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The following is a true story that happened to us about 3 years ago but the memories are so vivid it seems like it was just 3 days ago. A few years before we had explored a little with, “soft swap” adult play but as it turned out my wife didn’t like seeing me with other women so that fizzled so…

Friday Night

It was April and we needed a weekend away. We had been consumed with work and business travel and life in general and needed some R&R time. I booked a room at Cesar’s and made some reservations for dinner and a show. The weather would be perfect, 90* and no clouds. Perfect for days at the pool and warm nights to allow my very hot wife to rock her best Vegas wear!

About us…we’re your typical hard working and fairly successful couple who’s kids have left the nest and now we can enjoy life a bit more. Dana, at 45, turns heads as much if not more than when she was 28! At 5’6”, 115lbs, blonde hair, long smooth legs and firm 32D (yes, with a little help from a very expensive breast surgeon) Dana looks years younger than her age. I’m in my late 50’s but exercise often and still have all my hair…with some gray mixed in. Dana is equally stunning in a pair of jeans or shorts as she is in a bikini or a LBD (little black dress) so weekends in Vegas are always fun and very exciting.

We arrived on Thursday evening and had a few drinks while losing some money at the slots and tables in the casino before turning in early to just relax. Friday we slept in a little before heading to the pool. It was a perfect pool day and we read books (she happened to be reading the third book in the 50 Shades series!), had some cold beers and enjoyed the warm pool. Dana looked stunning in her tiny bikini.

We went to the room after almost too much sun around 4pm to rest, shower and get ready for a great dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. We teased each other some in the big shower with the remote water nozzle….she was very close to orgasm when I aimed it away just to make sure she’d be horny later that night! 😉 She did her hair, make up and then put on a very, flattering and sexy LBD that had a sheer mid-section and tiny straps which required a, “no bra” approach. She looked amazing!

While waiting at the bar for our reserved table we had a brief but fun conversation with a very attractive couple who was also waiting for a table. He looked to be around 35-40, fit and handsome. He had a successful and confident but pleasant air about him. She looked to be 30ish, Asian with a beautiful smile and very fit and tight body.

Anyway, after only a couple quick comments or observations and a laugh they went off to their table and we to ours. We thought nothing of it until we were looking at the desert menu after an amazing ribeye for me and a perfect filet for her when suddenly the couple we met were standing at our table.

They were nice and she said something to the effect of, “We know this is sort of out of left field but we are going out for cocktails and some fun and you guys seem like a couple we’d like to hang with so would you like to meet us for drinks later?” Well, Dana and I looked at each other and sort of shrugged and thought….hey its Vegas, why not? I deferred to Dana and she said to the girl, “sure why not, we have no plans”. The guy, Dave (which was funny as I too am Dave so for this story I’ll go by David) handed us a card and said, “Just tell the taxi to take you here and give this to the bouncer. He’ll bring you guys to us. We all said great, see you soon and they left. We were both like, “wow, that was interesting but what the hell….why not”.

We skipped desert but had an after dinner drink and got in a taxi. The cab pull up to the valet area of the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club….strip joint! Now Dana and I have been to strip clubs before and we’ve also explored some adult fun in the past….soft swap with other couples etc so it was no big deal. Again, what the hell…Vegas baby! Haha I handed the card to the doorman who ushered us in with no cover charge!

He took us through the club which was packed and going off at 11:30ish on this Friday night. We went through the velvet ropes into the VIP section where he found a curtained off VIP room, pulled back the curtain and there were our new friends, well, there was one of our new friends. The very attractive Asian girl was not there but Dave was along with 3 very hot dancers and a generous bottle service set up.

He made us drinks and explained that Tricia unfortunately had to leave right after they got there due to a sitter issue, single mom and all but he was glad we made it and let’s relax with the girls. Turned out that Dave was good friends with the owner of the club and stopped to visit for a couple days on his way back from Europe on business before he went home to the San Francisco area. Turns out we live in the East Bay near San Fran so plenty of comfort and conversation….even though it was very loud and the dancers were distracting to say the least! LOL

In the VIP room there was a large black oversized chair, a couple small tables and a black leather couch. Dana and I were on the couch and Dave was in the chair but it was hard to hear so Dave moved onto the couch with Dana in the middle.

After some chatting and laughing the dancers were clearly wanting to work….Dave said something to them and next thing I knew I was getting a very intense and hot lap dance from this 20 something brunette. One of the other girls was sitting on Dave’s knee and the third was making more drinks I think. I was trying to focus on my lap dance but couldn’t help but notice Dave was getting very friendly with Dana as he had his hand on her bare thigh and was enthralling her in some conversation. The song ended and my new friend was sitting on my lap occupying me…

The blonde sitting on Dave’s knee got up and moved right to Dana….she leaned over and whispered something to my wife and then reached down and spread Dana’s legs which forced her short black dress to side way up her thighs….the dancer then proceeded to give Dana a very hot lap dance while we all watched! “My” dancer was saying how hot my wife looked etc but I could barely hear her.


  • Hassan Deihimi

    Reply Reply June 9, 2019

    Let go of being the story is real or not , it was so stunnig and fantastic that can make both men and women cuming many time.

  • Tom

    Reply Reply June 13, 2019

    Nice hot story. I love being a cuck for my wife!

  • David

    Reply Reply June 16, 2019

    Thanks Hassan I can assure you, other than a couple slight embellishments at the very end, every detail is almost exactly as it happened. My wife doesn’t like talking about it unless she’s drunk or we are having sex but she did confirm some of the details for me as best she remembered. It was 3 years ago and we are going to be in Vegas this 4th of July. My fingers are crossed!!

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