Whale Tale 3.7/5 (11)

I am not sure why I am writing this or even if I will ever actually send this to you, but I feel a need to explain, a need to try and convince you that I never intended to do anything to hurt you, your family and most of all your wife, your loving wife. Some might call me selfish to do this, to unburden myself of the guilt without regard for the damage it may do and yet, I simply have to do this.

It all started so strangely and quickly that I really didn’t have time to consider the consequences of my actions, or perhaps I should all them my reactions, because all of this was something that rolled up over me like the tide. Looking back it was as if I was a beached whale with the waves splashing over me, driving me further and further up onto the shore.

People began to collect around me, my skin already red from the sun, was blistered, burning. Children with buckets ran into the water and returned to pour the cool, salty brine over me. Some men then began pushing me, nudging me toward the water and then I suddenly heard a woman’s voice: “Excuse me…”

“Excuse me, do you mind if I borrow some of your shade?”

“Some of my shade?” I asked.

“From your umbrella, it’s so hot this summer,” she replied, as I tried to focus my eyes on her face, but in the bright sunlight all I could see was a dark spot amid a bright, fiery corona.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry I must have dozed off. Please, sit down.”

She unfolded her blanket, rolled it out on the sand and sat down. As she slipped into the shade I first noticed her smile, full lips with just a hint of her teeth peeking from within. Glancing up to her bright blue eyes I thought of the cloudless sky and wondered if perhaps she was wearing colored contacts. I’d never seen eyes quite that light shade of blue.

“Thanks, I guess I should have brought an umbrella of my own, but this was just a last minute thing, nothing planned.”

“Well I’m glad you decided to visit the beach today, glad you picked this beach, this umbrella,” I said feeling more and more foolish as my voice trailed off.

“You looked like you were alone… you are here by yourself?”

“Yes, I’ve been here most of the summer working. I finally decided to take an afternoon off.”

“I guess I’m lucky to pick today for my unplanned excursion,” she replied, resting her head on her left hand, her curly hair wrapping over her fingers. “I’m Annie by the way,” she continued, reaching out her hand toward me.

“Hi Annie by the way, I’m Jim on the beach.”

“Well Jim on the beach, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

“No, I had just dozed off, was dreaming.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I woke you…”

“No, no, don’t be sorry. I was in the middle of a bad dream… I was dreaming I was a beached whale.”

“Oh no,” she moaned, rolling onto her stomach. As she rested on her crossed arms I got a good look at her breasts as they rested on the blanket, her skin curving up over the top of her bra. She then moved, as if to adjust her blouse, but then stopped and rested her arms on the towel again, leaving her blouse open to my view. “Sure you’re a big guy, but no beached whale. Football player?”

“Some in high school.”


Shaking my head no, I said, “Well, I went to college, just didn’t play football… on the team at least, some intramural touch, nothing more.”

I let my gaze move down her body and noticed the top of her thong peeking above her cutoff shorts. Smiling, I guess I laughed a bit because she looked up at me and then followed my gaze down her back.

“You laughing at my thong?”

“A whale tail,” I said, trying not to embarrass myself giggling.

“So I’m the beached whale now?”

“No, no, nothing like a beached whale, no, more like… like… a mermaid. Yes, like a mermaid.”

“Oh, good save there.”

“But you are…”

“Are what?”

“Like a mermaid, appearing out of nowhere, singing a beautiful siren song, drawing the passing ships into the rocks.”

“But I’m not singing and I don’t see any ships.”

“Well to me it could be singing and I am certainly drawn… oh damn, I’m sorry, I’m getting melodramatic here.”

“No, no, I don’t mind. In fact I am drawn to you.”

“You are?”

“Look, I know this is forward and very sudden. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I need something, I need this, just this and nothing more. Do you understand?”


“Can we go up to your room, just the two of us, no strings, no baggage, just the two of us in your room for an hour or two?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, we go up to your room and then I leave. Two strangers who touch and then go their separate ways,” she said sitting up.

I sat up facing her, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, right now I’m sure. I’ve never been so sure, but if we wait I might not be so sure. I just need this. Mind you, I’m sure you’re nice, would be a wonderful friend… maybe more, but I can’t do that. Don’t ask why.”

“Okay,” I replied, standing up and grabbing towel. I reached down, helped her up and we both worked to pull the umbrella. Heading back up the beach toward the hotel, I dropped off the umbrella with the rental guy and then led her up the steps to the deck at the back of the hotel.

Reaching down I let my hand brush against hers, feeling an odd tingling as our fingers entwined. For the first time I noticed she wasn’t wearing any rings. I didn’t look down to see if her fingers showed any marks of wearing a ring. At that moment I didn’t care.

Inside the lobby we headed directly to the elevators and as the doors opened we had to split apart as a young family tumbled out, three kids dashing towards the doors to the beach, dropping stuff as they ran.

The unfazed parents followed the kids as I followed Annie onto the elevator, noticing the whale tail of her thong once again. I pushed the button to the seventh floor and then stepped back, reaching my hand to her back.

As the elevator ascended, my hand descended down her back until my fingers were tucked in beneath the thin straps of her thong. I kept them there as the elevator door opened on my floor and we stepped out of the elevator. Gently pushing her with my hand, I guided her to my room, where I pulled the key card from my back pocket, opened my door and stepped back to let her go inside.

She paused at the doorway for a moment and then said, “You know, I’ve never done this before.”

Not sure how to reply, I stood holding the door open, simply looking down at her face. Her uncertainty was apparent, but suddenly, a different look came over her face, one of resolve, and she turned and walked into my room. I followed her and pulled the door until it latched behind me.

“Are you sure…” I started.

“It’s like this, how many times have you wanted to do something, but didn’t… and then later wished you had.”

I nodded.

“Well…” she then reached up and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra and then stepped up to me, opened her arms and we came together, our lips meeting for the first time.

I was a bit slow on the uptake and quickly found her tongue prying my lips apart. Catching up, I opened my mouth, and then let her tongue enter, coaxing my tongue to follow. Pressing my tongue past her lips we kissed deeply, my tongue toying with hers as we embraced.

By then my cock had grown and was pressing against her thigh. Not wanting to push her too quickly, I didn’t do anything more than continue kissing her until she reached down and took firm hold of my cock through my shorts. Immediately, I slid my hands down her back, slipped them inside her shorts and began kneading her ass.

We continued kissing as she moved her hand from my cock and then unfastened her shorts. Moving my hands downward, I coaxed them down off her hips and watched as they fell to the floor. I released her, stepped back and began unfastening my shorts as I kicked off my shoes. In the meantime, Annie quickly pulled off her thong.

I clumsily pulled off my socks and shorts while gazing at her naked body. Her hips were well rounded and her breasts large, but there was really little you could call fat or pudgy on her. She obviously worked out.

‘God, your body is beautiful,” I mumbled, reaching out and touching her shoulder.

“Hard to imagine I had two… ah, two kids,” she replied, stuttering a bit at the end.

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