Weekend In Vegas 4.6/5 (56)

The third dancer delivered us all fresh drinks and took her place on Dave’s lap. The song ended and we were all like…wow that was hot! Dave handed the blonde some money and told her to keep going so when the next song started she began to lap dance Dana again only this time she was even more into it….. About half way through the song Dave said something to the girl on my lap and she grabbed my hand and led me over to the big chair and started giving me a very hot and physical lap dance…..grinding on my crotch and rubbing my cock…..this left Dave, Dana and the 2 other dancers on the couch.

For the next hour or so Dave and Dana got lap dances and he was pretty much all over her. My brunette got pulled away for a regular somewhere so I just drank and watched the 4 of them. Dana was basically exposed….her dress was up around her waist so that her black lace panties were completely in sight, on several occasions the dancer, or Dave would pull her top down to expose her perfect breasts.

At one point Dave pulled a little too hard and broke one of her thin shoulder straps! The whole scene was very erotic and I was leaking pre cum in my pants. At one point the music changed and the announced all the dancers had to go on stage….after our girls left Dave grabbed Dana’s hand and he said to me, “we’ll be right back”. With that he led her away. I poured another drink and couldn’t help by rub myself while I waited.

They returned about 30 minutes later with 2 new dancers. One of them said hi to me and sat on my lap. Dave sat in the middle of the couch and had Dana sit on his lap! When the next song started the other dancer started giving Dana and Dave a lap dance. I clearly saw Dave’s hand pull aside her panties and stroke her during the dance….it seemed like Dana and the dancer both loved it!

After another 30-40- minutes of more of this intoxicating eroticism my intoxicated and disheveled wife came over to me and sat on my lap that was already occupied by my dancer friend. Dana reached over and felt her firm young breasts and commented on how nice and big they were. She then leaned down and whispered in my ear that she was drunk and horny and needed me to take her to the hotel and, “do her”.

Now I was having the fantasy of a lifetime but who am I to argue with that request?! Dana got up and went back to the couch to say goodnight to Dave. I couldn’t hear what was being said but I could tell that Dave was obviously disappointed and was trying to change her mind. They were sort of leaning back on the couch and he was saying something in her ear, his left hand was on her thigh and slowly moved its way up to her bald panty covered pussy which I’m sure was more than a little damp!

After a minute he sort of half rolled away from her and said something to the dancer who was sitting next to him….as he rolled back to Dana his lips went right to hers. As Dave started kissing Dana passionately the young and very hot dancer moved around in front of Dana. She slid her hands up on either side of Dana’s almost completely exposed thighs and hooked her fingers around the tiny waist strings of Dana’s black lace thong.

I saw Dana’s hips rise a little which allowed her to slide Dana’s thong down her long legs and off completely. Wow, I could barely breathe! Dave broke the kiss, said something in Dana’s ear and Sat up to receive his prize, her lace thong. He then helped Dana up off the couch and onto her not so steady feet. He gave her one last kiss, came over and shook my hand thanking me for an amazing evening and trying one more time to convince us to come to his suite at the Wynn. I told him it sounded like fun but Dana was struggling to stay vertical. He assured me that she could be very horizontal in her suite but Dana was pulling me out so off we stumbled.

We got a taxi out front and headed back to Cesar’s. Dana was drunk and apologizing for getting so carried away. My hand slipped down between her legs to feel her naked smooth pussy. Her legs automatically parted without even thinking about it. She was soaked! I played with her on the way back and the taxi driver almost broke his neck trying to get a peek at her being exposed in the back seat. She made no attempt to cover up and I’m sure he got to see everything. As we made our walk of shame at 4AM through the lobby we got plenty of stares. Dana with her lipstick all gone and her dress strap hanging free….what a sight! Lol

We got to the room, Dana kicked off her heels and I pulled her dress off….she fell on the bed and I knew I had about 1 minute to fuck her so….I did! She was so wet and I was so turned on I literally barely got in her and came. Dana was like, “that was fast, what about me?”. I immediately went down on her and it didn’t take her much longer than it did me! Ha I slipped a finger in her soaking wet hole and as soon as my tongue touched her hard and extended clit she exploded so loud I thought we might get a noise complaint! We kissed and were about to pass out when her cel phone vibrated.

She looked and sure enough it was Dave! I didn’t realize she had given him her cel number. He was nothing if not persistent as he tried to convince her/us to come over to his big, two bedroom suite at the Wynn. Dana went back and forth a few times saying it sounded like fun but that she was dead and could barely hold up her phone. A couple more texts and she handed me her phone and said, “The only way I’m going to get him to stop and get some sleep is send him a pic.”. When I looked at her phone I saw a selfie pic of Dave and one of the dancers named, “Niki”. The message was from Niki saying to Dana, “”Come on Dana send us a pic, I want to see that body too!”.

Now Dana never is ok with pics especially on her cel phone to an almost stranger but I took her phone and asked her what she wanted to send him….she just said, “oh just send him everything”! So there she was, naked, spread, wet and just fresh from orgasm….the pic was amazing! I handed her the phone and she sent it. He texted back something about thank you and let’s chat tomorrow and we passed out.


Saturday did not start early. When I finally opened my eyes it was almost noon and Dana was not in bed. I heard her in the shower and went in to brush my teeth. I saw her phone on the counter and it showed a phone number on the screen and it indicated 3 texts were waiting. I told her so and she yelled out of the shower that it was Dave and that they had been texting for a bit. I took some hangover aspirin and laid back down.

When she came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her wet hair her body looked amazing. Her full 32D breast were glowing damp and her laser smooth pussy looked ready for action. She lay down next to me and said that Dave wants to hang out at the pool with us. I asked her what she thought and she said she had already told him ok and that he was coming over to our hotel at 1pm!

She said she hoped I wasn’t mad but he was so persistent. I asked her if I could read his texts and she reluctantly gave me her phone. I realized why when I scrolled up to read them and saw a selfie of Dana in the bathroom mirror completely naked and full length. She just blushed and said he “made her do it”. I was like….well I guess the pool it is!

We got down to the pool before 1:00 and found 3 chairs. By the time we got settled and sun screen on Dana got a text that Dave was here but needed us to get him in to the pool so she asked if I could go get him. I went over to the gate area and Dave and I walked back to the seats. He said he had such a great time with us the night before and was psyched to hang out with us that day, etc.


  • Hassan Deihimi

    Reply Reply June 9, 2019

    Let go of being the story is real or not , it was so stunnig and fantastic that can make both men and women cuming many time.

  • Tom

    Reply Reply June 13, 2019

    Nice hot story. I love being a cuck for my wife!

  • David

    Reply Reply June 16, 2019

    Thanks Hassan I can assure you, other than a couple slight embellishments at the very end, every detail is almost exactly as it happened. My wife doesn’t like talking about it unless she’s drunk or we are having sex but she did confirm some of the details for me as best she remembered. It was 3 years ago and we are going to be in Vegas this 4th of July. My fingers are crossed!!

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