring up the lucky stud in the first row.” Rachael crowed to the applause and catcalls from the crowd.

Kelly gave me a big kiss and hugged my neck whispering in my ear. “OH I am so excited! I can’t wait to see this!” Looking into her eyes I saw –Lust-Fear-Excitement-All three?

Next thing I know I am sitting on a chair onstage facing the audience blinded by stage lights. Kelly is standing center stage next to Rachel answering questions.

“First time for you and your husband?” Rachael asked -Kelly nodded. “You both want it to happen?” Rachael continued, Kelly nodded again.

“Well he looks a little overdressed. Why don’t you get him into his birthday suit-what do you say?” Kelly nodded, the crowd started yelling again. Rachael the Manager/MC looked offstage. “Boys give Kelly here a hand.”

With that my wife Kelly started taking off my shoes, two of the male dancers Troy and another guy started undressing me on stage. The crowd was chanting. “Take it off!”

I tried to come out of my fog, fighting back. It was like moving in thick jello.

“Relax Dude.” The male dancer Troy said as he removed my shirt. Kelly slipped off my pants and boxers as the other dancer lifted my hips. Troy continued matter of factly. “You might as well enjoy it, next time you get your turn.”

Completely nude now I heard the crowd clapping and cheering. Two other men were on stage with video cameras.

“What you think?” Rachael exclaimed. “Should we make him a movie queen?”

With the crowd roaring another male dancer came on. Before stripping down he handed my wife Kelly a cheap blond wig. Kelly laughed as she put it on my head, than gave me a big kiss on my lips. “John I am so excited for your first time!’ Kelly squealed with lust in her eyes before stepping back.

Meanwhile the male dancer was getting the crowd worked up gyrating and strutting. He moved over to me and started to rub his crotch into my face as I tried to push him away. Laughter broke out as he easily swatted away my hands, all the time rubbing his groin near my lips.

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