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We finally made it to the bed after a long day of job and kid responsibilities. My small, cute wife settled in beside my naked body and started to rub my shoulders and back. As we decompressed, we talked about the day, stress and what was going on. I ran my fingers across her back and through her hair trying to massage away the tension. We worked on each other for several minutes and as we talked she rubbed down my chest and then drifted between my legs.

I hadn’t planned to fool around but we started to kiss and one thing lead to another and soon I grabbed the vibrator, egg and started up the tablet for a little self-play and reading fun as foreplay. Amy smiled and nibbled my ear as I started an SLS story about a couple meeting another guy for a one-night MFM encounter. Her vibrator had gotten going early in the process and I was not yet hard as it took some time to find a story.

But after a few minutes into the story when the couple met the other guy she turned to me, put her hand on my semi-hard cock and asked if I was serious about her being with another guy. I said yeah, this story’s setup sounded ideal and yes, I wanted us to have another guy at some point whenever she was ok and comfortable with it. I pictured her as the girl in the story and my cock swelled with a pulse. She wanted to know why this was such a turn on.

I told her I wasn’t really sure, but the thought of her seducing another guy was really appealing to me – I guess it’s the voyeur in me. And yes while I wanted to join in, the real turn on was to watch her interact with a new lover. We talked about it being sex only with no long term commitment or involvement. I recounted times that I got to watch her flirt and how sexy it was to see her light up when she caught someone’s eye.

After a few more minutes of back and forth she agreed the allure of the chase and excitement of a new lover was a lot of fun. She was worried about it affecting our relationship and I said we had some experience prior to meeting so it really wasn’t that big of a stretch to have someone new as I frequently thought about her with former lovers. For me it was a huge turn on to hear her say she remembered the chase and she said it with a little lust in her voice – maybe an old boyfriend popped into her head.

The SLS story was excellent and the guy had great chemistry with the couple. It ended with the guys curled around his wife after an evening of her being completely ravished and satisfied. My wife was clearly aroused with the story and so was I. As we searched for the next story she commented that the last story was very good and if we ever were in a similar situation she could definitely see her being the willing wife, just as long as I was sure her being with another guy was what I really wanted.

She has always wanted to fulfill my ultimate fantasy, but I think she was a little surprised when I initially revealed what I would really like for us to do. We read the next story and soon she had a great orgasm as the guy exploded inside the wife’s mouth as her husband continued to make love to her. I crawled on top of Amy with my throbbing cock and started to slowly move in and out.

She was so wet and we whispered to each other as we made love. I came shortly afterward and as I softened she said do you still feel the same about me being with another guy after your orgasm? I said there is no doubt. She smiled and said in a flirty voice, well you do have a picture of me posted on our SLS profile, have you gotten any interest? I told her over the years several had emailed asking about us and in particular guys asking specifically about her.

Occasionally I go through the emails and clean up. Some are absolute no’s as they couldn’t write a complete sentence and others were obviously not her style. She was curious and said well how about we find someone in Phoenix? We are career oriented and therefore don’t want to play this fantasy out in our own backyard. We love to vacation in Phoenix and it would be a great place to meet a new guy to play with.

I told her I would have to change our location in the SLS profile and see what responses we got. She smiled and said I am good with that let’s do it. The next few months were busy with the usual life activities. One night as we were making love she asked if I had noticed any interesting single guys in the Phoenix area. I told her quite a few but there was one guy in particular that I thought she might like and looked to be a good fit for us.

I have no interest in interacting with another guy. I wouldn’t mind occasional contact here or there but I am not interested in guy-on-guy action so all of those kind of profile/emails were deleted. She quickly asked about him and I told her what I knew and that I would contact him for more info. She said she was interested in checking him out if he had passed my assessment so far. I emailed the SLS guy for the next few weeks. He was definitely interested in meeting up with us.

Amy hadn’t said much more about him as work was getting really busy. Then one night we pulled up the SLS site for another story and she said, hey let me see this guy you have been emailing. You know our trip is just next month. I pulled up Jeff’s profile and she liked his profile pictures – he was in his early thirties, educated and professional, in good shape and down to earth.

He had also opened up his private gallery and she liked what he looked like with nothing on but didn’t say too much – he wasn’t small, but wasn’t way big. We picked a great MFM story and I could tell Amy was imagining herself as the wife in the story with Jeff as the other guy – she let out a moan and I could feel my cock instantly get harder as she moaned. The couple and guy were flirting and Amy said do you like this part? Would you be ok with him doing that to me? It was such a turn on and I was extremely hard the whole story.

As we were nearing the end of the story she cried out and came as the guy pulled out and the husband was inserting his very hard cock into a cum soaked pussy. I moved on top and felt Amy’s moist pussy fold around my cock as she whispered, so Jeff is interested in me, us? I told her he is absolutely interested and wants to meet as soon as we can after we get settled. I moved a little quicker and she moaned.

She asked if he had any experience with couples and I told her I checked his profile and he had certificates from 2 other couples and they gave him high marks. She moaned as I stroked in and out of her. I asked, are you interested? She moaned again and said she was. I got even harder and we talked about how we were outside our comfort zone, but he seemed like he would make a good fit and it was worth a try.

As I continued to move we talked about meeting him for drinks to check chemistry, she moaned again. As we talked and moved we both got excited and finally I exploded into her as she talked about giving him a blow job and him shooting streams of cum inside her mouth on her tongue and lips. We made it to Phoenix a few weeks later and got settled in. Amy was so cute as she flitted around nervously getting ready to meet Jeff. She chose a short dress with high heels that showed off her legs and ass.

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    Reply Reply September 8, 2019

    Kinda new to this site but so far this has been the best I’ve read. I love that you all mentioned SLS because we are also members.

    To be it was very well told and very erotic as well as being highly sensual. But it wasn’t like Ranchi…… it was told very loving and respectful if you know what I mean. Your the type of couple that we would absolutely love to play with!

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