Weekend In Vegas

Section 1

The following is a true story that happened to us about 3 years ago but the memories are so vivid it seems like it was just 3 days ago. A few years before we had explored a little with, “soft swap” adult play but as it turned out my wife didn’t like seeing me with other women so that fizzled so…

Friday Night

It was April and we needed a weekend away. We had been consumed with work and business travel and life in general and needed some R&R time. I booked a room at Cesar’s and made some reservations for dinner and a show. The weather would be perfect, 90* and no clouds. Perfect for days at the pool and warm nights to allow my very hot wife to rock her best Vegas wear!

About us…we’re your typical hard working and fairly successful couple who’s kids have left the nest and now we can enjoy life a bit more. Dana, at 45, turns heads as much if not more than when she was 28! At 5’6”, 115lbs, blonde hair, long smooth legs and firm 32D (yes, with a little help from a very expensive breast surgeon) Dana looks years younger than her age. I’m in my late 50’s but exercise often and still have all my hair…with some gray mixed in. Dana is equally stunning in a pair of jeans or shorts as she is in a bikini or a LBD (little black dress) so weekends in Vegas are always fun and very exciting.

We arrived on Thursday evening and had a few drinks while losing some money at the slots and tables in the casino before turning in early to just relax. Friday we slept in a little before heading to the pool. It was a perfect pool day and we read books (she happened to be reading the third book in the 50 Shades series!), had some cold beers and enjoyed the warm pool. Dana looked stunning in her tiny bikini.

We went to the room after almost too much sun around 4pm to rest, shower and get ready for a great dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. We teased each other some in the big shower with the remote water nozzle….she was very close to orgasm when I aimed it away just to make sure she’d be horny later that night! ;-) She did her hair, make up and then put on a very, flattering and sexy LBD that had a sheer mid-section and tiny straps which required a, “no bra” approach. She looked amazing!

While waiting at the bar for our reserved table we had a brief but fun conversation with a very attractive couple who was also waiting for a table. He looked to be around 35-40, fit and handsome. He had a successful and confident but pleasant air about him. She looked to be 30ish, Asian with a beautiful smile and very fit and tight body.

Anyway, after only a couple quick comments or observations and a laugh they went off to their table and we to ours. We thought nothing of it until we were looking at the desert menu after an amazing ribeye for me and a perfect filet for her when suddenly the couple we met were standing at our table.

They were nice and she said something to the effect of, “We know this is sort of out of left field but we are going out for cocktails and some fun and you guys seem like a couple we’d like to hang with so would you like to meet us for drinks later?” Well, Dana and I looked at each other and sort of shrugged and thought….hey its Vegas, why not? I deferred to Dana and she said to the girl, “sure why not, we have no plans”. The guy, Dave (which was funny as I too am Dave so for this story I’ll go by David) handed us a card and said, “Just tell the taxi to take you here and give this to the bouncer. He’ll bring you guys to us. We all said great, see you soon and they left. We were both like, “wow, that was interesting but what the hell….why not”.

We skipped desert but had an after dinner drink and got in a taxi. The cab pull up to the valet area of the Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club….strip joint! Now Dana and I have been to strip clubs before and we’ve also explored some adult fun in the past….soft swap with other couples etc so it was no big deal. Again, what the hell…Vegas baby! Haha I handed the card to the doorman who ushered us in with no cover charge!

He took us through the club which was packed and going off at 11:30ish on this Friday night. We went through the velvet ropes into the VIP section where he found a curtained off VIP room, pulled back the curtain and there were our new friends, well, there was one of our new friends. The very attractive Asian girl was not there but Dave was along with 3 very hot dancers and a generous bottle service set up.

He made us drinks and explained that Tricia unfortunately had to leave right after they got there due to a sitter issue, single mom and all but he was glad we made it and let’s relax with the girls. Turned out that Dave was good friends with the owner of the club and stopped to visit for a couple days on his way back from Europe on business before he went home to the San Francisco area. Turns out we live in the East Bay near San Fran so plenty of comfort and conversation….even though it was very loud and the dancers were distracting to say the least! LOL

In the VIP room there was a large black oversized chair, a couple small tables and a black leather couch. Dana and I were on the couch and Dave was in the chair but it was hard to hear so Dave moved onto the couch with Dana in the middle.

After some chatting and laughing the dancers were clearly wanting to work….Dave said something to them and next thing I knew I was getting a very intense and hot lap dance from this 20 something brunette. One of the other girls was sitting on Dave’s knee and the third was making more drinks I think. I was trying to focus on my lap dance but couldn’t help but notice Dave was getting very friendly with Dana as he had his hand on her bare thigh and was enthralling her in some conversation. The song ended and my new friend was sitting on my lap occupying me…

The blonde sitting on Dave’s knee got up and moved right to Dana….she leaned over and whispered something to my wife and then reached down and spread Dana’s legs which forced her short black dress to side way up her thighs….the dancer then proceeded to give Dana a very hot lap dance while we all watched! “My” dancer was saying how hot my wife looked etc but I could barely hear her.

Section 2

The third dancer delivered us all fresh drinks and took her place on Dave’s lap. The song ended and we were all like…wow that was hot! Dave handed the blonde some money and told her to keep going so when the next song started she began to lap dance Dana again only this time she was even more into it….. About half way through the song Dave said something to the girl on my lap and she grabbed my hand and led me over to the big chair and started giving me a very hot and physical lap dance…..grinding on my crotch and rubbing my cock…..this left Dave, Dana and the 2 other dancers on the couch.

For the next hour or so Dave and Dana got lap dances and he was pretty much all over her. My brunette got pulled away for a regular somewhere so I just drank and watched the 4 of them. Dana was basically exposed….her dress was up around her waist so that her black lace panties were completely in sight, on several occasions the dancer, or Dave would pull her top down to expose her perfect breasts.

At one point Dave pulled a little too hard and broke one of her thin shoulder straps! The whole scene was very erotic and I was leaking pre cum in my pants. At one point the music changed and the announced all the dancers had to go on stage….after our girls left Dave grabbed Dana’s hand and he said to me, “we’ll be right back”. With that he led her away. I poured another drink and couldn’t help by rub myself while I waited.

They returned about 30 minutes later with 2 new dancers. One of them said hi to me and sat on my lap. Dave sat in the middle of the couch and had Dana sit on his lap! When the next song started the other dancer started giving Dana and Dave a lap dance. I clearly saw Dave’s hand pull aside her panties and stroke her during the dance….it seemed like Dana and the dancer both loved it!

After another 30-40- minutes of more of this intoxicating eroticism my intoxicated and disheveled wife came over to me and sat on my lap that was already occupied by my dancer friend. Dana reached over and felt her firm young breasts and commented on how nice and big they were. She then leaned down and whispered in my ear that she was drunk and horny and needed me to take her to the hotel and, “do her”.

Now I was having the fantasy of a lifetime but who am I to argue with that request?! Dana got up and went back to the couch to say goodnight to Dave. I couldn’t hear what was being said but I could tell that Dave was obviously disappointed and was trying to change her mind. They were sort of leaning back on the couch and he was saying something in her ear, his left hand was on her thigh and slowly moved its way up to her bald panty covered pussy which I’m sure was more than a little damp!

After a minute he sort of half rolled away from her and said something to the dancer who was sitting next to him….as he rolled back to Dana his lips went right to hers. As Dave started kissing Dana passionately the young and very hot dancer moved around in front of Dana. She slid her hands up on either side of Dana’s almost completely exposed thighs and hooked her fingers around the tiny waist strings of Dana’s black lace thong.

I saw Dana’s hips rise a little which allowed her to slide Dana’s thong down her long legs and off completely. Wow, I could barely breathe! Dave broke the kiss, said something in Dana’s ear and Sat up to receive his prize, her lace thong. He then helped Dana up off the couch and onto her not so steady feet. He gave her one last kiss, came over and shook my hand thanking me for an amazing evening and trying one more time to convince us to come to his suite at the Wynn. I told him it sounded like fun but Dana was struggling to stay vertical. He assured me that she could be very horizontal in her suite but Dana was pulling me out so off we stumbled.

We got a taxi out front and headed back to Cesar’s. Dana was drunk and apologizing for getting so carried away. My hand slipped down between her legs to feel her naked smooth pussy. Her legs automatically parted without even thinking about it. She was soaked! I played with her on the way back and the taxi driver almost broke his neck trying to get a peek at her being exposed in the back seat. She made no attempt to cover up and I’m sure he got to see everything. As we made our walk of shame at 4AM through the lobby we got plenty of stares. Dana with her lipstick all gone and her dress strap hanging free….what a sight! Lol

We got to the room, Dana kicked off her heels and I pulled her dress off….she fell on the bed and I knew I had about 1 minute to fuck her so….I did! She was so wet and I was so turned on I literally barely got in her and came. Dana was like, “that was fast, what about me?”. I immediately went down on her and it didn’t take her much longer than it did me! Ha I slipped a finger in her soaking wet hole and as soon as my tongue touched her hard and extended clit she exploded so loud I thought we might get a noise complaint! We kissed and were about to pass out when her cel phone vibrated.

She looked and sure enough it was Dave! I didn’t realize she had given him her cel number. He was nothing if not persistent as he tried to convince her/us to come over to his big, two bedroom suite at the Wynn. Dana went back and forth a few times saying it sounded like fun but that she was dead and could barely hold up her phone. A couple more texts and she handed me her phone and said, “The only way I’m going to get him to stop and get some sleep is send him a pic.”. When I looked at her phone I saw a selfie pic of Dave and one of the dancers named, “Niki”. The message was from Niki saying to Dana, “”Come on Dana send us a pic, I want to see that body too!”.

Now Dana never is ok with pics especially on her cel phone to an almost stranger but I took her phone and asked her what she wanted to send him….she just said, “oh just send him everything”! So there she was, naked, spread, wet and just fresh from orgasm….the pic was amazing! I handed her the phone and she sent it. He texted back something about thank you and let’s chat tomorrow and we passed out.


Saturday did not start early. When I finally opened my eyes it was almost noon and Dana was not in bed. I heard her in the shower and went in to brush my teeth. I saw her phone on the counter and it showed a phone number on the screen and it indicated 3 texts were waiting. I told her so and she yelled out of the shower that it was Dave and that they had been texting for a bit. I took some hangover aspirin and laid back down.

When she came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her wet hair her body looked amazing. Her full 32D breast were glowing damp and her laser smooth pussy looked ready for action. She lay down next to me and said that Dave wants to hang out at the pool with us. I asked her what she thought and she said she had already told him ok and that he was coming over to our hotel at 1pm!

She said she hoped I wasn’t mad but he was so persistent. I asked her if I could read his texts and she reluctantly gave me her phone. I realized why when I scrolled up to read them and saw a selfie of Dana in the bathroom mirror completely naked and full length. She just blushed and said he “made her do it”. I was like….well I guess the pool it is!

We got down to the pool before 1:00 and found 3 chairs. By the time we got settled and sun screen on Dana got a text that Dave was here but needed us to get him in to the pool so she asked if I could go get him. I went over to the gate area and Dave and I walked back to the seats. He said he had such a great time with us the night before and was psyched to hang out with us that day, etc.

Section 3

When we got to the chairs Dana said hi and he took the chair on one side and Dana was in the middle of us. We chatted and hung for a while then Dave said why don’t we go to the Venus pool? He explained that it was an adults only pool with much better music and a bar close by and no screaming kids! Dave was right, the Venus pool was very hip with lots of 20’s-30’s men and women, loud music and most interesting of all was that some of the women were topless!

Dave explained that the Venus pool was, “toptional”. We found 3 lounge chairs together and Dave mentioned that maybe we should have some Bloody Marys’ to take the edge off so I went to the bar. It took about 10-15 minutes to retrieve the drinks and as I approached our seats I was surprised to see that Dana had removed her bikini top and her perfect tits were exposed for all to see but especially to Dave.

I was like, “wow, I leave for 5 min and so much has changed LOL!”. I said, “you better lather up so they don’t burn” and Dave said, “Oh not to worry, I already took care of that.” Dana just blushed and said cheers!

The rest of the afternoon was brutal because I was in a constant state of arousal. I spent a lot of the time on my stomach hiding my erection. Dave on the other hand seemed not to care about that issue and it was obvious to see why. He went into the pool to cool off and ended up in a conversation with 2 20-something girls, one of which was topless.

After a few minutes he climbed out of the pool to walk back to where Dana and I were chatting and his wet swim suit clung tightly to his legs and his enormous cock was clearly outlined and it looked to run maybe 8”-9” down his leg! Dave obviously spent a lot of time at the gym as well as he was very fit and ripped. Dana was caught staring as was I when we realized he was telling Dana to come to the pool as he wanted her to meet his new friends.

Dana hopped up and I watched as her amazing 32D breasts jiggled as she followed Dave to the pool. I couldn’t hear any of the conversation as they were a good 20 feet away and the music was very loud but I watched as I saw Dave entertaining the 3 girls. His hand would occasionally touch Dana’s back or shoulders. At one point I saw the other topless girl reach over and grab one of Dana’s tits….she was checking it out like a loaf of bread.

Dana was giggling but not resisting in any way. Then the other girl did the same thing and sure enough Dave got his turn to squeeze and fondle Dana’s breasts. They were all laughing and having fun when I saw Dana reach out and feel the topless girls much smaller but firm breasts.

A few more minutes and I watched Dave get behind the girl who still had her top on and he untied her strings and she put up no protest as he removed her top to reveal a perfect set of very large young breasts. The conversation went on for about 10 more minutes when they all went to the other side of the pool and got out and headed to the bar. They hung at the bar while Dave ordered and presented them each with a shot.

They did the shot, the young girls each gave Dana a lingering hug before Dave and Dana came back to where I was lying face down of course! When they sat down Dave said to me that he hoped I didn’t mind but the girls were in awe of Dana and couldn’t believe that she was 45 years old with the body of a 26 year old! Before I even thought I blurted out something like, “no problem at all it looked like Dana loved every second of it LOL”. Dana said, “you guys are so bad”….

The time flew by and by about 4:30 we all agreed we had plenty of sun and Dave had to head back to the Wynn to meet his “friend”, the beautiful Asian girl from the night before. We packed up and as we were parting Dave gave Dana a goodbye kiss but it was on the lips and maybe a little longer than normal. He said, “Ok, see you guys at 8:00 for sushi at the Wynn. I was like, what?

As Dave walked away Dana said that she forgot to tell me but Dave wanted to by us dinner. So sushi it would be! We headed up to our room and the second we walked in I talked my hot wife onto the bed and started grinding my throbbing cock against her pubic mound telling her how hot she was all afternoon and I just had to be inside her. She started teasing me and making me describe what was so hot, like she didn’t know!

I started to describe how she let Dave kiss her on the lips and how she had taken her top off. She clarified for me that she took it off for him and that while I was gone he had, “helped apply the lotion”. At that moment I came, filling my bathing suit with cum. My incredibly sexy wife just giggled and pointed out that indeed I was turned on! Once my intense orgasm calmed down I apologized for losing control and offered to take care of her with my tongue but she said she was fine and just wanted a hot shower….off she went to the bathroom while I reached in my bathing suit and rubbed my cum covered cock to a second orgasm in less than 5 minutes.

Saturday night

Dana came out of the bathroom and looked like a Vegas escort! Her 5’6”, 115lb frame was encased in a skin tight, light gray and dark gray leopard print mini dress that accentuated her full 32D breasts as the back was too low to wear a bra. She still had to finish her make up so I showered and used her razor to ‘manscape’ myself smooth. We finished getting ready and went down to the casino for a drink and some black jack.

Boy was Dana popular. We must’ve had 10 conversations with random strangers as it seemed everyone wanted to get to know her! It was about 7:45 so we got an Uber to the Wynn and arrived at the sushi restaurant only about 5 minutes late. Tricia and Dave we at the bar waiting for our table and they greeted us with big hugs. Tricia looked amazing, she was wearing heels, a black mini skirt and a multi-colored halter top that plunged down almost to her bellybutton.

Dave was in tailored black slacks and gray button down shirt that showed off his chiseled physique. We were shown to our table and proceeded to have a fantastic sushi dinner with cocktails and great conversation. As Dave picked up the check he asked what we should do the rest of the night. Everyone seemed to have the same answer, we were flexible but didn’t have anything specific in mind.

Section 4

Dave finally said, “well, if we can’t think of anything better how about round 2 at the Spearmint Rhino?”. When no one objected Dave texted his friend who owned it and next thing I knew the valet was brining Tricia’s SUV around and Dave held the back door open for Dana while Tricia held the front door open for me! Interesting I thought but I hopped in and we started driving.

We were all chatting and a couple times I heard Dana say very quietly, “stop that” and “Dave don’t” and “omg Dave”. I didn’t look back to not be obvious but I could imagine what Dave might be doing. When we got to the club Dana grabbed my hand as we walked in the club. I whispered in her ear, “how was the ride? Lol”. She just responded by squeezing my hand and saying, “omg I’ll tell you later”.

The bouncer showed us to a table that had a chair and 2 small couches but we weren’t in the VIP area we were in the main part of the club. Dave apologized saying all the VIP lounges were taken but this was very cool as we could see all the debauchery taking place around us. He ordered a bottle service for us and Tricia asked Dana, “So what’s you pleasure tonight beautiful? Blonde, brunette, black, white…?”

Dana blushed and told her that she could pick for her. Tricia leaned into Dana and said I know just the girl for you and gave her a kiss on the cheek then turned her head and pulled Dana’s face to hers and gave her a very hot kiss on the mouth. Dana seemed a bit surprised at first then sort of melted into it and I could see her mouth open and return the passion. It was so hot I could feel my cock leak into my pants.

Dana and I were sitting on one couch and Dave was in the chair when Tricia returned with 2 dancers. One blonde with an amazing body and huge fake tits and the other was a tall brunette with short hair medium size breasts but very fit and somewhat intense looking. Tricia brought them both to us and said to the blonde, “he’s all yours” and to the brunette, “she’ll do whatever you tell her to do”, pointing to my wife!

As the blonde leaned down to press her huge tits into my face I saw the brunette pull Dana up and take her to the other small couch, bend her over so her hands were on the back of the couch and spank her ass once very hard. Dana flinched but didn’t move. I heard the brunette say, “good girl”. My blonde was amazing and lap dance after lap dance was amazing but I kept getting views of this brunette totally doming Dana right there in front of everyone.

It got so hot that guys from other tables were ignoring their dancers and throwing $20s and $50s at them to keep it going. At one point the brunette had the top of Dana’s dress pulled down so her tits were completely exposed and she had Dana by the hair, slapping her face and grinding on her. Even my blonde dancer stopped to watch the show. It got so out of hand that the bouncers came and put a stop to it.

Everyone was so worked up and Dana was glassy eyed so Dave said, “It’s late so lets get outta here and have a night cap”. We all composed ourselves and Dave paid the bill (which had to be in the thousands) and we got up to leave. As we walked out guys were cheering and whistling to Dana who finally gave them a wave and a quick boob flash and the place went wild. Tricia got us an Uber saying she’d get her car in the morning and when it arrived Dana got in the middle with Tricia on one side and me on the other as Dave had taken the front seat.

As soon as we started driving Tricia grabbed Dana’s head and turned it toward her saying something about the club being so erotic and she planted a long and very passionate kiss on Dana’s lips. Dana sort of melted into her as before and as Tricia’s hand found its way to Dana’s thighs her legs automatically parted which made her tight dress ride up to almost her waist.

I watched as Tricia pulled her hand away for a second and Dana moaned into her mouth then Tricia’s hand came down so hard you could hear and feel the slap as it connected with Dana’s crotch. That elicited a much louder moan from Dana but her legs only flinched closed for a second then they immediately opened but this time even wider. Unfortunately the ride was short and the next thing I knew we were hopping out at the Wynn. The night cap was to be in Dave’s suite.

The four of us headed straight for the elevators and Dave pressed the button for top floor. We got to Dave’s suite and I knew it had to be impressive as it had double doors and a doorbell! Dave let us in and it was very impressive indeed. One wall was all glass with a view of the strip, there was a huge living room and over to one side was a nicely appointed wet bar.

The living room had a half bath and there were short hallways on either side leading to very large upscale bedrooms each with its own large full baths. As we were taking a tour Dave went behind the bar to make drinks. Dave was looking for mixers as he wanted to make Redbull and Vodka’s but he had no Redbull. Dave handed me his room key and asked if I’d run down and grab some Redbull while he opened a bottle of Chardonnay for the girls.

I grabbed the key and headed for the elevators. I got downstairs and realized that at 3AM things were pretty quiet, even though it was Las Vegas! It took me a while to find someone to help me out but finally got 4 cans of Redbull and headed back up. I was probably gone a good 20 minutes and as I entered Dave’s suite I realized that it seemed empty. I put the cans on the bar and went down the hall to a bedroom which was also empty.

I made my way back across the living room to the other bedroom and the door was closed and I could hear voices so I went to open the door but it was locked! I waited for a minute trying to decide what to do. Should I knock, should I wait, should I….then I heard the unmistakable moan that my wife makes when something very good is happening to her.

I froze and then again, another moan followed by, “oh my god, yes, yes”. I decided it would not be a good time to knock. I returned to the living room, made myself a Redbull and Vodka and took a seat on the couch. My stomach was in knots but my dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum in my pants. So there I sat, looking at my phone, contemplating whether or not to text Dana or knock or just listen. I decided to sit and wait.

I was pretty far from the bedroom but every once in a while I could hear a moan or a grown or a scream even. I looked at my phone and it was now 4 AM, they’d been at it for an hour or more when I realized it was quiet.

I waited a bit longer then I went to the door to listen but nothing, just silence. I was contemplating my next move when suddenly the door opened and there was Dave, naked! I looked down without even thinking and his thick cock, which looked to be semi hard, was hanging down, shinny with wetness that I assumed was cum. I tried to look past him into the bedroom but all I could see was one bare leg splayed out and draped over the edge of the bed.

I backed away as Dave exited the room and carefully closed the door behind him. As he walked past me he said, “We should let her rest a bit” so I followed his naked ass out to the living room. Dave grabbed a Redbull and the bottle of vodka, quickly made himself a drink and came and sat in the chair facing the couch that I was sitting on. As he sat there in silence for a bit it was impossible to take my eyes off his impressive cock.

He sat there, legs spread with his wet, completely hairless and massive cock seemingly starring straight at me. Finally I broke the ice by asking if Tricia was in the bedroom but Dave told me that after I had left Tricia had gotten a call from her sitter and had to leave, which obviously meant that Dana was alone in the bedroom. We talked a little bit about what a wild night it was and how hot the scene at the strip club was but all I could think about was my naked wife in the bedroom just a few feet away.

My dick was straining at my pants wishing I could just go in there and stick it in her even though, judging from the size of Dave’s cock, she might not even feel mine. Dave noticed my predicament and said, “Man, you must be dying to blow a load! I would however recommend holding off as its been my experience, with other cucks that it keeps it more exciting to wait.” My mind was spinning as I thought to myself, cuck, me, what’s he mean?

Dave then suggested that I would be more comfortable if I removed my pants. Without even thinking I complied. Once I had my pants and underwear in a pile on the floor I realized my embarrassment. Here I was with my 5” hard on standing straight up where Dave could assess the extreme difference with his hog laying there with about 8” of meat not even hard!

Dave then got up and took a couple steps toward me so that he was right in front of me and his cock was inches from my face……I froze. Dave said, “why don’t you just lay back on the couch and play with yourself while I go check on Dana, but don’t cum!” And with that he left for the bedroom. I looked down and my dick was covered with pre-cum that had been leaking out and I didn’t even know it.

I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes as I played with myself and tried to listen for any noises. After about 10 minutes or so I heard a giggle and opened my eyes to see my wife and Dave peeking around the corner watching me! I froze for the second time that night as they turned and disappeared back down the hallway. I got up to follow but when I reached the door it was locked again. I listened and could clearly hear the sounds of soft words, giggles and an occasional smack of hand on flesh. After about 10 minutes I heard the unmistakable sounds of passionate love making and returned to the couch. I edged myself for a while longer as my head spun and my stomach knotted until I must’ve passed out.

I woke to a kiss. Dana was standing over me dressed in what she had on the night before but she looked like she had been. “Rode hard and put up wet”. Her hair was a mess, no make-up left what looked like a faint hickey on her neck. She said that I should get dressed so we could leave. It was then I realized I had no pants on and my stomach was covered in crusty dried cum. I dressed and we left without a word.

The sun was coming up as we rode in the uber to our hotel in silence. As we approached the drop zone in front of Cesars Dana squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek just as we exited the car. We walked the walk of shame holding hands to the elevators. As soon as the elevator door closed we kissed passionately, my hands finding her firm ass and pulling her mini dress up to discover her panties were missing.

She read my mind and said, “Dave wanted another pair”. When we finally made it to our room I stripped off her dress and she dropped onto the bed. She said that she was sorry but she was to sore for sex so I immediately dropped to my knees and spread her legs over the edge of the bed and began to lick her swollen and well used pussy. It was clear that I was tasting a mixture of juices but I didn’t care. I wanted to make her cum and I did. Within minutes we were both naked and passed out on the bed.

Luckily our flight wasn’t until Monday AM so we were able to spend most of the day in bed reliving the weekend, detail by detail. She told me about how Tricia had stripped her after I left the room and basically raped her standing up in front of Dave for his amusement. It seemed to her that this was not the first time this had happened.

She describe the difficultly he had trying to get his huge cock in her as it took several tried to get her pussy to stretch enough to accommodate him but once it was in that the feeling was incredible. She also got several texts from Dave that day before he flew out. One of the texts included a pic of Dana, standing naked, legs spread with Tricia behind her, one hand squeezing her left nipple and the other clearly fingering her bald pussy. I must have cum 10 times that day….mostly just dry heaves!

As it turned out it would not be the last time Dana saw Dave but that’s a story for another time.


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