Weekend In Vegas 4.6/5 (56)

When we got to the chairs Dana said hi and he took the chair on one side and Dana was in the middle of us. We chatted and hung for a while then Dave said why don’t we go to the Venus pool? He explained that it was an adults only pool with much better music and a bar close by and no screaming kids! Dave was right, the Venus pool was very hip with lots of 20’s-30’s men and women, loud music and most interesting of all was that some of the women were topless!

Dave explained that the Venus pool was, “toptional”. We found 3 lounge chairs together and Dave mentioned that maybe we should have some Bloody Marys’ to take the edge off so I went to the bar. It took about 10-15 minutes to retrieve the drinks and as I approached our seats I was surprised to see that Dana had removed her bikini top and her perfect tits were exposed for all to see but especially to Dave.

I was like, “wow, I leave for 5 min and so much has changed LOL!”. I said, “you better lather up so they don’t burn” and Dave said, “Oh not to worry, I already took care of that.” Dana just blushed and said cheers!

The rest of the afternoon was brutal because I was in a constant state of arousal. I spent a lot of the time on my stomach hiding my erection. Dave on the other hand seemed not to care about that issue and it was obvious to see why. He went into the pool to cool off and ended up in a conversation with 2 20-something girls, one of which was topless.

After a few minutes he climbed out of the pool to walk back to where Dana and I were chatting and his wet swim suit clung tightly to his legs and his enormous cock was clearly outlined and it looked to run maybe 8”-9” down his leg! Dave obviously spent a lot of time at the gym as well as he was very fit and ripped. Dana was caught staring as was I when we realized he was telling Dana to come to the pool as he wanted her to meet his new friends.

Dana hopped up and I watched as her amazing 32D breasts jiggled as she followed Dave to the pool. I couldn’t hear any of the conversation as they were a good 20 feet away and the music was very loud but I watched as I saw Dave entertaining the 3 girls. His hand would occasionally touch Dana’s back or shoulders. At one point I saw the other topless girl reach over and grab one of Dana’s tits….she was checking it out like a loaf of bread.

Dana was giggling but not resisting in any way. Then the other girl did the same thing and sure enough Dave got his turn to squeeze and fondle Dana’s breasts. They were all laughing and having fun when I saw Dana reach out and feel the topless girls much smaller but firm breasts.

A few more minutes and I watched Dave get behind the girl who still had her top on and he untied her strings and she put up no protest as he removed her top to reveal a perfect set of very large young breasts. The conversation went on for about 10 more minutes when they all went to the other side of the pool and got out and headed to the bar. They hung at the bar while Dave ordered and presented them each with a shot.

They did the shot, the young girls each gave Dana a lingering hug before Dave and Dana came back to where I was lying face down of course! When they sat down Dave said to me that he hoped I didn’t mind but the girls were in awe of Dana and couldn’t believe that she was 45 years old with the body of a 26 year old! Before I even thought I blurted out something like, “no problem at all it looked like Dana loved every second of it LOL”. Dana said, “you guys are so bad”….

The time flew by and by about 4:30 we all agreed we had plenty of sun and Dave had to head back to the Wynn to meet his “friend”, the beautiful Asian girl from the night before. We packed up and as we were parting Dave gave Dana a goodbye kiss but it was on the lips and maybe a little longer than normal. He said, “Ok, see you guys at 8:00 for sushi at the Wynn. I was like, what?

As Dave walked away Dana said that she forgot to tell me but Dave wanted to by us dinner. So sushi it would be! We headed up to our room and the second we walked in I talked my hot wife onto the bed and started grinding my throbbing cock against her pubic mound telling her how hot she was all afternoon and I just had to be inside her. She started teasing me and making me describe what was so hot, like she didn’t know!

I started to describe how she let Dave kiss her on the lips and how she had taken her top off. She clarified for me that she took it off for him and that while I was gone he had, “helped apply the lotion”. At that moment I came, filling my bathing suit with cum. My incredibly sexy wife just giggled and pointed out that indeed I was turned on! Once my intense orgasm calmed down I apologized for losing control and offered to take care of her with my tongue but she said she was fine and just wanted a hot shower….off she went to the bathroom while I reached in my bathing suit and rubbed my cum covered cock to a second orgasm in less than 5 minutes.

Saturday night

Dana came out of the bathroom and looked like a Vegas escort! Her 5’6”, 115lb frame was encased in a skin tight, light gray and dark gray leopard print mini dress that accentuated her full 32D breasts as the back was too low to wear a bra. She still had to finish her make up so I showered and used her razor to ‘manscape’ myself smooth. We finished getting ready and went down to the casino for a drink and some black jack.

Boy was Dana popular. We must’ve had 10 conversations with random strangers as it seemed everyone wanted to get to know her! It was about 7:45 so we got an Uber to the Wynn and arrived at the sushi restaurant only about 5 minutes late. Tricia and Dave we at the bar waiting for our table and they greeted us with big hugs. Tricia looked amazing, she was wearing heels, a black mini skirt and a multi-colored halter top that plunged down almost to her bellybutton.

Dave was in tailored black slacks and gray button down shirt that showed off his chiseled physique. We were shown to our table and proceeded to have a fantastic sushi dinner with cocktails and great conversation. As Dave picked up the check he asked what we should do the rest of the night. Everyone seemed to have the same answer, we were flexible but didn’t have anything specific in mind.


  • Hassan Deihimi

    Reply Reply June 9, 2019

    Let go of being the story is real or not , it was so stunnig and fantastic that can make both men and women cuming many time.

  • Tom

    Reply Reply June 13, 2019

    Nice hot story. I love being a cuck for my wife!

  • David

    Reply Reply June 16, 2019

    Thanks Hassan I can assure you, other than a couple slight embellishments at the very end, every detail is almost exactly as it happened. My wife doesn’t like talking about it unless she’s drunk or we are having sex but she did confirm some of the details for me as best she remembered. It was 3 years ago and we are going to be in Vegas this 4th of July. My fingers are crossed!!

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